The Liar’s Daughter PDF Book by Megan Cooley Peterson


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The woman takes me from the room and down a hallway, the walls so close they almost crush me. She wears all beige and not a stitch of makeup. My bladder strains, and I can’t remember the last time I peed. Her shoes squeak against the floor; her skirt rustles. My ears ring from the roar of it all. The woman nudges open a door. The white walls and floor blind me, and I blink until my eyes adjust.

The Liar’s Daughter PDF Book by Megan Cooley Peterson

Name of Book The Liar’s Daughter
PDF Size 5.1 MB
No of Pages 294
Language English
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It smells faintly of bleach. “There are clean towels in the cabinet and soap in the shower. Use whatever you like. This is your bathroom now. You’re safe here.” She looks at me expectantly. I say nothing. Finally, the door closes, and the click echoes around the room. The urine bleeds through my pants before I can get to the toilet. I jut out my chin in defiance, make sure whoever’s watching can see it.

Father and Mother told me this might happen. “The world can be an evil place,” Mother warned. “I’m the only one you can trust. Me and your father. Never forget that.” Cold water surges from the faucet, pummeling the bottom of the tub. I twist the knob to the left, to the right, but there’s just cold, no warm. My reflection in the metal is distorted, inhuman. They fixed it so I have to bathe in ice-cold water.

Click here to Download The Liar’s Daughter PDF Book

They think I’m weak. They think I’ll break. My pants cling to my legs as I pull them off. I unhook my mother’s necklace with the green stone and set it on the counter—but then the stone catches the light, and I put it back on, listening for sounds outside the door. When I face the mirror, I barely recognize the girl looking back. My collarbones stick out, shadowed underneath.

My breasts are smaller, my stomach shrunken in. My hair falls out when I pull on it. They told me I’m safe here. They told me this is my family now. But I don’t know these people. And this is not my home. Voices come from behind me, warped, like a recording played backward. When I turn toward the door, they snap off. “The world can be an evil place.” I conjure Mother’s voice. It comforts me.

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We’ll find each other again, like she promised. The water scalds my foot, so cold it circled around to being hot. The tiles on the floor are tiny hexagons slithering underneath the bathtub, flat and cracked. Bottles line the sides of the tub with promises of better hair, softer skin. My mother’s fancy soaps smelled of lavender and lemon. I drag a rag across my body, over and over until my skin turns pink.

I’m the only color in the room. A knock on the door, and she’s inside again, taking away all the oxygen in the room. Behind her, the outline of a man vanishes. “I don’t mean to barge in,” she says. “But you’ve been in here for over an hour.” I try to wipe my eyes without her seeing. I refuse to speak. The woman sets a bundle next to me on the floor. “Fresh clothes,” she says, patting them.

“Come on downstairs into the kitchen when you’re dressed, and we’ll have breakfast. I made blueberry pancakes and toast with strawberry jam.” She smiles, but I don’t smile back. Once she leaves, I get dressed. The shorts sink down my hips, and the Tshirt falls off my left shoulder. It says NO LIMITS across the chest in obnoxious pink letters. The Liar’s Daughter PDF Book

She never bothered to check my size—to get me something that fits. Maybe these were someone else’s clothes. My hand rests on the doorknob, but I’m afraid to turn it. The smell of bleach returns, stronger than before. Shimmers and zigzags of light slash my vision. I can’t remember how I got here. These gaps make me feel stupid and weak.

Father says knowledge is power. I have no knowledge, and no power. I step outside. The hall is a dark tunnel, so I feel my way along, unsure of where to go. Closed doors line the walls. I turn one of the knobs, but the door is locked. They all are. Stumbling down the stairs, I end up in a wide-open room, with more white walls, white furniture.

It reminds me of a hospital. A red prism hangs in a picture window, tossing a colored gash on the opposite wall. This place is nothing like home, where the windows were lined with old Coke bottles holding wildflowers. “Are you hungry?” The woman’s voice comes from my left. She stands in a room separated by a wide archway, her hand resting against a refrigerator. The Liar’s Daughter PDF Book

My stomach snarls, a feral thing, and I follow the smell of breakfast to a wooden table. A single placemat sits on its surface. Two white pills wait on a napkin next to the plate. I push them aside. But I always was a sucker for toast with strawberry jam. Mother makes the world’s best strawberry jam. She even won a blue ribbon for it at a fair when I was little.

Her smile that day was my entire universe. She held me in her arms as Father took our photograph, the envy of everyone there. I haven’t eaten in so long, spots dance in my peripheral vision. I want to ask if the blueberries are organic or if the strawberries have been poisoned with DDT. I eat anyway. I’m going to need my strength. They don’t know it, but I’m leaving.

Yesterday, when I went to the bathroom, it felt like I was being stabbed with needles. And it keeps getting worse. I refused lunch today, just to be on the safe side. I’m doubled over on the toilet when the woman knocks and enters. “Piper, what’s going on in here? Be honest.” I shoot up, trying to cover myself, but the pain rips through my abdomen. Sweat moistens my brow, but I won’t wipe it away. The Liar’s Daughter PDF Book

Not in front of her. “You need to see a doctor, Piper. I’m worried about you.” I say nothing. “It’s only a short drive to the doctor’s office, and you’ll feel so much better once you go and get checked out.” I haven’t left this place since They brought me here. This might be my only chance to get a look at my surroundings, to figure out where she’s keeping me.

“Or the doctor could make a house call,” she continues. “No. I’ll go.” My voice is hoarse and weak from disuse. My vow of silence broken, another battle lost. She shuts the door, but no footsteps follow. Her breath rattles from the other side of the door as I pull up my pants and wash my hands. The soap burns my skin. I make a note to stop using it.

She’s waiting in the hallway, her purse swung over one shoulder and a pinched look on her face. Downstairs, she unlocks a door off the kitchen, which takes us into a garage. The woman instructs me to fasten my seat belt as the entire wall behind the car lifts into the ceiling. We drive toward the gate, the house swelling behind us, puffing up to show me its full power. The Liar’s Daughter PDF Book

Every surface is a different shade of blue, as if the painter couldn’t make up his mind. The neighbor’s house seems empty. No girl in the window. The woman stops in front of the gate and gets out of the car to use a black box with a lid and a keypad. I lean forward in my seat, but she positions her body to block my view, and I can’t see the code she enters.

And then, suddenly, we’re past the gate. The first time I’ve been past the gate since They brought me here. We drive a stretch of road flanked by open fields and vineyards. Fall has tinged everything yellow and orange. I think of Mother, of Caspian, and wonder if they’re looking up at the same blue sky this very minute, missing me. “Our hearts will forever be connected,” Mother told me.

I hold on to her words now. The road takes us into a small town. Lush green lawns lead to neat houses tucked behind carefully trimmed hedges. Soon enough, the houses are replaced by brick buildings with big front windows lining each side of the road. People carry bags and cups of coffee as they wander up and down the sidewalks. Trees overhang the road. The Liar’s Daughter PDF Book Download

We pass a three-story brick building with sage-green trim, like something straight out of It’s a Wonderful Life Someone grips my shoulder. Shakes it. “Piper.” My eyes are glued shut. My hips ache from the hard, cold ground. When I open my eyes, Mother stares down at me. Light from above encircles her. “Oh my God,” she says in a whir. She pulls me to a seated position. “Are you all right?”

“Mother? Where am I?” “You’re in the root cellar. What happened?” “I wanted to see what was down here. That woman said she didn’t have a basement.” Mother touches my cheek, but then her blue eyes turn brown. Her hair shrivels, darkens. It’s the woman. I scramble backward on my hands and feet. “Where am I?” “This is the root cellar. I keep my canning stuff down here.”

She uses a small black rectangle to light up the space; glass jars filled with vegetables line shelves. It doesn’t look like the white room. “The doors blew shut. Happens sometimes. I found you lying on the ground. Did you faint?” My eyes sting, and I take deep breaths. I blink, but it’s still her. Mother is gone. “Come on,” she insists. “We need to get you inside. Maybe to the doctor’s office.” “No! No more doctors.” The Liar’s Daughter PDF Book Download

“Then at least come inside and let me fix you some soup. You’re cold as ice.” “I feel bad for what happened that day at the lake—the way Angela yelled at you, like you’d done something wrong. You didn’t.” He pushes his rumpled hair off his forehead. “And I’m sorry I’ve been kind of weird lately. I get so mad at my brother, at Curtis, at everyone. But I shouldn’t take it out on you.

You don’t deserve that.” I smile. “So, do you want to watch it? I got popcorn.” He produces a plastic container full of popcorn from his bag, a luxury I haven’t seen since I was a little girl. I shove some of it into my mouth, grateful for food. “How’d you get this?” The buttery crunch melts on my tongue. “I have my ways.” I shoot him a look. “Please tell me you didn’t steal this from the Aunties’ cupboard.”

“Don’t worry about it, Piper. Just please try to have some fun.” He pulls two hourglass bottles of Coke out of his bag, too, and gives one to me. “What are we watching?” I twist open my soda. “I know you really like horror movies.” “And you don’t,” I remind him. “I made you watch Psycho, and you kept your eyes closed through most of it. Remember?” “Tonight’s not about me,” he says. The Liar’s Daughter PDF Book Free

“We’re watching Night of the Living Dead. It’s the only other movie I could find that’s really scary.” He climbs into the lime-green bumper car directly in front of the makeshift screen, and I climb in next to him. Our shoulders touch, and everything inside me screams to leave, to run away, to do what Father and Mother would expect. But I don’t want to. I stare at my lap.

“You didn’t have to do all this.” “Of course I did.” “I love it, Cas. Thank you.” He takes a deep breath. “I think about you a lot, Piper. I worry about you.” My heart ticks, and I’m afraid to move. He reaches for my hand; his is warm and strong. “I’m not happy unless I’m with you,” he says, in a rush. “I walk around this place, and everything is black and white. Until I see you.

It’s like I can’t see in color without you. You’re the only good, true thing in this whole damn place. Nothing matters but you, Piper. You and Thomas and the others. Not the Aunts. Not even Angela and Curtis.” I bite my bottom lip, trying not to cry. “Was I wrong to say all of that?” he asks quietly. “I don’t know. Father probably wouldn’t like this.” “Good thing he’s not around much.” The Liar’s Daughter PDF Book Free

Cas leans toward me, angles my chin, and our lips meet. His are warm and soft, a little salty from the popcorn. I keep my eyes open, but his close. His lashes fan out on his cheeks like spider’s legs, delicate and frightening at the same time. Then I close my eyes, and he parts my lips with his tongue.

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