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She was going to be late for the Sigma Rho Spring Fling—the last big party before the end-of-year crunch. Studying for finals, capstones and senior projects, stress and more stress, and—for some of them—graduation. The mild April weather was perfect for an outdoor gathering. Candace had led the sorority’s social-events committee with setup, and they’d included heat lamps along the perimeter.

The Sorority Murder PDF Book by Allison Brennan

Name of Book The Sorority Murder
PDF Size  4.7 MB
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The Mountain View dorm—which housed all campus sororities, each with their own wing—was on the northeast corner of campus, adjacent to the football field. The Spring Fling was held on the large lawn that framed the north entrance, where they had the most room. It was open to all students for a five-dollar admission, and was one of the biggest moneymakers for the sorority, more than covering its cost.

Any profit was donated to one of several charities. Candace had fought for—and won— giving the profits to a rescue mission that helped people get back on their feet. She volunteered weekly for Sunrise Center, and it had changed how she viewed herself and her future. She now planned to be a nurse in the inner city.

Click here to Download The Sorority Murder PDF Book

Working for a clinic or public hospital, where people deserved quality health care, even if they were struggling. She even considered specializing in drug and alcohol issues, which were unfortunately prevalent among the homeless community. She used to think of her volunteerism as penance for her failings.

She wasn’t religious but had had enough preaching from her devout grandmother to have absorbed things like guilt, penance, sacrifice. Now, she looked forward to Tuesdays when she gave six hours of her time to those who were far worse off than she. It reminded her to be grateful for what she had, that things could be worse.

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Candace exited through the north doors and stood at the top of the short flight of stairs that led to the main lawn. Though still early in the evening, the party was already hopping. Music played from all corners of the yard, the din of voices and laughter mingling with a popular song. In the dusk, the towering mountains to the north were etched in fading light.

She breathed deeply. She loved everything about Flagstaff. The green mountains filled with pine and juniper. The crisp, fresh air. The sense of community and belonging felt so natural here, something she’d never had growing up in Colorado Springs. With graduation on the horizon, she had been feeling a sense of loss, knowing she was going to miss this special place.

She wasn’t close to her parents, who divorced right before she started high school and still fought as much as they did when they were married. She desperately missed her younger sister, Chrissy, a freshman at the University of South Carolina. She’d wanted Chrissy to come here for college, but Chrissy was a champion swimmer and had received a full scholarship to study practically a world away. The Sorority Murder PDF Book

Candace had no plans to return to Colorado Springs, but she didn’t know if she wanted to follow her sister to the East Coast or head down to Phoenix where they had some of the best job opportunities for what she wanted to do. Regan was grateful that her childhood home in Flagstaff, west of the city limits off Naval Observatory Road, hadn’t changed much over the years.

The wide, eastern-facing covered porch where beautiful sunrises could be viewed; the clearing to the south where her dad and older brother had put in a brick barbecue and firepit, where they’d had more family-and-friend gatherings than she could count. It looked unused—remnants of her youth, because her dad lived alone.

The house had been in her family since her grandfather built a two-room A-frame with a loft more than seventy years ago. He’d added on, each room a testament to his attention to detail and carpentry skills he’d inherited from his own father. It was a good house, a mostly happy house. Built largely from pine and stone that had been locally harvested. The Sorority Murder PDF Book

The house had grown over the years, and shortly after she was born, the second of four kids, her grandfather gave it to her father. “You have a growing family. You need the roots.” When her grandfather wasn’t working—he worked near every day until he died—he lived in the small two-room apartment above the barn. He died when Regan was ten, and she still missed his ornery wisdom.

And now, home was a refuge as she tried to figure out what to do with the rest of her life. Regan had seen every facet of human life and death during her years as a marshal, but one thing surprised her: even when people had an awful childhood—even when their parents were physically or emotionally abusive —they almost always went home when they hit bottom.

Four out of five times, they showed up exactly where Regan expected, and she took them into custody. Usually without incident. Sometimes in a body bag. She’d had a comfortable childhood. Parents who sometimes argued but who’d loved each other. Siblings who got along. They weren’t rich, but they never wanted for anything. The Sorority Murder PDF Book

Her dad was a deputy, then became sheriff; her mother was a nurse. They were comfortable, not fancy. The tragedy of her mother’s cancer when Regan was in high school had left a sorrowful mark on an otherwise idyllic, middle-class upbringing. If anything, her family name demanded community service. No sitting around binge-watching TV.

If you slept past six, you had better be sick. Chores were done without expectation of an allowance. Regan grew up believing—still believed—that you did what was necessary in the house because you were part of the family. Lucas picked up the file that held a copy of Candace’s autopsy and handed it to Regan. He’d compiled the file when he interned at the medical examiner’s office over the summer.

He shouldn’t have made copies, but was relieved that Regan hadn’t questioned him about it. She read the report, flipped through to his notes about the water found in Candace’s lungs and his analysis that it couldn’t have come from Hope Springs. Then she looked at the police report. A lot had been redacted, such as the names of witnesses who had been interviewed. The Sorority Murder PDF Book

He’d received the report through FOIA, but because it was an open case they wouldn’t share everything. Antsy, Lucas sat on his chair. “Um, do you want anything? Water? Coke?” “No, thank you.” Regan read through the witness statements. Though the names were redacted, he’d written who he thought they were.

Tyler Diaz, Candace’s longtime boyfriend from campus, hadn’t been at the party, and he hadn’t seen her since the Wednesday before. Richie Traverton said she had come into McCarthy’s the Sunday before the party when he was working and she had stayed until closing. They talked, and he drove her back to campus then went home.

That was the last he’d seen her, he said. She’d called him on Friday night after the party at 12:27 a.m. and left a message that she wanted to talk, but he was working, and when he called her back at two, she didn’t answer. The calls were confirmed by both her phone records and Richie’s. In fact, Lucas had a copy of Candace’s phone records, thanks to her sister. The Sorority Murder PDF Book Download

Chrissy Swain had all her sister’s passwords, which had also helped him confirm that Candace hadn’t been on social media after the Friday-night party, nor did she use her phone after leaving a message for Richie. That’s why Lucas thought she might have had a second phone—maybe a burner that was never found.

Knowing now from a caller that Candace might have been seen on that Sunday after the party, her whereabouts Saturday didn’t seem to be as important, Lucas thought. She’d been angry, maybe decided to leave campus, get away for the weekend, and come back on Sunday night. Then she left her car in the parking garage and disappeared.

The only thing in the autopsy report that stood out to him, besides the water in her lungs, was that her stomach was empty and that she had probably eaten approximately eight hours before she was killed. Which would mean a late lunch or early dinner. Where did she eat? With whom? The Sorority Murder PDF Book Download

“Lucas Vega’s podcast, of course. I listened last night and was surprised that you agreed to talk to that student. I want to share with you how his project is affecting the girls here at Sigma Rho and my growing frustration with Lucas. I won’t take much of your time.” “I’m happy to meet.” She wanted to talk to Taylor first. “Later this afternoon?”

“I’m an associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and am done with class at four this afternoon. Can you do four thirty, my office? I’ll text you the location. Or I can meet you somewhere else if you like.” “Your office is fine,” she said. “I’ll see you then.” That was fortuitous. She wanted to talk to the sorority advisor, and now she had an appointment.

Rachel Wagner’s assessment of these girls would be helpful. According to the notes that Regan had reviewed last night at Lucas’s place, Rachel had taken over as faculty advisor the fall before Candace’s murder. Regan hoped she could convince Rachel to encourage the girls to call in to the podcast, especially those who had known Candace, but she would approach the subject carefully. The Sorority Murder PDF Book Download

She understood the need to protect the sorority, but she would not tolerate protecting it over bringing Candace’s killer to justice. I always thought loyalty was the most important thing among friends. Loyalty is why I joined a sorority. It’s what most appealed to me: a sisterhood when I couldn’t be with my real sister. I missed Chrissy. My high-school friends, too, but mostly Chrissy.

With the sorority, I could have what felt like family. Friends who had my back. Friends who believed in me like I believed in them. But what happens when loyalty turns dark? When your sisters demand allegiance even in the face of evil? Because what we did was evil. I didn’t think so at the time… Fuck, who am I lying to? It’s just me with pen and paper.

I can’t even write down what we did, I am so ashamed. I knew it was wrong, and I did it anyway. Evil… I never thought I was evil. I tell myself I would never do it again, that I am better than that. But I’m not better if I ignore the past, pretend it wasn’t wrong, pretend that I learned from my mistakes. I have told myself for nearly three years that if I told anyone what really happened, I’d sacrifice my future. For what? The Sorority Murder PDF Book Free

No one knew…no one would ever know. It’s a secret we swore to keep. It wasn’t like it was on purpose. It was an accident… Yet, I made a conscious decision to erase a human being from the face of the earth. That was a choice I made. The wrong choice. I can so easily pass blame, and I did for a long time. I blamed everyone else, except me.

We panicked. Every one of us. But there’s only one person to blame for my own silence, and that’s me. If I had stood up then, would I be in so much pain now? I don’t know. Maybe I will always suffer, remembering the choices we made. The choice I made. I’ve been listening to your podcast with both fear and trepidation. I knew Candace Swain. I was a year ahead of her.

We were friends, and I knew that she was wrestling with something very deep and dark. Maybe you’ll expose the truth. I hope you do. But you have to be careful. I fear the truth killed Candace. I was at Sigma Rho’s spring party that night when Candace and Taylor James were arguing. Only a few people overheard them and would know for sure what they were arguing about. The Sorority Murder PDF Book Free

Their fight didn’t last long—maybe five minutes? Ten tops. Then Candace left the party. But they weren’t the only two people in that heated discussion. Another sister, Kimberly Foster, an alum, was there, trying to mediate and keep them quiet. Kim would know exactly what Candace and Taylor were arguing about. I have no idea if the police ever talked to Kim or what she might have said to them if they did.

I am too scared to come forward because I can’t prove anything. I will not call in to your podcast because someone might recognize my voice. I’ve gone back and forth about even contacting you this way. Sometimes it’s not as easy as it might seem to know what to do or even what’s right or wrong. Honestly, I’m scared. Because the person who killed Candace is still out there. But mostly, I want justice for my friend. I want the truth to come out. I hope this helps.

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