No Limits: Blow the CAP Off Your Capacity PDF Book by John C. Maxwell


Click here to Download No Limits: Blow the CAP Off Your Capacity PDF Book by John C. Maxwell having PDF Size 8.3 MB and No of Pages 373.

That was the first day I realized how essential awareness is to reaching capacity. The only way I could help the people I was leading to do much better in their lives was to help them focus on their strengths more than their weaknesses. And—drumroll, please—the only way I could reach my capacity as a person and a leader was to practice and develop my strengths.

No Limits: Blow the CAP Off Your Capacity PDF Book by John C. Maxwell

Name of Book No Limits: Blow the CAP Off Your Capacity
PDF Size 8.3 MB
No of Pages 373
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About Book – No Limits: Blow the CAP Off Your Capacity PDF Book

It changed the way I did everything, and I soon discovered that I was a much better equipper than I was a counselor. Before my awareness discovery, I saw myself as a shepherd taking care of the needs of my people. After that, I started to see myself and my role differently. I became a rancher leading and growing the people of my congregation. For years I shared this story at conferences.

Often during a Q & A someone will ask, “What was the most important thing you received from those two leaders you interviewed?” My answer is “awareness.” I have often wondered, How long would I have counseled people instead of equipping them if I had not met those two leaders? I don’t know the answer.

Click here to Download No Limits: Blow the CAP Off Your Capacity PDF Book

But I do know this: we all need the help of someone else to become aware of how to become better at reaching our capacity. I want to be someone who helps you become more selfaware. That’s what this first section of the book is about. You’ve probably heard the saying “If I always do what I’ve always done, I’ll always get what I’ve always gotten.” I want to help you do something new—and get somewhere new.

In other words, they define the world in terms of its limitations. They also define people in terms of their limitations. That’s too confining. Instead, we need to define our world and ourselves in terms of our possibilities. While I believe 100 percent that people can grow, change their capacity, and increase their potential, I also acknowledge that all of us have caps on our capacity.

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Some caps are fixed. But most are not. We can’t allow these unfixed caps to keep our lives from expanding. We can’t let caps define our potential. We need to see beyond the caps and see our true capacity before we can blow off our caps and expand our capacity. Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip, wrote, “Life is like a ten-speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use.”

What he’s saying is that most of us have capacity that is untapped. We have capacity that we’re not even aware of. But we can change that. The way you deal with difficulties and avoid feeling sorry for yourself can be as unique as you are. I love the way PGA pro golfer Richard Lee handles adversity on the course. He and I met and became friends at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

I’ve had the privilege of playing in that tournament a few times, twice with Richard. One year we made the playoffs! I will never forget the thrill I had on the first tee on Sunday when I received a golf umbrella that read, I MADE THE CUT AT THE AT&T PRO AM. It’s one of my prized possessions. Not many amateurs can say that. No Limits: Blow the CAP Off Your Capacity PDF Book

The other time we did terribly, finishing near the bottom of the standings. The year we did poorly, we went to dinner after we failed to make the cut to console ourselves and recover from our poor play. During dinner, one of the questions I asked Richard was “What’s the best advice you have ever received?” “Welcome the ball,” he answered. That intrigued me.

Everyone around the table wanted him to explain that. “I play golf for a living,” he said. “Every shot is important to me. Any shot can either make me or break me in a tournament. “Early in my career my mother-in-law could see how when I had a bad shot, I would get really disappointed. And my negative emotions would start to fill my mind and hurt my play.

“One day she said to me, ‘Richard, you will always have days when you make bad shots. Every golfer does. As you walk toward your ball you have a decision to make: Will I dread seeing the lie of my ball and begin filling my mind with negative thoughts and my body with negative emotions? Or will I welcome the ball and be glad I am a golfer and realize that I have an opportunity to make a great recovery shot? No Limits: Blow the CAP Off Your Capacity PDF Book

If you always welcome the ball regardless of your lie, you will more often make good recovery shots.’” My life has been dedicated to leadership, and my observation of leaders is that most do not schedule enough creative thinking time alone. Most leaders have a bias for action, and too often solitude gets pushed off their calendars because action calls out to them.

But when that happens, not only do the leaders suffer. So do their people, because their leaders aren’t at their best and most creative. People deserve a leader who emerges out of solitude with solutions. There you have it. These are the things that have helped me transform from the guy with the lowest creativity score in the class to someone who has leveraged his creativity every day.

For fifty years to earn his living and try to make the world a better place. If you desire to increase your creativity capacity, you can do it. You can train yourself to see possibilities. You can learn to find answers. You can become someone who always offers options. And you can work with others to become inventive and innovative. No Limits: Blow the CAP Off Your Capacity PDF Book

If you can harness that with productivity, which is the subject of the next chapter, you’ll really be able to increase your capacity. For sixteen years, through many ups and downs, Paul led his company, At Your Service, and grew it into a highly profitable business. He learned a lot of lessons during that time and developed principles of productivity, which I’ll share with you in a moment.

But by the time he sold the business, he had one hundred full-time employees cleaning 150 locations every night, including offices, restaurants, country clubs, movie theaters, imaging centers, hospitals, and even a zoo. Paul’s motto was “If it stood still, we cleaned it.” While he was learning and growing, Paul decided that he wanted to help others become more successful in their careers.

So he started to teach them from a book that had changed his life: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. He found it so rewarding that he found an organization that trained and certified him as a speaker. And he started speaking and training people while still running his cleaning business. Within months, he became the most successful entrepreneur in that network of speakers. No Limits: Blow the CAP Off Your Capacity PDF Book

The organization’s founder discovered this and wanted to hire Paul to run his conference business, so Paul sold At Your Service and changed careers. Five years later, he approached me about starting the John Maxwell Team. Before we discuss the ten specific choices that you can make to increase your capacity, I want to give you a strategy that will be useful for all of them.

I call it the rule of five. I was introduced to the concept by Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, but I’ve put my own spin on it. Let’s say you wanted to cut down an enormous tree in your yard. Think of the biggest tree you’ve ever seen, a tree that makes you think, That’s way too big.

I’ll never be able to do it. Huge. How would you approach the task? I suggest you use the rule of five. Every day, go out to the tree with your ax and take five cuts. That’s it? you may be thinking. Yes, that’s it. Here’s why it works. If you take those five cuts every day, week after week, month after month, year after year, the tree will fall. You can use that method to accomplish anything over time. Why? No Limits: Blow the CAP Off Your Capacity PDF Book Download

At nearly seventy years old, I’m finding that my values are probably deeper and stronger than they have ever been in my life. I rely less and less on beliefs, which I seem to have fewer of as I age. What’s the difference? Values don’t change, but beliefs do—all the time. Every time you learn something new, your beliefs adjust.

In my lifetime I’ve let go of dozens and dozens of beliefs that I once possessed just because I learned more or experienced more. For example, when I was in my twenties, I strongly believed that environment was the most important factor in the upbringing of a child. I was certain that DNA was less important. Then Margaret and I adopted two children: Elizabeth and then Joel.

It didn’t take long for us to recognize the strength of genetics. I looked at the children of my brother, Larry, and my sister, Trish, and I could tell exactly what they were doing and why they were doing it. They were Maxwell through and through. But when I watched Elizabeth and Joel, I often couldn’t tell why they were doing what they were doing. No Limits: Blow the CAP Off Your Capacity PDF Book Download 

And I learned that certain traits and behaviors were hardwired into them, and nothing Margaret and I did would alter them. Both of our children are now in their thirties, married, and successful. They have children of their own. And Margaret and I no longer believe that environment is the main factor in parenting. That’s a belief we let go of due to our life experience.

So much of what we do in life has no deadline. As a result, many things get put off and float from day to day on our to-do lists. That’s why I give myself external deadlines for nearly everything I want to get done. These visible deadlines create an awareness of time for me. Every week, I look at my schedule, determine what I need to get done, and give myself deadlines.

Right now I have deadlines for writing this book, for developing teaching materials for the volunteer associate trainers at my nonprofit organization EQUIP, and for thinking about what material I will want to teach at the next John Maxwell Team coaching certification event. I also have a deadline for planning the time I need to set aside for rest and recreation. No Limits: Blow the CAP Off Your Capacity PDF Book Free

Every day I keep these deadlines in front of me. I keep a piece of paper on my desk where I can always see it. The deadlines keep me moving mentally. The next year, Gaby was at the John Maxwell Team event to attend the mentoring sessions, and she stood in line while I was signing books to say hello. After she and I talked, she dug in her bag and pulled out her passport.

It was the only paper she had with her, and she said, “John, give me a word for the coming year. Write it here.” She handed me her passport, and in the back of it on one of the blank pages, I wrote the first word that came to mind: transformation, and then I signed it. Gaby later told me that this prompted her to start being intentional about her desire to bring the coaches to her country to teach values and intentional living.

Her first step was to get me to sign a copy of my book Intentional Living for the president of Paraguay. But the problem was that she didn’t know the president. She didn’t let that stop her. She began talking to people, looking for someone who could get her a meeting, and eventually she found one. She met with the president, gave him the book, and told him about her experience in Guatemala. No Limits: Blow the CAP Off Your Capacity PDF Book Free

A few weeks later, I received a letter from President Horacio Cartes inviting me and my organization to come to Paraguay and teach values in roundtables. The process had begun. Over the next two years, Gaby, her husband Tim, and a team of people in Paraguay worked tirelessly to build relationships and prepare for the launch.

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