Your Destination has Arrived PDF Book by Barry Cheema


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Utterly disappointed and visibly lost, Bruno sat on the stairs of a plaza on a busy street in New York. It was a pleasant, sunny October afternoon and the whole street was lled with unending euphoria. Music from a nearby Hard Rock Café added to the fervor of the youthful crowd.

Your Destination has Arrived PDF Book by Barry Cheema

Name of Book Your Destination has Arrived
PDF Size  6.2 MB
No of Pages 309
Language English
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A street dancer, wearing a Halloween sweatshirt, displayed his hip-hop dance moves to an electrifying applause while a few tourists tried to capture the vivacity of this enchanting city on their handycams. Dozens of screens dazzled with various visuals and a group of alluring, young girls laughed loudly nearby. But all these enticing attractions didn’t win even a single glance from Bruno.

With his head hung in dismay and his hands between his legs, he stayed frozen, totally disconnected from his surroundings. It seemed that an intricate web of thoughts and emotions had entangled and overcame him severely. Suddenly, a close friend, Megan, happened to be passing by and spotted him. Sensing a crisis, she excused herself from her friend and occupied the space next to Bruno.

Click here to Download Your Destination has Arrived PDF Book

She had heard a lot about how Bruno’s behavior had suddenly changed and become weird. But she never had the chance to meet him as he had stopped answering her calls. Unfortunately, like all the other attractions on that fascinating street, Megan couldn’t engage Bruno’s attention.

After numerous failed attempts to make him speak, Megan nally held his arm and pulled him to a nearby café where they could comfortably sit and talk. “In Hassan, he found the perfect soil to sow the seeds of hatred and animosity against all other religions except Islam. He made use of Hassan’s repressed emotions and energy by diverting it toward Jihad— the holy war in the name of God.

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After a few weeks of hypnotic brainwashing, Hassan nally agreed to give away his life in the name of Jihad and further, started getting secret training for this. After a few months of rigorous training at Abu Jwahiri’s countryside ranch, Hassan was ready for his rst attack. He planted a bomb two months ago in Manhattan, which claimed 30 innocent American lives.

The whole incident was masterminded by Abu Jwahiri.” The Godly Girl gulped as kids generally do after speaking continuously . “Now talking about the recent one, well this was his second attack which had a target of at least 40 to 50 innocent lives. Abu Jwahiri promised Hassan that the more non-Islamic people he killed, the higher his chances of getting a place in heaven.

Abu Jwahiri had given him imaginary ideas about heaven by making him believe that heaven was different from the evil world. He lured him with the false notion that all good and Islamic people, like Hassan, can enter heaven and he would get the love and respect of not one but countless girls there.” She sighed and held her head, looking completely fed up. Your Destination has Arrived PDF Book

“Ahhh… these jihadis keep coming to our door with this hope. You have no idea how my immigration department has to deal with them.” “Immigration department?” With Bruno’s question, the lights were turned on. They both got up and started to walk out. “Yes, you heard right,” she hissed.

“Jihadi priests sometimes even give them authority letters with a conrmed reservation in heaven, which they consider a conrmed entry to heaven. These priests tell them to use this letter when entering heaven. The ignorant jihadis argue for a long time and we have a really hard time convincing them that these letters hold no validity here. I feel sorry for them.”

The next day, Bruno decided not to let this take control of him and tried to kick-start his day with the same enthusiasm he used to have. He pulled on his socks and went for a long and rigorous run. After that, he did a few push-ups and had a cold shower before he felt somewhat better. But it was not for long. A dense fog of unprovoked anger started to engulf him again. Your Destination has Arrived PDF Book

He couldn’t understand where this anger was coming from. When Bruno arrived at college, he surprised everybody again. But this time, it wasn’t in a pleasant way. His acquaintances from college, who had become good friends with him, couldn’t understand what had happened. Their cheerful, affectionate and warm-hearted friend looked very frosty and sluggish.

It was like their close friend had fallen back into the abyss from which he had gloriously arisen. He didn’t talk to anybody and sat alone in the college cafeteria, the place he used to love the most. Today, things had changed. Now even the noise of students talking to each other tormented him. Suddenly, he saw Randy enter the canteen with his gang and occupy a table.

Their rowdy laughter and unruly behavior made his blood boil. The previous day’s events started playing in the back of his mind like a movie. It seemed like he would explode, thanks to the expanding fury and anger inside him. His eyes became red, his jaw clenched and a strange madness took over his mind. Bruno shot out of his seat and pounced on Randy. Your Destination has Arrived PDF Book

Before anybody could understand what was happening, Randy was lying on the oor and Bruno sat on his chest. He mercilessly hurled punches at Randy at such a speed that it was impossible for Randy to ward off his blows. Apprehensive of what might happen to them, Randy’s gang members ran away, terried. Everybody was traumatized by the gut-wrenching and brutal scene in front of their eyes.

Bruno did not seem to be in the mood to stop. Randy kept screaming like a pig and pleading for help. At last, before it was too late, Bruno’s friends gathered their courage and stepped in to control him. After great effort and a long struggle, they brought him under control, leaving the howling Randy in intense pain.

Russell was already quite unsocial but the loss of Bruno had shaken him terribly and made him more so. Soaked in his pleasant memories, Bruno continued to stare at Russell, cocking his head. ‘Hey, buddy! Why are you so sad! Look, here I am!’ For a moment, his mouth twisted and his heart ached to say it all to Russell but he held back. Bruno knew Russell was very impulsive. Your Destination has Arrived PDF Book

Before listening to Bruno’s story, he would pump all his bullets into Bruno’s head. A doctor came in and asked Bruno to give them some privacy as he was about to give Russell some medication. With a heavy heart, Bruno got up and said goodbye to Russell. His eyes fell on Russell’s wallet, which lay on the table. It had a credit card in it.

As the others were busy, he stole the credit card and left. Once he left the hospital, he visited a travel agent and got his ticket to India booked. He withdrew some cash from an ATM as well. All this wasn’t difficult for Bruno as he knew Russell’s PIN. Not only did he know his credit card pin but he also knew his email.

Facebook and Twitter passwords, thanks to Russell’s day long, unending and repetitive conversations. Bruno was set to leave for Rishikesh. All the family members had gathered to see him off with the same affection in their eyes, wishing Bruno would stay longer. He thought about how loving these people were. He said goodbye to everybody personally, squeezing their hands. Your Destination has Arrived PDF Book Download

He thanked them for their love and care. Then came Sparrow’s turn. He got down on his knees. “So you are leaving me? You’re all the same!” Hugging her teddy and sitting in her wheelchair, Sparrow gazed innocently at Bruno. “I am sorry. You deserve somebody better.” Bruno said with downcast eyes and a desolate face. “Don’t be sad.”

Sparrow placed her little hands under Bruno’s chin and lifted his face. “I have something for you.” Sparrow pulled out a bundle of papers that looked like American dollars from her pink bag and put it in Bruno’s left hand . “These are a few dollars. It’s all I have. It will save you in difficult times.” Filled with curiosity, Bruno looked at the bundle closely.

They were not real dollars but were toy currency. This gesture of innocence and pure love brought tears to Bruno’s eyes. Seeing his tears, she hugged him tight. As Bruno hugged her back, something happened in him. He found it was therapeutic. He wondered if it was all he needed in life. “It was a pleasure to have you here,” Mr. Gill said in his usual tough voice as Bruno shook hands with him. Your Destination has Arrived PDF Book Download

Bruno had nothing to say as he was overwhelmed with emotion. He just smiled back and got into the car’s backseat. He eagerly rolled down the window, which clearly expressed his pain of being parted from this family. The car moved and they all waved goodbye. His hand kept waving till his eyes could no longer see them.

He closed his eyes and propped his head against the back of his seat. He couldn’t raise his head or open his eyes for some time as he was emotionally drained. More than a week had passed and Bruno had earnestly done everything Satya Maharishi told him to do. But with the passing days, the little peace he had attained was converted into his old emotional and psychological distress.

He could see clouds of despair and despondency stretching across the horizon of his destiny. He tried his best to meditate and control his mind but it was all in vain. Each time he tried to do so, it became more and more difficult for him to meditate. Finally, when he found himself standing in the same spot that he had left, he gathered the courage to have a word with Satya Maharishi about it. Your Destination has Arrived PDF Book Download

“Good thoughts are the mark of a saint and bad thoughts of a demon.” Satya Maharishi was delivering a discourse in the garden. “Your life is useless until you have puried your mind and body. So in two days is Mahayagya (Yajna). Mahayagya is not just the burning of some kitchen ingredients in the re but is for the purication of your mind, soul and surroundings as well.

It’s purely scientic and spiritual as well. Perform it with full devotion. Hari Om.” After the discourse, as Satya Maharishi was feeding his pet animals near his hut, Bruno gathered some courage and approached him. “Maharishi ji, it’s not working.” Quite reluctantly, he started the conversation. “What’s not working?” mumbled Satya Maharishi politely, still busy feeding his animals.

“The meditation. Each time I sit and try to meditate, my anxiety escalates. It’s as if thousands of thoughts and a volcano of emotions are waiting to bust inside me. The more I try, the more I fail. I can’t bear this. Please help me.” “Our Rishis did Tapsya for years; they never bothered about their aching bodies or suffering minds.” He kneeled down to cuddle a deer. Your Destination has Arrived PDF Book Free

“They never gave up and ran away and that’s why we call them Rishi— one who has conquered himself, one who is enlightened. It’s your choice what you make out of yourself.” Satya Maharishi stood up and glanced at Bruno, who looked gravely shattered. Pinky Singh opened a tightly sealed bag of prepared clay as the clay he had prepared that day couldn’t be used instantly.

He sat down in front of the wheel, like a devotee in a temple does when he is about to offer his prayers. With the help of a stick, he kick-started the wheel’s rotation. With great nesse, he picked up the clay material and threw it in the center of the wheel. His throw was a perfect blend of force and delicacy. He started shaping the clay with his artistic ngers.

The movement of his ngers and hands are so subtle and procient that his whole body, including his shoulders, elbows, neck and even his eyes, were deeply involved in it. His profound breathing and his throbbing body were similar to that of a lover hugging his beloved with great passion. Bruno was amazed to watch this incredible scene. He had never seen anybody so absorbed in routine work. Your Destination has Arrived PDF Book Free

Even Satya Maharishi, while doing yagya, yoga or meditation, didn’t even have a fraction of the passion that Pinky Singh relished. He was stunned to realize how an ordinary thing like pottery could also be done with so much avidity. Through the air of Pinky Singh’s ngers, the pot kept evolving into various, interesting shapes. But an acute confusion gripped Bruno and Kumar as the pot acquired its nal shape.

To them, on the one hand, the pot looked bizarre and was at the limit of being incomprehensible. But on the other hand, the same pot had a strange, fascinating magnetism to it. It appeared as if earthiness and elegance were rubbing their shoulders together. The pot was ordinarily life-like and exquisitely poetic.

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