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A group of boys was assembled in an open field to the west of the public schoolhouse in the town of Crawford. Most of them held hats in their hands, while two, stationed sixty feet distant from each other, were “having catch.” Tom Pinkerton, son of Deacon Pinkerton, had just returned from Brooklyn, and while there had witnessed a match game between two professional clubs.

The Cash Boy PDF Book by Horatio Alger

Name of Book The Cash Boy
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On his return he proposed that the boys of Crawford should establish a club, to be known as the Excelsior Club of Crawford, to play among themselves, and on suitable occasions to challenge clubs belonging to other villages. This proposal was received with instant approval. “I move that Tom Pinkerton address the meeting,” said one boy.

“Second the motion,” said another. As there was no chairman, James Briggs was appointed to that position, and put the motion, which was unanimously carried. Tom Pinkerton, in his own estimation a personage of considerable importance, came forward in a consequential manner, and commenced as follows: “Mr. Chairman and boys.

Click here to Download The Cash Boy PDF Book

You all know what has brought us together. We want to start a club for playing baseball, like the big clubs they have in Brooklyn and New York.” “How shall we do it?” asked Henry Scott. “We must first appoint a captain of the club, who will have power to assign the members to their different positions. Of course you will want one that understands about these matters.”

“He means himself,” whispered Henry Scott, to his next neighbor; and here he was right. “Is that all?” asked Sam Pomeroy. “No; as there will be some expenses, there must be a treasurer to receive and take care of the funds, and we shall need a secretary to keep the records of the club, and write and answer challenges.” “Boys,” said the chairman, “you have heard Tom Pinkerton’s remarks.

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Those who are in favor of organizing a club on this plan will please signify it in the usual way.” All the boys raised their hands, and it was declared a vote. “You will bring in your votes for captain,” said the chairman. Tom Pinkerton drew a little apart with a conscious look, as he supposed, of course, that no one but himself would be thought of as leader.

Slips of paper were passed around, and the boys began to prepare their ballots. They were brought to the chairman in a hat, and he forthwith took them out and began to count them. “Boys,” he announced, amid a universal stillness, “there is one vote for Sam Pomeroy, one for Eugene Morton, and the rest are for Frank Fowler, who is elected.”

There was a clapping of hands, in which Tom Pinkerton did not join. Frank Fowler, who is to be our hero, came forward a little, and spoke modestly as follows: “Boys, I thank you for electing me captain of the club. I am afraid I am not very well qualified for the place, but I will do as well as I can.” The speaker was a boy of fourteen. The Cash Boy PDF Book

He was of medium height for his age, strong and sturdy in build, and with a frank prepossessing countenance, and an open, cordial manner, which made him a general favorite. It was not, however, to his popularity that he owed his election, but to the fact that both at bat and in the field he excelled all the boys, and therefore was the best suited to take the lead.

The boys now proceeded to make choice of a treasurer and secretary. For the first position Tom Pinkerton received a majority of the votes. Though not popular, it was felt that some office was due him. For secretary, Ike Stanton, who excelled in penmanship, was elected, and thus all the offices were filled.

The boys now crowded around Frank Fowler, with petitions for such places as they desired. “I hope you will give me a little time before I decide about positions, boys,” Frank said; “I want to consider a little.” “All right! Take till next week,” said one and another, “and let us have a scrub game this afternoon.” The Cash Boy PDF Book

The boys were in the middle of the sixth inning, when some one called out to Frank Fowler: “Frank, your sister is running across the field. I think she wants you.” “Then I’ll come. I haven’t formed any plans yet, but I must as soon—as soon as mother is buried. I think I can earn my living somehow. One thing I am determined about—I won’t go to the poorhouse.”

The funeral was over. Frank and Grace walked back to the little house, now their home no longer. They were to pack up a little bundle of clothes and go over to Mr. Pomeroy’s in time for supper. When Frank had made up his bundle, urged by some impulse, he opened a drawer in his mother’s bureau.

His mind was full of the story she had told him, and he thought it just possible that he might find something to throw additional light upon his past history. While exploring the contents of the drawer he came to a letter directed to him in his mother’s wellknown handwriting. He opened it hastily, and with a feeling of solemnity, read as follows. The Cash Boy PDF Book

“My Dear Frank: In the lower drawer, wrapped in a piece of brown paper, you will find two gold eagles, worth twenty dollars. You will need them when I am gone. Use them for Grace and yourself. I saved these for my children. Take them, Frank, for I have nothing else to give you. The furniture will pay the debt I owe Deacon Pinkerton.

There ought to be something over, but I think he will take all. I wish I had more to leave you, dear Frank, but the God of the Fatherless will watch over you—to Him I commit you and Grace. “Your affectionate mother, “RUTH FOWLER.” Frank, following the instructions of the letter, found the gold pieces and put them carefully into his pocketbook.

He did not mention the letter to Grace at present, for he knew not but Deacon Pinkerton might lay claim to the money to satisfy his debt if he knew it. “I am ready, Frank,” said Grace, entering the room. “Shall we go?” “Yes, Grace. There is no use in stopping here any longer.” As he spoke he heard the outer door open, and a minute later Deacon Pinkerton entered the room. The Cash Boy PDF Book Download

None of the deacon’s pompousness was abated as he entered the house and the room. “Will you take a seat?” said our hero, with the air of master of the house. “I intended to,” said the deacon, not acknowledging his claim. “So your poor mother is gone?” “Yes, sir,” said Frank, briefly. “We must all die,” said the deacon, feeling that it was incumbent on him to say something religious.

“Ahem! your mother died poor? She left no property?” “It was not her fault.” “Of course not. Did she mention that I had advanced her money on the furniture?” “My mother told me all about it, sir.” “Ahem! You are in a sad condition. But you will be taken care of. You ought to be thankful that there is a home provided for those who have no means.”

“What home do you refer to, Deacon Pinkerton?” asked Frank, looking steadily in the face of his visitor. “That boy is in the way,” she said to herself, when she was left alone. “He is in my way, and Tom’s way. I can see that he is artfully intriguing for Mr. Wharton’s favor, but I must checkmate him. It’s odd,” she resumed, after a pause, “but there is something in his face and voice that seems familiar to me. The Cash Boy PDF Book Download

What is it?” The following evening the housekeeper received another visit from her nephew. “How do, aunt?” said Thomas Bradley, carelessly, as he entered the housekeeper’s room. “Very well, thank you, Thomas. I am glad you are here. I have been wanting to see you.” “The old man isn’t going to do anything for me, is he?” “How can you expect it so soon?

He doesn’t know you yet. How much do you think he pays the cash-boy that reads to him in the evening?” “I don’t know.” “Five dollars a week.” “I wouldn’t give up my evenings for that,” he said. “It isn’t so much the pay, Thomas, though that would be a help. He might take a fancy to you.” “That might pay better. When are you going to introduce me?”

“This evening; that is, I will ask Mr. Wharton if he will see you.” Mrs. Bradley entered the library, where Frank was engaged in reading aloud. “Excuse my interruption,” she said; “but my nephew has just called, and I should like to introduce him to you, if you will kindly receive him.” “Certainly, Mrs. Bradley,” said Mr. Wharton. “Bring him in.” The Cash Boy PDF Book Download

The housekeeper left the room, but speedily reappeared, followed by her nephew, who seemed a little abashed. “My nephew, Thomas Bradley, Mr. Wharton,” said his aunt, by way of introduction. “You have often heard me speak of Mr. Wharton, Thomas.” “How do you do, sir?” said Thomas awkwardly. “Pray take a seat, Mr. Bradley.

Your aunt has been long a member of my family. I am glad to see a nephew of hers. I believe you are a salesman at Gilbert & Mack’s?” “Yes, sir.” “Then you must know my young friend here?” pointing to Frank. “How are you, Cash?” said Thomas, laughing, under the impression that he had said something smart. “Very well, Mr. Bradley,” answered Frank, quietly.

Hitherto John Wade had been so occupied with his uncle that he had not observed Frank. But at this moment our hero coughed, involuntarily, and John Wade looked at him. He seemed to be singularly affected. He started perceptibly, and his sallow face blanched, as his eager eyes were fixed on the boy’s face. The Cash Boy PDF Book Free

“Good heavens!” he muttered to himself. “Who is that boy? How comes he here?” Frank noticed his intent gaze, and wondered at it, but Mr. Wharton’s eyesight was defective, and he did not perceive his nephew’s excitement. “I see you have a young visitor, uncle,” said John Wade. “Oh, yes,” said Mr. Wharton, with a kindly smile.

“He spends all his evenings with me.” “What do you mean, sir?” demanded John Wade, with sudden suspicion and fear. “He seems very young company for——” “For a man of my years,” said Mr. Wharton, finishing the sentence. “You are right, John. But, you see, my eyes are weak, and I cannot use them for reading in the evening, so it occurred to me to engage a reader.”

“Very true,” said his nephew. He wished to inquire the name of the boy whose appearance had so powerfully impressed him but he determined not to do so at present. What information he sought he preferred to obtain from the housekeeper. “He seemed surprised, as if he had seen me some where before, and recognized me,” thought Frank, “but I don’t remember him. The Cash Boy PDF Book Free

If I had seen his face before, I think I should remember it.” “Don’t come out, uncle.” said John Wade, when summoned to tea by the housekeeper. “Mrs. Bradley and I are going to have a chat by ourselves, and I will soon return.” “You are looking thin, Mr. John,” said Mrs Bradley. “Am I thinner than usual?

I never was very corpulent, you know. How is my uncle’s health? He says he is well.” “He is pretty well, but he isn’t as young as he was.” “I think he looks older,” said John. “But that is not surprising—at his age. He is seventy, isn’t he?” “Not quite. He is sixty-nine.” “His father died at seventy-one.” “Yes.”

“But that is no reason why my uncle should not live till eighty. I hope he will.” “We all hope so,” said the housekeeper; but she knew, while she spoke, that if, as she supposed, Mr. Wharton’s will contained a generous legacy for her, his death would not afflict her much. She suspected also that John Wade was waiting impatiently for his uncle’s death, that he might enter upon his inheritance. The Cash Boy PDF Book Free

Still, their little social fictions must be kept up, and so both expressed a desire for his continued life, though neither was deceived as to the other’s real feeling on the subject. “By the way, Mrs. Bradley,” said John Wade, “how came my uncle to engage that boy to read to him?” “He was led into it, sir,” said the housekeeper, with a great deal of indignation, “by the boy himself. He’s an artful and designing fellow, you may rely upon it.”

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