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On the third day, God planted the garden in the east of the earth, on the border of the world eastward, beyond which, towards the sun-rising, one finds nothing but water, that encompasses the whole world, and reaches to the borders of heaven.  And to the north of the garden there is a sea of water, clear and pure to the taste, unlike anything else.

The First Book of Adam and Eve PDF Book by Rutherford Hayes Platt

Name of Book The First Book of Adam and Eve
Author Rutherford Hayes Platt
PDF Size 1 MB
No of Pages 78
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So that, through the clearness thereof, one may look into the depths of the earth. And when a man washes himself in it, he becomes clean of the cleanness thereof, and white of its whiteness—even if he were dark. And God created that sea of his own good pleasure, for He knew what would come of the man He would make.

So that after he had left the garden, on account of his transgression, men should be born in the earth. Among them are righteous ones who will die, whose souls God would raise at the last day; when all of them will return to their flesh, bathe in the water of that sea, and repent of their sins. But when God made Adam go out of the garden, He did not place him on the border of it northward.

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This was so that he and Eve would not be able to go near to the sea of water where they could wash themselves in it, be cleansed from their sins, erase the transgression they had committed, and be no longer reminded of it in the thought of their punishment. 6 As to the southern side of the garden, God did not want Adam to live there either; because, when the wind blew from the north, it would bring him.

On that southern side, the delicious smell of the trees of the garden. Wherefore God did not put Adam there. This was so that he would not be able to smell the sweet smell of those trees, forget his transgression, and find consolation for what he had done by taking delight in the smell of the trees and yet not be cleansed from his transgression.

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Again, also, because God is merciful and of great pity, and governs all things in a way that He alone knows—He made our father Adam live in the western border of the garden, because on that side the earth is very broad. And God commanded him to live there in a cave in a rock—the Cave of Treasures below the garden.

Then God, merciful and gracious, looked at them thus lying in the water, and close to death, and sent an angel, who brought them out of the water, and laid them on the seashore as dead. Then the angel went up to God, was welcome, and said, “O God, Your creatures have breathed their last.”

Then God sent His Word to Adam and Eve, who raised them from their death. And Adam said, after he was raised, “O God, while we were in the garden we did not require, or care for this water; but since we came to this land we cannot do without it.” Then God said to Adam, “While you were under My command and were a bright angel, you knew not this water.  The First Book of Adam and Eve PDF Book

But now that you have transgressed My commandment, you can not do without water, wherein to wash your body and make it grow; for it is now like that of beasts, and is in want of water.” When Adam and Eve heard these words from God, they cried a bitter cry; and Adam entreated God to let him return into the garden, and look at it a second time.

But God said to Adam, “I have made you a promise; when that promise is fulfilled, I will bring you back into the garden, you and your righteous descendants.” And God ceased to commune with Adam. Then Adam beat his chest, he and Eve, and they mourned the whole night until the crack of dawn, and they sighed over the length of the night in Miyazia.

And Adam beat himself, and threw himself on the ground in the cave, from bitter grief, and because of the darkness, and lay there as dead. But Eve heard the noise he made in falling on the ground. And she felt about for him with her hands, and found him like a corpse. Then she was afraid, speechless, and remained by him. The First Book of Adam and Eve PDF Book

But the merciful Lord looked on the death of Adam, and on Eve’s silence from fear of the darkness. 6 And the Word of God came to Adam and raised him from his death, and opened Eve’s mouth that she might speak. Then Adam stood up in the cave and said, “O God, why has light departed from us, and darkness covered us?

Why did you leave us in this long darkness? Why do you plague us like this? And this darkness, O Lord, where was it before it covered us? It is because of this that we cannot see each other. For so long as we were in the garden, we neither saw nor even knew what darkness is. I was not hidden from Eve, neither was she hidden from me, until now that she cannot see me.

And no darkness came over us to separate us from each other. But she and I were both in one bright light. I saw her and she saw me. Yet now since we came into this cave, darkness has covered us, and separated us from each other, so that I do not see her, and she does not see me. O Lord, will You then plague us with this darkness?” The First Book of Adam and Eve PDF Book

Then Adam and Eve went in search of the garden. And the heat beat like a flame on their faces; and they sweated from the heat, and cried before the Lord. But the place where they cried was close to a high mountain, facing the western gate of the garden. Then Adam threw himself down from the top of that mountain; his face was torn and his flesh was ripped; he lost a lot of blood and was close to death.

Meanwhile Eve remained standing on the mountain crying over him, thus lying.  And she said, “I don’t wish to live after him; for all that he did to himself was through me.” Then she threw herself after him; and was torn and ripped by stones; and remained lying as dead. But the merciful God.

Who looks over His creatures, looked at Adam and Eve as they lay dead, and He sent His Word to them, and raised them. 9 And said to Adam, “O Adam, all this misery which you have brought on yourself, will have no affect against My rule, neither will it alter the covenant of the 5, 500 years.” The First Book of Adam and Eve PDF Book

Then Adam took Eve, and they began to return to the Cave of Treasures where they lived. But when they got closer to it and saw it from a distance, heavy sorrow fell on Adam and Eve when they looked at it. Then Adam said to Eve, “When we were on the mountain we were comforted by the Word of God that conversed with us; and the light that came from the east shown over us.

But now the Word of God is hidden from us; and the light that shown over us is so changed as to disappear, and let darkness and sorrow come over us. And we are forced to enter this cave which is like a prison, in which darkness covers us, so that we are separated from each other; and you can not see me, neither can I see you.”

When Adam had said these words, they cried and spread their hands before God; for they were full of sorrow. And they prayed to God to bring the sun to them, to shine on them, so that darkness would not return to them, and that they wouldn’t have to go under this covering of rock. And they wished to die rather than see the darkness. The First Book of Adam and Eve PDF Book

Then God looked at Adam and Eve and at their great sorrow, and at all they had done with a fervent heart, on account of all the trouble they were in, instead of their former well-being, and on account of all the misery that came over them in a strange land. Therefore God was not angry with them; nor impatient with them; but he was patient and forbearing towards them, as towards the children He had created. 

Then came the Word of God to Adam, and said to him, “Adam, as for the sun, if I were to take it and bring it to you, days, hours, years and months would all stop, and the covenant I have made with you, would never be fulfilled. 10 But then you would be deserted and stuck in a perpetual plague, and you would never be saved.

Yes, rather, bear long and calm your soul while you live night and day; until the fulfillment of the days, and the time of My covenant is come. Then shall I come and save you, O Adam, for I do not wish that you be afflicted. And when I look at all the good things in which you lived, and why you came out of them, then would I willingly show you mercy.  The First Book of Adam and Eve PDF Book Download

But I cannot alter the covenant that has gone out of My mouth; otherwise I would have brought you back into the garden. When, however, the covenant is fulfilled, then shall I show you and your descendants mercy, and bring you into a land of gladness, where there is neither sorrow nor suffering.

But abiding joy and gladness, and light that never fails, and praises that never cease; and a beautiful garden that shall never pass away.” And God said again to Adam, “Be patient and enter the cave, for the darkness, of which you were afraid, shall only be twelve hours long; and when ended, light shall come up.”

Then when Adam heard these words from God, he and Eve worshipped before Him, and their hearts were comforted. They returned into the cave after their custom, while tears flowed from their eyes, sorrow and wailing came from their hearts, and they wished their soul would leave their body. The First Book of Adam and Eve PDF Book Download

And Adam and Eve stood praying until the darkness of night came over them, and Adam was hid from Eve, and she from him.  And they remained standing in prayer. Then it was in that third hour of Friday, in which You created me, and commanded me concerning the tree, to which I was neither to go near, nor to eat thereof; for You said to me in the garden, ‘When you eat of it, of death you shall die.’

And if You had punished me as You said, with death, I should have died that very moment.  Moreover, when You commanded me regarding the tree, I was neither to approach nor to eat thereof, Eve was not with me; You had not yet created her, neither had You yet taken her out of my side; nor had she yet heard this order from you.

Then, at the end of the third hour of that Friday, O Lord, You caused a slumber and a sleep to come over me, and I slept, and was overwhelmed in sleep. Then You drew a rib out of my side, and created it after my own likeness and image. Then I awoke; and when I saw her and knew who she was, I said, ‘This is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; from now on she shall be called woman.’ The First Book of Adam and Eve PDF Book Download

It was of Your good will, O God, that You brought a slumber in a sleep over me, and that You immediately brought Eve out of my side, until she was out, so that I did not see how she was made; neither could I witness, O my Lord, how awful and great are Your goodness and glory.  And of Your goodwill, O Lord, You made us both with bodies of a bright nature.

And You made us two, one; and You gave us Your grace, and filled us with praises of the Holy Spirit; that we should be neither hungry nor thirsty, nor know what sorrow is, nor yet faintness of heart; neither suffering, fasting nor weariness. But now, O God, since we transgressed Your commandment and broke Your law.

You have brought us out into a strange land, and have caused suffering, and faintness, hunger and thirst to come over us.  Now, therefore, O God, we pray you, give us something to eat from the garden, to satisfy our hunger with it; and something wherewith to quench our thirst. For, behold, many days, O God, we have tasted nothing and drunk nothing. The First Book of Adam and Eve PDF Book Free

And our flesh is dried up, and our strength is wasted, and sleep is gone from our eyes from faintness and crying. Then, O God, we dare not gather anything from the fruit of trees, from fear of you. For when we transgress at first You spared us and did not make us die.  But now, we thought in our hearts, if we eat of the fruit of the trees, without God’s order.

He will destroy us this time, and will wipe us off from the face of the earth.  And if we drink of this water, without God’s order, He will make an end of us and root us up at once. Now, therefore, O God, that I am come to this place with Eve, we beg You to give us some fruit from the garden, that we may be satisfied with it.  For we desire the fruit that is on the earth, and all else that we lack in it.”