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When you cannot go straight, you go the other way around. We were living in the same building; his wife became friendly with my wife and somehow she convinced her that selling life insurance was the right thing to do. My wife also knew that we had to do something different; we couldn’t go through life washing cars.

You Can Sell PDF Book by Shiv Khera

Name of Book You Can Sell
Author Shiv Khera
PDF Size 2 MB
No of Pages 285
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 About Book – You Can Sell PDF Book Download by Shiv Khera

I had a family to support. We had a little daughter and my wife knew that it would not be easy for her to convince me either. All sales professionals are self-employed entrepreneurs and unless they consider themselves self-employed they will not succeed. The real question is – if you are not working for yourself then who are you working for?

In a free economy, nothing happens unless a sale takes place. A sales professional moves products and services from the producer to the end user. He keeps the wheels of the economy moving and helps generate income thus playing a very important role in the economy. In fact, without the profession of selling one wonders what would happen to the national or international economy.

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Hence, a robust economy strongly depends on good salesmanship. You Can Sell PDF Book Download Many countries have thousands and some millions of salespeople. Just imagine if every salesperson in each company made one extra sale per year or even better per month, what would happen to the national economy. It would shoot up!! Learning to sell is like learning to ride a bicycle.

Remember the first time when we were learning to ride a bicycle. Most probably, we started with a bicycle that had training wheels attached on both sides. If you recall the first experience, it was rather scary. We were afraid to fall and get hurt, and our objective was to learn eventually to ride without training wheels.

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As we stumbled when something went wrong, the training wheels protected us till we became proficient enough to balance on two wheels and ride effortlessly. Just analyze the learning process. It is the persistence, and practice that brings proficiency. The exact same thing is true in learning to sell.

Just like you cannot learn to swim by reading a book, similarly the profession of selling cannot just be learned or taught unless it is practiced on the ground. You Can Sell PDF Book Download Sometimes, negative perceptions develop towards certain professions given the behavior of some unscrupulous individuals. Many people consider a salesperson as a fast-talking conman who will sell his soul to make a quick buck.

He is only interested in commissions at any cost. He wants to make a sale by hook or by crook. Many times, you hear people saying that to succeed you need to learn the ‘tricks of the trade’. I disagree! Good professionals learn the trade, they leave the tricks to cheats and crooks. Selling with integrity is a noble profession.

To most people selling is an occupation but to the career-minded, it is a great profession. I have learnt one thing in my career – a good sales professional will always have a job and a great sales professional will make an above average income. I feel very strongly that selling is one of the highest paying professions in the world.

Supposing you were offered a product, identical in price and other terms and conditions, by two parties who would you buy from? You Can Sell PDF Book Download The answer is obvious; if all other things are equal, it is the comfort level with the salesperson which will determine who you buy from. What is comfort level? It is the unsaid emotional feeling of ease.

People buy more from the heart than the head. A good sales professional not only makes a presentation but he sells himself, his product, and his company in that order. Even if there is a good product from a good company but if the prospect is not comfortable with the salesperson, he will not buy.

In some countries that I have travelled to, I have picked up the morning newspaper to find an announcement of the birth of a baby girl or a baby boy. In the same newspaper, the obituary column carries announcements of people who have died mentioning he was an eminent lawyer, doctor, and so on.

If you notice, by birth no one is a salesperson, an accountant, an attorney, or a doctor. You Can Sell PDF Book They are only a boy or a girl. But upon death he/she dies as an eminent professional which means that somewhere between birth and death by training, education or practice they became eminent, elite professionals.

Normally, vacuum cleaner demonstrations are done in the evening or on weekends because if one person sees it they don’t take a decision till they have consulted their spouse. Many a times, it may just be an excuse, but the chances of losing the sale become higher. That day, however, both decision-makers would be home.

If the client was serious then it would save him a second trip to repeat the demonstration. Hence, he would save time. The easiest way to overcome insecurity is to rise above mediocrity. Mediocrity has no power to move the soul. Mediocrity gives a mediocre living, a mediocre income and nothing beyond. Millions of people die in obscurity without any achievement in life.

They are the ones who are halfhearted, who keep thinking, hoping and planning to do something but they never actually do anything. They are the ones that watch the world go by. They talk more and do less. You Can Sell PDF Book They have only intentions and no action. The profession of selling can be exciting and rewarding, both financially and emotionally, or it can be depressing and frustrating.

A lot depends on a person’s attitude and how he handles success and failure. When we make a sale we are on an emotional high, however, when we make no sales, we feel rejected and dejected. When a salesperson realizes that the profession is not only about making sales, but involves helping others and solving problems, he becomes a Professional.

To succeed in the profession of selling, one needs to develop proven and repeatable methods of selling which can give positive results consistently. One must qualify and lead potential customers through an effective selling process which results in a positive outcome. While salespeople go into the profession looking for independence and freedom, most good sales professionals realize that success comes from the commitment and self-discipline needed for continuous improvement.

Those who become top performers realize that they need intellectual, moral and ethical support, sometimes a pat on the back and occasionally a kick on the bottom. As good sales professionals, our objective is to provide positive motivation to the prospect to purchase. You Can Sell PDF Book Hence, not only should we show a benefit but also how we can prevent a loss, i.e. desire to succeed versus a desire not to fail.

Both pain and pleasure can be strongly motivating. Those who are insecure often buy things that they cannot even afford, only to avoid the feeling of inferiority. Some buy expensive cars, jewels and paintings only for prestige reasons, whether they can afford it or not. They are satisfying a need that arises from inadequate self-esteem.

The needs convert into wants and then in turn the wants convert into needs. The desire to avoid pain can be a very strong motivator. Just because an ineffective salesperson is unable to identify a need or a problem, it does not mean that the problem does not exist or that the client does not have a need. Many times a prospect is not aware of his needs.

Hence, it is the responsibility of a good professional to bring it out. You Can Sell PDF By bringing out the need, we can motivate the buyer to take action. For example, I was once told by a salesperson that I could save a lot of money by installing roofing insulation in my house to prevent heat loss. This motivated me to buy the solution offered which was otherwise invisible to me at that time.

At the same time, just because you have a solution it does not mean that every potential prospect has a problem. When the need is identified, it must be recognized with equal intensity by both the buyer and seller in order to conclude the sale. Some people may not realize that they are sitting on a potential problem.

Just because the problem does not manifest itself today, they feel sometimes, rather strongly, that there is nothing to be fixed. Hence, no matter how good your price is or value for money, it is perceived to be a waste. Some needs are visible, sitting on the surface, whereas others are hidden and need to be uncovered.

Cars need regular maintenance to address both what we can see as well as what we can’t. You Can Sell PDF We seek to avoid future problems. The salesperson can motivate the buyer to act in his own best interests. In order to establish credibility, some people think that blowing their own horn would help them overcome all the negative perceptions of the buyer.

Many salespeople start bragging about their achievements as a strategy. Unfortunately, most of the time it backfires. People prefer a subdued, humble and soft approach rather than an approach to show how great they are. When a medical doctor approaches a patient for the first time, the first few seconds or minutes gives the patient a feeling of comfort or discomfort.

At that point the doctor’s people skills are more crucial than his professional skills. The patient doesn’t care if the doctor came first in his class at medical school. It is both the people-skill and professional-skill that start developing credibility and confidence in the buyer.

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