I Wish I Was An Extrovert PDF Book by Fariyal Khan


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If you’ve just picked up this book, you may be wondering what exactly being an introvert means and how to make sense of an introvert personality in an extrovert world. Or you may be wondering what you should have for lunch, which is also a fair and at times troubling question. Either way, I have answers for you (get the burger).

I Wish I Was An Extrovert PDF Book by Fariyal Khan

Name of Book I Wish I Was An Extrovert
PDF Size 1.5 MB
No of Pages 159
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About Book – I Wish I Was An Extrovert PDF Book

If you’re an introvert, then you’re probably familiar with something I call “introvert overload”. It’s the feeling that everybody wants a piece of you. The sense that you just can’t get enough space from people. The deep, soul-longing for solitude.

I think of it as a kind of “psychological claustrophobia”, like the walls are closing in and you Can’t. Quite. Breathe. You might even feel guilty too, because some of the people from whom you want space are your loved ones. Maybe even your spouse. Maybe even — appalled, judgmental gasp — your children.

Click here to Download I Wish I Was An Extrovert PDF Book

Seriously, what kind of monster are you? What kind of two-headed, scaly, Satanbeast? In fact, you are a garden-variety introvert monster. Single-headed, unscaled, 100 percent Satan-free. You are simply a person who, compared to extroverts, has a higher baseline level of arousal, and uses more mental resources in scanning and processing external stimuli.

Which makes you more sensitive to light, noise, and especially people. Which causes you to become easily overstimulated. Which makes you quick to tire of all the stimulation and desperate to retreat to a sanctuary where you can turn down the psychological volume.

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In other words, the monstrosity inside you the way your brain works makes you prone to experience introvert overload.

I guess at some level I always knew that I was … different. Sure, I experimented during my younger years. Even though I’d heard it would make you go blind, I did it constantly. Reading, that is. And coming up with dubious excuses to avoid parties and stay in. And lurking in places where others like me hung out (libraries). I Wish I Was An Extrovert PDF Book Download

But when I started working in large financial institutions, it became harder to fit in. So many people. Endless meetings. So much talking. Constant gettogethers. Open-plan offices where I could never concentrate and would have to stay late every night to get my work done after people went home.

Bright overhead fluorescents that flickered interminably. People always chattering, buzzing around, so much energy, so much confidence. Talk talk talk. People people PEOPLE.

My husband Craig and I recently took my mother out for dinner. At the table beside us was a woman dining by herself. I noticed her, partly because I don’t often see someone having dinner alone. Breakfast or lunch at a cafe with eyes glued to a phone, yes. But dinner at a somewhat fancy restaurant? I Wish I Was An Extrovert PDF Book Download

Not often. And partly because, if it’s in the human visual or auditory spectrum, I’ll notice it, overanalyze it, and form elaborate and probably upsetting theories about it.

It got me thinking about the supposed stigma of doing things alone. Not just at-home things like reading and watching TV and hiding when unexpected visitors knock. But out-there things.

But are we concerned about what other people think? Do we feel embarrassed to be seen dining alone, or going to a concert or lecture by ourselves, or taking a trip solo? Are we discouraged from doing things we’re interested in because we don’t want people to judge us, or feel sorry for us?

Not long ago I experienced some of the most stressful weeks of my life. Even if I hadn’t been feeling the effects via poor sleep and a general sense of bleurgh, I could measure it by that universal stress barometer — quantity of chocolate consumed.

I find chocolate therapy, where you discuss your feelings with, say, a plate of chocolate-chip cookies, to be highly effective. No judgment. Unconditional chocolate. Or love. Which is the same thing, really. I Wish I Was An Extrovert PDF Book Download

Much of this process was horrible for my home-loving, easily overwhelmed, extreme-introvert personality — strangers traipsing through my home, unbelievable amounts of mess left by tradespeople, countless decisions to be made, endless costs, numerous phone calls, disruption to routines and comforts, paint fumes, allergic reactions to cleaning products (I came out in three separate rashes), poor sleep, physical exhaustion.

I’ve always been impressed by people who can juggle a million things. Confident multi-taskers. High flyers with numerous projects in train and tons of friends on rotation and what looks like a wildly exciting life.

But since discovering I’m an introvert and embracing my personal weirdness I’ve realized that’s simply not me. I’m more of a minimalist juggler. The kind of juggler who can handle one ball, maybe two. Maybe.

Now I see it as a considerable strength. I may not be able to handle a lot at once, but I can go deep. I can concentrate and get pretty good at something. I can sustain momentum.

Here are some of the ways I’ve opted to go deep rather than broad in my life. In every case I’ve found this minimalist approach a calmer, more effective, happier way to live.

The other day I was crossing a busy street at a walk sign. An old couple was also crossing, s-l-o-w-l-y. As I began to overtake them I noticed a car edging close, trying to intimidate them into speeding up. I slowed and moved between the couple and the car, pacing myself with the

couple and making eye contact — not aggressive, but deliberate — with the driver. The car stopped pushing closer, clearly cowed by my 160cm frame and combat-honed muscles. The elderly lady whispered Oh thank you dear, you’re so kind, as she and the man continued their protracted progress. I Wish I Was An Extrovert PDF Book

We got to the other side and I wished the couple a happy day and walked on. This wasn’t even an isolated thing. I’ve often encouraged new, struggling participants in combat class, spoken to strangers who seemed to be in distress, offered help to random individuals. Yes friends, I’m talking about proactive, voluntary interactions with unknown persons. Egads!

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the expectations of others and the pressure of their demands? To go out, to talk more, to be something you’re not? Do you fantasize about escaping, sometimes even from your precious loved ones? Do you feel guilty about these fantasies?

Just get rid of certain toxic shoulds from your life. Such shoulds are insidious critters, psychological termites that infect your mind and destroy the foundations of your life. You might not know they’re there, but leave them unchecked and they can eat away at your happiness and peace of mind. I Wish I Was An Extrovert PDF Book

If you’re an introvert then your methods of procrastination will likely differ from those of your extroverted friends. To put off starting, an extrovert may make a phone call and chat, while an introvert might turn a simple task into an over-analyzed, over-planned, overengineered nightmare.

To dodge work, an extrovert might organize a lunch, while an introvert might organize their desk and bookshelf for the twenty-seventh time. For a decade I’ve been writing in my home office, surrounded by books I’d like to read and TV shows I’d like to watch and countless other not-work things I’d like to do.

So I’ve learned a thing or two about procrastination. Over the years these insights have shaped the way I work and boosted both my productivity and the pleasure I get from my work. I think they’ll help you, too.

If I were a fairytale princess, you know which one I’d be? Not Sleeping Beauty, that’s for sure. Seriously, what drugs is she on to sleep like that? Also, um, do you know where she gets them? Possibly Cinderella, as I always like to leave parties before midnight. Plus I like cute heels and am just absent-minded enough to lose one. I Wish I Was An Extrovert PDF Book

But I lack domestic skills, and as a rule prefer to dress without avian assistance — so maybe not. No, if I were a fairytale princess I’d be the one in The Princess And The Pea. The one who had multiple mattresses and still couldn’t sleep. Because there was a pea in the bed. She sounds just like me.

At a recent hairdresser appointment I had a classic introvert experience. A sweet shampoo girl offered me “a relaxing hand massage” while my conditioning treatment worked its magic. How perfect, I thought, conjuring visions of a lovely massage, aromatic scents wafting about me, as I blissed out into a peaceful coma. “Relaxing” was built right into the description — what could go wrong?

I opened my eyes to find the girl seated very close beside me, staring intently at me, leaning forward eagerly as she massaged. And by “massaged” I mean held my hand and periodically squeezed. I Wish I Was An Extrovert PDF Book

I started to perspire. This was not going well. I now realized “relaxing hand massage” was a cruelly misleading advertisement for this ordeal. In fact “relaxing hand massage” meant this girl would sit beside me, bore into my soul with her eyes, and gulf-stream a barrage of questions at me. While intermittently caressing my hand.

If you’re a space alien morning person then you can save yourself some time and stop reading now. There’s nothing here for you, with your bouncing out of bed and your chirpy Good morning! and your ability to navigate the world wholly uncaffeinated.

But if you’re like me, an easily overstimulated introvert who is often all peopled out; if every morning is like a difficult birth, a cruel expulsion from the warm womb of your bed into a harsh, rambunctious, over-lit reality that expects you to function as an adult and operate the coffee machine and be civil before midday; then read on. I Wish I Was An Extrovert PDF Book Free

There once was an introverted little donkey named Kurt. When Kurt was a young, up-and-coming corporate donkey he used to try to fit in with his donkey colleagues.

He attended donkey shindigs and chatted lots of donkey talk. If he wanted to leave a party early and the other donkeys stopped him, he agreed to stay. He always tried to be nice and go along with what the other donkeys encouraged him to do.

What was Kurt to do? He wanted to get along with his colleagues so he decided to take a little time out and calm himself down. He spent time alone. He said no to donkey parties and avoided donkey chit-chat.

He still spent time with his closest donkey pals, Herb and Lamont. And he texted with a cute girl-donkey he liked, Clarissa. No donkey pics though, for Kurt was a gentle donkey. I Wish I Was An Extrovert PDF Book Free

He chose to listen to his own little donkey heart and spend time alone, time with his pals, and only a little time going to donkey shindigs. He chose to leave the parties he did attend early by slipping out quietly, which is not easy to do when you’re a donkey and your tail tends to wipe out entire trays of canapés and also smash delicate light fittings.

The typical movie protagonist is totally out there — being adventurous, socializing with less-attractive, quip-making friends, probably not spending a lot of on-screen time reading books or doing puzzles.

But let me ask you this: Have you ever wondered how differently events would unfold if a movie protagonist were an introvert? Me neither! At least until now. Here’s how I think movies in the “Introvert Movie Database” might go. I Wish I Was An Extrovert PDF Book Free

Isaac Newton’s 3 Laws Of Motion transformed our understanding of the world, and also of apples. For the first time we truly understood the hazards of the outdoors, and the very real potential for head injury related to ripe, pendulous fruit.

But have you heard of his less famous 3 Laws of Introvert Motion? These are the laws of physics that apply specifically to introverts. No doubt as you read them you’ll recognize their inherent truth, and will nod silently to yourself as you recall with a smile the relevant chapter of Principia Mathematica. Here they are, brilliantly translated for you from the original Latin. I Wish I Was An Extrovert PDF Book Free

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