Milk and Honey PDF Book by Rupi Kaur


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Milk and honey is the first collection of white poems by Canadian poet and artist Rupi Kaur, which became a 2014 New York Times bestseller. The book is about survival, the experience of violence, abuse, love, loss and femininity.

Milk and Honey PDF Book by Rupi Kaur

Name of Book Milk and Honey
Author Rupi Kaur
PDF Size 2 MB
No of Pages 208
Language English
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 About Book – Milk and Honey PDF Book Download by Rupi Kaur

The collection “Milk and Honey” was self-published on November 4, 2014. The success of the book attracted the attention of Andrews McMeel Publishing, so on October 6, 2015, Milk and Honey was republished. The collection has been translated into 35 languages. The Ukrainian book collection “Milk and Honey” translated by Iryna Shuvalova was published by Vivat Publishing House in 2019.

Rupee Kaur in poetic form describes what it is like to be a woman. She associates femininity with strength and wisdom. The author notes the natural beauty of women and avoids any social stereotypes about how women should behave, dress and look. Through her poetry she motivates women to become strong and independent, to love and support each other.

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“Several years ago, I wrote a poem about the Sikh genocide in 1984 in India. It has a line about women who went through this horrible time. Their resilience is breathtaking. Milk and Honey PDF Book Download They survived the murders of their husbands and children, betrayal, rape, torture. I wrote that they come out of this fear – smooth as milk and thick as honey.

One day a higher power was in the game because I opened a new magazine and saw these words on the first page. Something inside me said, “It’s going to be more than one day.” And we are here. That’s how the name “Milk and Honey” came about, Rupi Kaur said.

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The first section “painfully” depicts the events of sexual violence. The author reflects moments from her childhood. She shows that women in her family are forced to remain silent and tolerate violence. Milk and Honey PDF Book The heroine’s father, who was addicted to alcohol and did not pay proper attention to his daughter, also plays an important role in the section.

In the second section “loving” we see an adult woman who has a relationship with a man. Her opinion of herself and her body was shaped by her father, who argued that “the closest thing to God on this earth is a woman’s body.” She carries this wisdom into her adult life. He thinks of his body as a place of beauty, sorrow and pain.

The third section of the “violation” is characterized by protests against sexism and misogyny. The narrator teaches men to think of women not only as a sexual object, but as a person. Milk and Honey PDF The author describes her feelings after breaking up with a loved one who has never been able to see in her anything more than just a body for pleasure.

In the fourth chapter, most of the poems consist of aphorisms. These aphorisms help the narrator to heal after the difficult relationship she went through. Healing is a process, and in order to find answers, you need to look for them. We observe how the heroine changes – her self-esteem grows, and loneliness no longer frightens.

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