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Are you afraid someone saw you pick up this book? You shouldn’t be. Everything in here is backed by science and facts. None of this should be controversial. And yet it is. On some level, you already know this. There is a price for telling the truth about gender, especially in today’s day and age. I’ve paid it; maybe you have, too. Or maybe you are in the early stages of contemplating doing the same.

The End of Gender PDF Book by Debra Soh

Name of Book The End of Gender
PDF Size 1.8 MB
No of Pages 245
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Once you’ve opened your mouth and the words have come out, you can never go back. But you won’t want to. At first, I didn’t think it was going to be this bad. I was so sure the current political climate, including the accompanying science denial, policy changes, mob mentality, shaming, and allegations of hate speech, would only be a temporary thing.

The pendulum could only swing so far in one direction for so long. Certainly it would be swinging back. And so, I waited. I’m still waiting. Instead, this false and unscientific way of thinking continues to spread beyond the silo of academia and education, permeating the mainstream press, medicine, scientific organizations, entertainment, social media, law, and tech.

Click here to Download The End of Gender PDF Book

There are no signs of turning back. It’s not a question of whether you will encounter this ideology in your life, but to what extent and how willing you are to recognize that it’s happening. Before I dive into the nitty-gritty details about the science of gender and how it applies to our lives in the context of so many issues today, I’ll tell you about the thought process that led me here.

From my time as an academic sex researcher to the moment I began putting these words on a page. Few people will tell you that doing a PhD is a good idea, especially if they have one themselves. Graduate school consists of countless long nights and weekends spent working, goalposts constantly shifting, and endless bureaucracy, only to contend with an unpredictable job market upon graduating.

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Most graduates who leave the academy will get a job in industry, one that is relevant to their specialization. Few will start over in a completely unrelated field, like journalism, as I did. My eventual decision to abandon the ivory tower was the result of the political climate shifting in ways I could have never predicted. In an ideal world, scientists wouldn’t worry about the political implications of their work.

Sex research is controversial by nature, and sex researchers are used to contending with interference coming from both sides of the political aisle. But while there is much backlash whenever the political right tries to meddle with sex science, and science more broadly, when the political left starts suppressing science, most people look the other way.

I was very, very feminist. I would get into verbal altercations with strangers on a regular basis—at school, at work, on public transit, you name it—about women’s rights and the subtle ways in which society encouraged our subjugation. I believed gender was a social construct and that biology was inherently oppressive. I would argue with the men in my life about this. The End of Gender PDF Book

Never in a million years did I think I’d one day be advocating publicly for the importance of sex differences. Back then, I would have accused women who say the things I say today of having internalized misogyny. It was only when I began studying sexology that I realized that gender is biologically based, and that the denial of sex differences isn’t necessary for gender equality.

Mainstream feminism has been very effective in spreading its tenets about gender and is now sowing the fruits of its labor. In the name of affording women and girls the same opportunities and rights as boys and men, news stories, educational institutions, and governmental policies have taken to broadcasting a similar message: men and women are, at the core, the same.

And any differences we do see are due to socialization and sexism. Ask any young feminist whether gender is biological or socially constructed and she will proudly and emphatically tell you it is the latter. Men are terrified to say anything that could even be construed as challenging this, or any aspect of feminist doctrine, out of fear of being labeled a Neanderthal—or worse, a misogynist. The End of Gender PDF Book

The myth that gender is a social construct first gained prominence through writing from feminist scholars like Simone de Beauvoir and Judith Butler. In 1949, de Beauvoir proclaimed in her classic text, The Second Sex, that women were not born, but made. Butler echoed this sentiment in her 1990 book. Gender Trouble, with the belief that gender is a performance.

The idea that human beings are blank slates upon which gender roles are inscribed has since become universally accepted, a badge of honor reflecting that a person subscribes to the “right” kind of thought. But it is women who will pay the price for this misinformation, because it makes combating discrimination more difficult when it does rear its ugly head.

If gender is thought to be learned, masculinity will remain the gold standard and femininity will be reduced to aberrations of it. Women will continue to be pressured by society to rid themselves of stereotypically female traits instead of challenging why being a feminine woman is worthy of ridicule. For individuals who are misogynistic, uncovering evidence. The End of Gender PDF Book

That biologically based sex differences exist in the brain will only confirm their biases. They will believe this information was hidden because it upholds their views of women being inferior. Hiding the evidence doesn’t allow us to argue against those sexist beliefs. I went to was the research literature, but there have yet to be any studies critically examining this phenomenon.

For anyone who hasn’t come across this kind of content before, it usually begins with a person introducing themselves with their name, their preferred pronouns, and their chosen identity label, such as “a queer, transmasculine person,” “a non-gendered shape-shifting person,” or “a queer nonbinary trans femme on the spectrum of asexuality,” before getting into the meat-and-bones topic of the video.

What I was looking for was something that threw a wrench into my superficial understanding. In so many videos, nonbinary people referred to those dinosaurs who “don’t understand” (aka me) and I sincerely wanted to know what it is I’ve been missing. When I was younger, I remember arguing with the older generation about gay rights. The End of Gender PDF Book Download

Adamant that my friends deserved the same rights as everyone else, and there was nothing wrong with being gay. Now I find myself on the opposite side of the progressive debate and sometimes I question whether I may be wrong. The way nonbinary people describe their gender is as though it is a mythical creature. The level of specificity that goes into describing.

This aspect of themselves is carefully considered and painstakingly thorough. It is like peering into a tesseract that is glinting in the sun; there are layers upon layers and different luminosities to their gender, each of which changes depending on the day and the particular situation. A common theme I’ve noticed is wanting to rid oneself from societal expectations around gender.

In one video, a genderqueer person explained how identifying this way allowed them to wear spiked hair and dark makeup. Another individual, who identified as nonbinary, said they enjoyed being able to wear whatever they wanted, including differing hemlines of men’s shorts. You might be thinking, isn’t that androgyny? Kind of. In today’s terminology. The End of Gender PDF Book Download

Androgyny refers more to gender expression, like clothing, while nonbinary refers to identity and how a person feels internally. What I can’t understand is why doing any of these things requires changing your gender identity to something completely new. It’s perfectly fine to behave in an atypical way but doing so doesn’t require overturning every last social convention.

The most regressive view is that anyone who enjoys dressing like the opposite sex or who feels as though they are a mix of both male and female must really be another category altogether. In cases where an individual has had a hysterectomy (including removal of their ovaries), their only option is to be taking exogenous estrogen for the rest of their life.

Similarly, for those born male who have had their testes removed, they will need to be on testosterone, and if they were taking estrogen, they will have permanently enlarged breast tissue. In the event that an individual regrets their bottom surgery, it can be reversed, to some extent. For males who transitioned to female and back to male, a phalloplasty can be undertaken to create a new penis. The End of Gender PDF Book Download

But it will require the implantation of a rod to facilitate an erection for intercourse. These procedures are also expensive, ranging in the tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the associated risk for complications that accompanies invasive surgery. Fewer females who have undergone a phalloplasty have requested a reversal surgery, so less is known about them.

Many detransitioners have been traumatized by surgery and doctors, so the last thing they want to do is undergo more surgery. Most just want to resemble their birth sex enough so that they can get by in society without any problems and they can move on with their lives. For those who have had a double mastectomy, insurance won’t cover breast reconstruction.

And most are still paying off the cost of their original surgeries. Even with implants, they may not be able to breastfeed a child. Medical professionals are following direction from activist organizations. They are under the impression that if they don’t offer access to hormones, no matter how young or to what extent psychiatric comorbidity is evident, an individual will commit suicide. The End of Gender PDF Book Download

They do not have any protocols in place to help detransitioners, because they see detransitioning as a problem within the LGBT+ community that should be solved among its members. They are also very likely motivated by fears of being called transphobic, because helping a patient detransition can lead to clinicians losing their license.

With the passing of bills that outlaw any approach that isn’t affirmation, clinicians have told me they are terrified to step outside the lines. For those seeking to detransition, it can be a very isolating experience. One detransitioner I spoke with had to change her entire medical team after realizing that the doctors who helped put her on the path to transition weren’t going to help her go back.

Some detransitioners find solace in attending groups for cancer treatment survivors because they have also had organs removed, as well as groups for those who have experienced traumatic amputations, because they have nowhere else to turn. The rationale for this trend is the mistaken belief that gender-typical traits and interests are taught to children from the moment they are born. The End of Gender PDF Book Free

And unless children are raised in a culture void of gender, they will be boxed into fixed categories, reaching only a fraction of their potential. Boys are assumed to be natural-born leaders, falling prey to their own aggressive inclinations, bottling up their emotions until they explode. Girls face limitations through assumptions about being too emotional, irrational, and not fit for responsibility.

It seems everyone has fallen down the gender-neutral rabbit hole. Children’s Hospital Colorado removed any designation of biological sex from its wristbands in order to be sensitive to the needs of children who identify as the opposite sex or a third gender, stating that this would not affect patient safety. 1 And Planned Parenthood announced that reproductive anatomy is not “male or female.”

With the goal of fighting discrimination against transgender people.2 During Barack Obama’s presidency, the White House hosted a toysorting event in which the president made a point to put sports toys in the “Girls” bin. Sweden opened two gender-neutral preschools, wherein children are referred to using the gender-neutral pronoun “hen,” instead of boys and girls. The End of Gender PDF Book Free

North American parents have similarly taken up the cause, refusing to refer to a “boy” or a “girl,” referring instead to a “child” and another “child.” My home country’s national treasure, Céline Dion, released a gender-neutral clothing line for children. The Brit Awards considered removing male and female artist categories to make room for musicians who identify as nonbinary.

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