Jane Eyre Pdf Book By Charlotte Bronte


Jane Eyre was an orphaned child. She lived with her cruel and wealthy Aunt Reed. at their house There was a servant named Bessie. She loved Jane very much. used to tell her stories and always Tried to protect her. One day Jane’s cousin quarrels with her. And complains about Jane to his mother. Aunt Reed locks Jane in the red room to punish. The children were very afraid of the red room. Because Uncle Reed died there. Everyone used to scare the children that their ghost lived there.

Jane Eyre Pdf Book By Charlotte Bronte

Name of Book Jane Eyre Pdf
Author Charlotte Bronte
Published 1847
Language English
PDF Size 2 MB
Pages 691
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When Jane was locked in the room, she felt as if she had seen the ghost of Uncle Reed. she screams loudly and She faints in fear. When she regains consciousness, she sees that she was with Bessie. and a doctor Was checking him. Doctor tells Aunt Reed to send her to some school. Aunt Reed agrees to this. Jane also gets very happy hearing this. He feels that now he will get rid of his cruel aunt.  After this, Jane is admitted to a school named Lowood.

But upon reaching there, Jane came to know It turns out that his life has become worse than before. Because the headmaster of the school Mr. Brocklehurst He was a cruel and abusive man just like his aunt. He used to give various kinds of punishment to the children. He used to tell everyone the glory of poverty and Stealing school funds himself, he used to buy things of his luxuries. At the Lowwood School, Jane befriends a girl named Helen. she is very good natured The girl was But she could not see how corrupt Brocklehurst was.

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She used to get ready for everything after being impressed by his speech. Once an epidemic of Typhoid spread in the school. Due to which many children died. Helen also became a victim of this and passed away. After this there was an inspection of the school, which was in bad shape. Brocklehurst was held responsible for this and was transferred from there. After this some good people were appointed in the school. This changed my life a lot. And the rest of his life went well.

He studied there for 6 years. After completing her studies, she also became a teacher in the same school and she taught there for 2 years.  After two years of teaching at Lowwood School, Jane started getting bored. Jane Eyre Pdf Book Download By Charlotte Bronte He started feeling that he should have more in life Experiences should be taken. Soon she took a job as a governess at an estate named Thornfield. Her job was to teach a French girl named Adele at home. There were many servants in the house. The owner of the house Mr. Rochester who was black in colour. Gradually Jane fell in love with Rochester.

One night suddenly a fire breaks out in the house. Jane saves Rochester from that fire. Rochester later Tells everyone that a servant had drunk too much. And because of his mistake, the house caught fire. But Jane saw that even after this incident, the servant was working in the house. Jane Eyre Pdf Book By Charlotte Bronte This made Jane feel that perhaps the truth was being hidden from her. One day Rochester brings home a very beautiful woman with him. Seeing this, Jane was deeply disappointed. He thought maybe Rochester wanted to marry that woman. But surprisingly, Rochester proposes marriage to Jane. Which Jane happily accepts.  With time, the wedding day arrived. Just as Jane and Rochester are about to tie the knot, a man named Mason suddenly appears filled with anger.

He raises objections to the marriage. and tells everyone that Rochester’s already, from his sister Got married. And he’s still alive. Jane looks at Rochester in surprise. Rochester says yes it is true. He was married to a woman named Bertha. But now she was mentally insane. Jane Eyre Pdf Book By Charlotte Bronte Rochester then takes all the attendees to the third floor of the house. everyone there saw Bertha was walking and growling like an animal on four legs. Rochester then told Jane that Bertha had also set the house on fire. But the maid was accused of hiding her name. Some money was also given to him for this. Seeing and hearing all this, Jane felt that she could not marry Rochester under these circumstances. After this she left Thornfield and left. After this Jane became homeless.

He didn’t have any money. She started wandering here and there. He was also forced to beg for food when he was hungry. One day three brothers and sisters living in a house named Marsh End gave him shelter in their house. Among them were sisters Mary and Diana. and St. John River was his brother. Jane Eyre Pdf Book St. John was a pastor. A few days later, he got a teaching job at a charity school in Jane. One day St. John comes and informs Jane that his uncle had died. And he has left a huge amount of 20,000 pounds in Jane’s name.

When Jane asked how she got all this Found out that St. John told that he also looked like his uncle. In this way, they all seemed to be cousins ​​of each other in the relationship. Jane was very happy to hear this. Jane Eyre Pdf Book He also decided to divide his legacy among those three cousins. Once St. John decided to visit India as a missionary. But before this he proposed marriage to Jane. He wanted Jane to go on a trip with him to India after getting married. But Jane was not ready for this marriage.

Because she still loved Rochester. one the Then she went to Thornhill again. there he saw that The whole house had been burnt to ashes. On asking the servant, it is learned that Bertha had once again set the house on fire. Bertha was burnt to death in this fire. Rochester had saved all the servants. Jane Eyre Pdf Book But during this time his eyesight had gone. Knowing all this, Jane went to meet them at a house named Ferndean. Rochester with his two servants right there Was living.

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He was overjoyed to meet Jane. After this, Jane stayed there and started taking care of him. Slowly their old love rekindled. And both decided to get married. After this, Jane writes in her diary that at this time she has been married for 10 years. After two years of marriage, Rochester had regained his sight in one eye. During this time he also had a son. And at this time Jane was very happy with her life.

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