The Lucky One PDF Book by Nicholas Sparks


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Worse, discovered with a card full of nudie pictures. His dad was a stickler for protocol and responsibility. By then, a few minutes had passed. In the distance, he heard the throaty roar of an engine fire up. He assumed the coeds were leaving; only briefly did he consider what they might be thinking when they noticed his cruiser was still there. He had other issues on his mind.

The Lucky One PDF Book by Nicholas Sparks

Name of Book The Lucky One
PDF Size 1.3 MB
No of Pages 239
Language English
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The camera was gone. Not lost. Gone. And the damn thing sure as hell didn’t walk off on its own. No way the girls had found it, either. Which meant Thigh-bolt had been playing him all along. Thigh-bolt. Playing. Him. Unbelievable. He knew the guy had been acting too slick, too “I Know What You Did Last Summer. No way was he getting away with that.

No grimy, hippie, dog-talking freak was ever going to show up Keith Clayton. Not in this life, anyway. He pushed through branches heading back to the road, figuring he’d catch up to Logan Thigh-bolt and have a little look-see. And that was just for starters. More than that would follow; that much was certain. Guy plays him? That just wasn’t done. Not in this town, anyway. He didn’t give a damn about the dog, either.

Click here to Download The Lucky One PDF Book

Dog gets upset? Bye, bye, doggie. Simple as that. German shepherds were weapons—there wasn’t a court in the land where that wouldn’t stand up. First things first, though. Find Thibault. Get the camera. Then figure out the next step. It was only then, while approaching his cruiser, that he realized both his rear tires were flat. “What did you say your name was?”

Thibault leaned across the front seat of the Jeep a few minutes later, talking over the roar of the wind. “Logan Thibault.” He thumbed over his shoulder. “And this is Zeus.” Zeus was in the back of the Jeep, tongue out, nose lifted to the wind as the Jeep sped toward the highway. “Beautiful dog. I’m Amy. And this is Jennifer and Lori.” Thibault glanced over his shoulder. “Hi.” “Hey.”

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They seemed distracted. Not surprising, Thibault thought, considering what they’d been through. “I appreciate the ride.” “No big deal. And you said you’re going to Hampton?” On closer inspection, though, he sensed that first impressions were deceiving. Despite the waterfront location—or maybe because of it, he surmised—he noted the decay near the rooflines.

In the crumbling bricks near the foundations, in the faded brackish stains a couple of feet higher than the foundations, which indicated serious flooding in the past. None of the shops were boarded up yet, but observing the dearth of cars parked in front of the businesses, he wondered how long they could hold out.

Small-town commercial districts were going the way of the dinosaurs, and if this place was like most of the other towns he’d passed through, he figured there was probably another, newer area for businesses, one most likely anchored by a Wal-Mart or a Piggly Wiggly, that would spell the end for this part of town. Strange, though. Being here. He wasn’t sure what he’d imagined Hampton to be, but it wasn’t this. The Lucky One PDF Book

No matter. As Zeus was finishing his food, he wondered how long it would take to find her. The woman in the photograph. The woman he’d come to meet. But he would find her. That much was certain. He hoisted his backpack. “You ready?” Zeus tilted his head. “Let’s get a room. I want to eat and shower. And you need a bath.” Thibault took a couple of steps before realizing Zeus hadn’t moved.

He glanced over his shoulder. “Don’t give me that look. You definitely need a bath. You smell.” Zeus still didn’t move. “Fine. Do what you want. I’m going.” He headed toward the manager’s office to check in, knowing that Zeus would follow. In the end, Zeus always followed. Gramps liked to believe it was because he supported everything from the library to the theater to the local elementary school.

But Clayton knew the real reason was that Gramps owned pretty much every commercial building in the downtown area, as well as the lumberyard, both marinas, three automobile dealerships, three storage complexes, the only apartment complex in town, and vast tracts of farmland. All of it made for an immensely wealthy—and powerful—family, and since Clayton got most of his money from the family trusts. The Lucky One PDF Book

The last thing he needed was some stranger in town making trouble for him. Thank God he’d had Ben in the short time he’d been with Beth. Gramps had this weird thing about lineage, and since Ben had been named after Gramps—a pretty slick idea, if he did say so himself—Gramps adored him. Most of the time.

Clayton had the sense that Gramps liked Ben, his great-grandson, a lot more than he liked his grandson. Oh, Clayton knew Ben was a good kid. It wasn’t just Gramps— everyone said so. And he did love the kid, even if he was a pain in the ass sometimes. From his perch on the front porch, he looked through the window and saw that Ben had finished with the kitchen and was back on the couch.

He knew he should join him inside, but he wasn’t ready just yet. He didn’t want to fly off the handle or say something he’d regret. He’d been working at being better about things like that; a couple of months back, Gramps had had a little talk with him about how important it was to be a steady influence. Pecker head. The Lucky One PDF Book

What he should have done was talk to Ben about doing what his dad asked when he asked, Clayton thought. Would have done a lot more good. The kid had already pissed him off once tonight, but instead of exploding, he’d remembered Gramps and pressed his lips together before stalking outside. Seemed like he was always getting pissed off at Ben these days.

But it wasn’t his fault; he honestly tried to get along with the kid! And they’d started out okay. Talked about school, had some burgers, tuned in to SportsCenter on ESPN. All good. But then, honor of horrors, he’d asked Ben to clean the kitchen. Like that was too much to ask, right? Clayton hadn’t had the chance to get to it for the last few days, and he knew the kid would do a good job.

So Ben promised he’d clean it, but instead of doing it, he’d just sat there. And sat. And the clock ticked by. And then he’d sat some more. And she was doing well, really well, especially considering the stroke. But what was going to happen the next time Nana wanted to do something that Beth honestly believed wasn’t in her best interest? Something simple… like driving at night, for instance? The Lucky One PDF Book Download

Nana couldn’t see as well as she used to, and what was going to happen in a few years when Nana insisted that she wanted to drive to the grocery store after work? She knew that in the end, she’d handle these situations when the time came. But she dreaded it. It had been hard enough to keep Nana in check this summer, and that was when her physical problems were obvious even to Nana.

What was going to happen when Nana didn’t want to admit to them? Her thoughts were interrupted by the sight of Nana’s truck slowly rolling up the drive and coming to a stop near the back entrance to the kennel. Logan got out and went around to the bed of the truck. She watched him sling a fifty-pound bag of dog food over his shoulder and head inside.

When he emerged, Zeus was trotting beside him, nosing at his hand; Beth figured that he must have kept Zeus inside the office while he’d been in town. It took him a few more minutes to unload the rest of the dog food, and when he was done, he started toward the house. By then, dusk had begun to fall. The Lucky One PDF Book Download

The faint echo of thunder sounded in the distance, and Beth could hear the crickets beginning their evening song. She suspected the storm would hold off; with the exception of a couple of scattered showers, it had been miserably dry all summer. But the air, carried from the ocean, was scented with pine and salt, and she flashed on memories from a beach long ago.

She could remember seeing spider crabs scuttling before beams from the flashlights that she and Drake and Grandpa were holding; her mom’s face illuminated by the glow of the small bonfire her dad had started; the sight of Nana’s marshmallow catching fire as they toasted them for smores. It was one of the few memories she had of her parents, and she wasn’t even sure how much of it was real.

Because she’d been so young, she suspected that Nana’s memories had become fused with her own. Nana had told her the story of that night countless times, perhaps because it was the last time they’d all been together. Beth’s parents had died in an auto accident only a few days later. “Are you all right?” Distracted by her memories, Beth hadn’t noticed that Logan had reached the porch. The Lucky One PDF Book Download

In the fading light, his features seemed softer than she remembered. “Yeah, I’m fine.” She straightened up and smoothed her blouse. “I was just thinking.” “I have the keys to the truck,” he said, his voice quiet. “I wanted to drop them off before I went home.” “Same thing.” Picking up the glasses, she rose as well. “I’m going to make sure Ben washed up. He tends to forget to do that. See you in a few minutes.”

At the kennel, Thibault filled Zeus’s bowls with water and food, then took a seat on one of the empty cages, waiting. Zeus took his time, drinking a bit, then nibbling at a few bites of his food, peering occasionally over at Thibault as if to ask, Why are you watching me? Thibault said nothing; he knew that any comment would slow Zeus down even more.

Instead, he checked the other kennels even though Elizabeth had said she’d already done so, making sure none of the other dogs were low on water. They weren’t. Nor did they stir much. Good. He turned out the lights in the office and locked the door before returning to the house. Zeus trailed behind him, his nose to the ground. The Lucky One PDF Book Free

At the door, he motioned for Zeus to lie down and stay, then pulled open the screen door. “Hello?” “Come on in. I’m in the kitchen.” Thibault stepped inside and made his way to the kitchen. Elizabeth had put on an apron and was standing at the stove, browning ground beef. On the counter beside her was an open bottle of Michelob Light. “Where’s Ben?”

Thibault asked. “He’s in the shower. He should be down in a couple of minutes.” She added some packaged taco seasoning and water to the beef, then rinsed her hands. After drying them on the front of her apron, she reached for her beer. “Would you like one? I always have a beer on taco night.”

Zeus got up and stared down the drive, his ears twitching. Alert. It took a moment, but Thibault heard the faint sound of a car engine, and in the distance, a broad, dispersed light flashed in the trees before it began to narrow. Someone pulling up the drive. Elizabeth frowned in confusion before a sedan slowly rounded the corner and came toward the house. The Lucky One PDF Book Free

Even though the lights from the porch didn’t illuminate the drive, Thibault recognized the car and sat up straighter. It was either the sheriff or one of his deputies. Elizabeth recognized it as well. “This can’t be good,” she muttered. “What do you think they want?” She stood from her spot on the porch. “It’s not a they. It’s a him. My ex-husband.”

She started down the steps and motioned toward him. “Just wait here. I’ll handle this.” Thibault motioned for Zeus to sit and stay as the car pulled to a stop beside Elizabeth’s car at the far end of the house. Through the bushes, he saw the passenger door open and watched as Ben got out, dragging his backpack behind him. He started toward his mother, keeping his head down.

When the driver’s-side door opened, Deputy Keith Clayton stepped out. Zeus let out a low growl, alert and ready, waiting for Thibault’s command to go after the guy. Elizabeth glanced at Zeus in surprise until Ben stepped into the light. Thibault noticed the absence of Ben’s glasses and the black-and’ blue bruises around Ben’s eye at the same moment Elizabeth did. The Lucky One PDF Book Free

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