Act like a Lady Think like a Man PDF Book by Steve Harvey


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My humor is always rooted in truth and full of wisdom—the kind that comes from living, watching, learning, and knowing. I’m told my jokes strike chords with people because they can relate to them, especially the ones that explore the dynamics of relationships between men and women.

Act like a Lady Think like a Man PDF Book by Steve Harvey

Name of Book Act like a Lady Think like a Man
Author Steve Harvey
PDF Size 2.2 MB
No of Pages 242
Language  English
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It never ceases to amaze me how much people talk about relationships, think about them, read about them, ask about them— even get in them without a clue how to move them forward. For sure, if there’s anything I’ve discovered during my journey here on God’s earth, it’s this: (a) too many women are clueless about men, (b) men get away with a whole lot of stuff in rela

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MEN AND RELATIONSHIPS IS RIGHT HERE tionships because women have never understood how men think, and (c) I’ve got some valuable information to change all of that. I discovered this when my career transitioned to radio with the Steve Harvey Morning Show.

Click here to Download Act like a Lady Think like a Man PDF Book

Back when my show was based in Los Angeles, I created a segment called “Ask Steve,” during which women could call in and ask anything they wanted to about relationships. Anything. At the very least, I thought “Ask Steve” would lead to some good comedy, and at first, that’s pretty much what it was all about for me—getting to the jokes.

But it didn’t take me long to realize that what my listeners, mostly women, were going through wasn’t really a laughing matter. They had dozens of categories of needs and concerns in their lives that they were trying to get a handle on—dating, commitment, security, family baggage, hopes for tomorrow, spirituality, in-law drama, body image, aging, friendships, children, work/home balance, education.

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You name the topic, somebody asked me about it. And heading up the list of topics women wanted to talk about was—you guessed it—men. My female listeners really wanted answers—answers to how to get out of a relationship what they’re putting into it. On those “Ask Steve” segments, and later, through the “Strawberry Letters” segment.

I do on the current incarnation of the Steve Harvey Morning Show, women have made clear that they want an even exchange with men: they want their love to be reciprocated in the same way they give it. when you go to church!” I internalized the message—if I got a fresh haircut and I put on a nice suit, my mother would compliment me.

And I would walk out of the house with my shoulders squared and head held high because my mother said I looked good and she was encouraging me to be presentable. And my father’s chest was out as far as mine because every Sunday, she reminded him that he made it all possible; she kissed and thanked him every Sunday. Act like a Lady Think like a Man PDF Book

A man needs that from his woman—he needs her to say, “Baby, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you do for me and the kids.” Those simple words give us the strength to keep on doing right by you and the family. From working harder on the job, to bringing home that paycheck, to something as simple as throwing some meat on the grill on Saturday evenings or folding up a load of the laundry.

We’ll do it more often if there is reward in it. That reward doesn’t cost you one red penny. It simply comes from the heart: Thank you, baby. I appreciate you. You don’t know how important that is for your man; that little bit of encouragement makes him want to do more. You think because we’re hard and we don’t want to cuddle that we don’t need that encouragement, but we do.

And the woman who comes along and says, “You so big and strong and you’re everything I need,” well, we’re going to go get some more of that! You can play your man short if you want to. No matter how much a man loves his wife, his family, his house, his role as the man of the house, the one who’s bringing in all the money into family account, maybe even putting a little extra into yours. Act like a Lady Think like a Man PDF Book

If you mess around and start shelling out the cookie in crumbs, it’s going to be a problem. Speaking of my own experience, I recently turned fifty and I’m telling you right now, don’t play me short in this area. At my age, I’ll work with you for a little longer, because I’m busy, I got a company to run, I got a schedule to keep, I’m on the road, on the stage, on the radio.

Writing books, acting, supporting my own charity and working with others. I’m on the run. And at my age, I can’t afford to mess up—mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Hell is no longer an option for me. I’m doing what I can to get to the Gate, and it could be any day now. If I start messing around, I might have a stroke and miss out on my homegoing.

But the truth is, if I can’t go home and relieve my stress, there is a problem. If I’ve talked to the Lord and tried to get you motivated to give me some of the cookie and you’re still coming up with reasons why you just can’t be intimate with me, something is going to change. And I’m ready to bet things aren’t so different in your household. Act like a Lady Think like a Man PDF Book

My father-in-law sat there and stared at him for a minute, satisfied, finally, that he’d gotten to the bottom of it. He tasted blood. “Okay, then—cool,” my father-in-law said quietly. “Let’s share that with her, that you’re just ‘kicking it.’ Let’s see how she feels being the kicked one. Let’s take that back to her.”

She looked so crazy when, a few minutes later, we let her know about her man’s plans—that they’re just “kicking it.” Because she knows from our constant talks and updates and sessions about men that when it comes to relationships, you’re either being kicked or you’re potential long-term material. It can’t be both.

Clearly, he had a plan that was different from what she wanted. Luckily my daughter had her granddad and me to help her decipher her man’s plan. But not every woman has a father figure around to hip her to the game. Now, when that man comes smiling all up in your face and talking like he’s really into you, act like you know. Act like a Lady Think like a Man PDF Book Download

Because now, you do: he wants to sleep with you. What’s your price? If you let him know up front, he will let you know up front if it’s too high a price for him to pay. And then you can move on. We give our opinions on the situation, and some sound suggestions for how they can get out of the mess they’re in with the hope that the advice we’re passing on helps not only the person who wrote us.

But the legions of fans also looking for answers. A lot of the “Strawberry Letters” touch me, but one that stood out to me recently was from a woman who wrote an attention getter in the subject line: Did I Marry a Man or a Boy? She went on to say that she’s a thirty-five-year-old woman who is married to a thirty-year-old man she’d dated for ten years before they got married about six months ago.

She claimed that although their relationship is great, his “controlling” mother is driving her crazy. Here’s some of what she wrote: She controls my husband like he is a little child. She calls on him to do everything. She calls my house late at night and I can hear her through the phone, screaming at him about something that she may not have agreed on. Act like a Lady Think like a Man PDF Book Download

She calls on him for money, to paint her house, to pick her up from the movies, to cook for special occasions, and even wash her clothes. What prompted me to write this letter is the fact that it is now 10:42 P.M., and I am home alone because my husband was just called by his mother to come to her house to help bake cakes for a fund-raiser tomorrow.

Those same women will toss up more motives than a DA to explain why their man proudly answers to the mama’s boy title: his mother refuses to cut the umbilical cord and let him be a man; his mother doesn’t think there’s a woman alive good enough for him; his mother has something against his significant other.

He doesn’t want to grow up; he jumps through hoops for his mother because she spoils him rotten and takes care of his every need. We’ve heard them all. To “Did I Marry a Man or a Boy?” and all the other women in relationships with mama’s boys, I say: stop coming up with excuses, and recognize that he’s a mama’s boy because you let him be one. Act like a Lady Think like a Man PDF Book Download

Yes, I said it: It’s. Your. Fault. Let me tell you why a man will get up out of a warm bed with a beautiful naked woman in it, pull on his clothes, grab his keys, and get in his car at 10:42 P.M., with his children and woman in the house alone, to drive all the way across town to bake cakes doggone near the middle of the night for his mother’s bake sale.

Because his mother has set requirements and standards for that man, and his woman has not. Look, I already told you how this works: a man who loves you will be the man you need him to be if you have requirements—standards you set to make the relationship work the way you want it to.

No matter how good or sensible the reasons are, men know that women will never hear one and say, “Oh! Now I get it!” There are neither words big enough nor experts with enough credentials and letters behind their name to slice it and dice it up in a way that’s palatable for most women; inevitably, responses to this million-dollar question are always going to sound like ten-dollar answers. Act like a Lady Think like a Man PDF Book Free

And who could argue with that? For (most) women, after all, cheating is unthinkable and (at first blush) unforgivable—you don’t and can’t comprehend why a man would be unfaithful, and you won’t ever pretend to. “When I get my money right, I’ll think about commitment,” or, “I just need to get that promotion first, then I’ll settle down.”

That guy is still trying to complete himself, and while he’s working toward that, he’s not organizing his life to include a committed relationship. He tells himself he simply doesn’t have time for it—it’s simply not a priority for him. And so creep he will. The same can be true, even, of a man who is married with children.

The man who is mature and has figured out who he is and is happy with what he does and how much he makes probably has his life ordered up correctly; he’s become the man he envisioned himself being and has put his priorities in this order: God, family, education, business, and then everything else. Act like a Lady Think like a Man PDF Book Free

But if family isn’t second, it’s about to be a problem; he’s going to dedicate himself to whatever his priorities are, in the order in which he’s put them. Even if he’s already said, “I do,” and held his babies in his arms and done everything a man’s supposed to do to protect and provide for them, if he’s decided that it’s more important to him to fulfill that hunting jones.

Then that’s going to be the priority for him—he’s not going to sync up with your demand that he be faithful. He’s not going to rub it in your face, and he’s going to do everything he can to preserve what he has with you, but he’s still going to have a little something on the side. Really, it’s got nothing to do with you.

I have a friend who’s successful, has plenty of money, a beautiful family—the ideal life. And one evening while we were sitting around with a few of our friends shooting the breeze about how satisfied we are with our stations in life, my boy announced with a slick grin, “I love my wife, man, but I got this cold one on the side.” Act like a Lady Think like a Man PDF Book Free

In other words, what’s back at the house has become hohum—routine. And this man is missing the spark that used to be there. You’ve changed. (He knows he’s changed, too, but we’re not talking about him, we’re talking about you.) Perhaps that comes, too, with a feeling that you don’t appreciate him like you used to.

The thank-yous come less frequently, there’s a lot of arguing going on—turmoil seems to get up with you in the morning and cuddle up with the two of you at night. And your home just isn’t feeling like what he signed up for. And if he can’t get what he signed up for back at the house, he’s more likely to go out and find it somewhere else, because guess what? He knows he can always go find it somewhere else, particularly since. . .