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Your brain is designed for survival, which explains why you’re able to read this book at this very moment. When you think about it, the probability of you being born was extremely low. For this miracle to happen, all the generations before you had to survive long enough to procreate. In their quest for survival and procreation, they must have faced death hundreds or perhaps thousands of times.

Master Your Emotions PDF Book by Thibaut Meurisse

Name of Book Master Your Emotions
Author Thibaut Meurisse
PDF Size 1.2 MB
No of Pages 234
Language  English
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About Book – Master Your Emotions PDF Book

Fortunately, unlike your ancestors, you’re (probably) not facing death every day. In fact, in many parts of the world, life has never been safer. Yet, your survival mechanism hasn’t changed much. Your brain still scans your environment looking for potential threats. In many ways, some parts of your brain have become obsolete.

While you may not be seconds away from being eaten by a predator, your brain still gives significantly more weight to negative events than to positive ones. Fear of rejection is one example of a bias toward negativity. In the past, being rejected from your tribe would reduce your chances of survival significantly.

Click here to Download Master Your Emotions PDF Book

Therefore, you learned to look for any sign of rejection, and this became hardwired in your brain. Nowadays, being rejected often carries little or no consequence to your long-term survival. You could be hated by the entire world and still have a job, a roof and plenty of food on the table, yet, your brain is still programmed to perceive rejection as a threat to your survival.

This is why rejection can be so painful. While you know most rejections are no big deal, you nevertheless feel the emotional pain. If you listen to your mind, you may even create a whole drama around it. You may believe you aren’t worthy of love and dwell on a rejection for days or weeks. Worse still, you may become depressed as a result of this rejection.

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In fact, one single criticism can often outweigh hundreds of positive ones. That’s why, an author with fifty 5-star reviews, is likely to feel terrible when they receive a single 1-star review. While the author understands the 1-star review isn’t a threat to her survival, her authorial brain doesn’t. It likely interprets the negative review as a threat to her ego which triggers an emotional reaction.

The fear of rejection can also lead you to over-dramatize events. If your boss criticized you at work, your brain may see the event as a threat and you now think, “What if I’m fired? What if I can’t find a job quickly enough and my wife leaves me? What about my kids? What if I can’t see them again?”

While you are fortunate to have such an effective survival mechanism, it is also your responsibility to separate real threats from imaginary ones. If you don’t, you’ll experience unnecessary pain and worry that will negatively impact the quality of your life. Your survival mechanism is not the only factor affecting your emotions. Your ego also plays a major role in shaping the way you feel. Master Your Emotions PDF Book

Thus, to gain more control over your emotions, it is fundamental you understand what your ego is and how it works. Now, let’s clarify what we mean by ego. We often say of someone he has a “big ego” referring to the ego as something close to pride. While pride is certainly a manifestation of ego, that’s only one part of it.

You may show no pride and appear humble while still being controlled by your ego. So, what is the ego? The ego refers to the self-identity you’ve constructed throughout your life. How was this identity created? Put simply, the ego was created through your thoughts and, as a mind-created identity, has no concrete reality.

Events that happen to you bear no meaning in themselves. You give them meaning only through your interpretation of those events. Additionally, you accept things about yourself because people told you to do so. What’s more, you identify with your name, your age, your religion, your political belief, or your occupation in a similar way. Master Your Emotions PDF Book

This attachment has consequences. As we’ll see later in this book, attachment creates beliefs, and these beliefs lead you to experience certain emotions. For instance, you may become offended when people criticize your religion or attack your political principles. Emotions can be tricky. In this section, we’ll discuss in depth how they work.

By understanding the mechanism behind emotions, you’ll be able to manage them more effectively as they arise. The first thing to understand is that emotions come and go. One moment you feel happy, the next you feel sad. While you do have some control over your emotions, you must also recognize their unpredictable nature.

If you expect to be happy all the time, you set yourself up for failure. You then risk blaming yourself when you ‘fail’ to be happy, or even worse, beat yourself up for it. To start taking control of your emotions you must accept they are transient. You must learn to let them pass without feeling the need to identify strongly with them. Master Your Emotions PDF Book

You must allow yourself to feel sad without adding commentaries such as, “I shouldn’t be sad,” or “What’s wrong with me?” Instead, you must allow reality to just be. No matter how mentally tough you are, you’ll still experience sadness, grief or depression in your life— hopefully not at the same time, and not continually.

At times, you’ll feel disappointed, betrayed, insecure, resentful or ashamed. You’ll doubt yourself and doubt your ability to be the person you want to be. But that’s okay because emotions come, but, more importantly, they go. Your negative emotions are not bad or useless. You may blame yourself for experiencing negative emotions or, perhaps, you see yourself as mentally weak.

You may even believe something is wrong with you. However, despite what your inner voice may say, your emotions aren’t bad. Emotions are simply emotions. Nothing more. As such, being depressed doesn’t make you less of a person than you were three weeks ago when you were happy. Master Your Emotions PDF Book Download

Feeling sad now doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to laugh again. Remember this: the way you interpret emotions, as well as the blame game you engage in, creates suffering, not the emotions themselves. In fact, negative emotions can actually be helpful. Sometimes, you need to touch rock-bottom before you can reach the top.

Even the toughest people on earth become depressed. Elon Musk never imagined he would have a mental breakdown, but he did and he bounced back. After losing his fiancée, Abraham Lincoln was depressed for months. This tragic event didn’t prevent him from becoming president of the United States.

Negative emotions often serve a purpose. They may serve as a wakeup call. They may help you learn something positive about yourself. Of course, when you’re under their spell, it may be difficult to look at the bright side of things, but in hindsight, you may realize emotions—even sad ones—had their role to play in your ultimate success. Master Your Emotions PDF Book Download

Your tendency to identify with negative thoughts repeatedly is what allows them to grow stronger. The more you focus on your financial challenges, the easier it will be for related thoughts to arise in the future. The more you replay the argument with your friend in your head, the stronger the feelings of resentment will grow.

Similarly, as you keep thinking of the mistake you made at work, you invite feelings of shame and intensify the situation. The point is, when you give thoughts room to exist, they spread and become major points of focus. This simple process of identification allows seemingly inoffensive thoughts to take control of your mind.

This identification with your thoughts, and more importantly, how you choose to interpret them, creates suffering in your life. Now, let’s see in more detail how your emotions are formed. This will help you better deal with negative emotions while allowing positive emotions to grow. As we’ve seen, interpretation, identification and repetition can lead to the creation of strong emotions. Master Your Emotions PDF Book Download

In this section, we’ll see what you can do to start letting go of emotions that aren’t helping you achieve the life you want. Emotions are energy in motion, but what happens when you prevent the energy from moving? It accumulates. When you repress your emotions, you interrupt the natural flow of energy.

Sadly, nobody taught you how to deal with your emotions or even that both, positive and negative emotions, are a natural phenomenon. Instead, they told you that your negative emotions should be repressed because they are bad. As a result, you may have been repressing your emotions for years.

By doing so, you let them sink deeper into your subconscious, allowing them to become part of your identity. They have often become patterns you may be unaware of. For instance, perhaps, you feel you aren’t good enough. Or maybe you experience guilt on a regular basis. These are the results of core beliefs you developed over time by repressing your emotions. Master Your Emotions PDF Book Free

Most of us have too much emotional baggage and need to learn to let go of it. We need to declutter our subconscious and get rid of the negative emotions preventing us from enjoying life to the fullest. The fact is, your subconscious is already programmed to help you deal with life.

Your subconscious ensures you don’t accidentally forget to breath, keeps your heart beating and regulates your body temperature among millions of other things. It doesn’t need additional beliefs to function well. Neither does it need to ‘store’ emotions. If you’re like most people, you spend the majority of your time living in your head.

As a result, you’re largely out of touch with your emotions. To start letting go of your emotions, you must first become aware of them by becoming more in touch with your body and the way you feel. Below are a few simple steps you can take to start letting go of your emotions. Emotions come and go and, ultimately, can’t define you. Master Your Emotions PDF Book Free

But it doesn’t mean they don’t have a role to play. They can foster your personal growth by reminding you of what you already know: you need to make changes in your life. The more you ignore your emotions, the louder they will become. It starts with a small voice, a gut feeling or an intuitive knowledge. As you dismiss this sign, it gets louder.

Keep ignoring your emotions, and your body will begin to talk in the same way as you experience physical pain. For instance, let’s say you feel an emotion you identify as ‘stress.’ This tells you to make changes in your life. It could involve moving away from a stressful situation, improving the situation, or changing how you interpret it.

One thing is sure, you need to do something about it. If you keep ignoring stress or the stressor, it may result in severe health issues. The bottom line is, your emotions send you a message. In the same way that physical pain tells you something is wrong with your body, emotional suffering tells you something is wrong with your mind. Master Your Emotions PDF Book Free

The only thing you wanted is for the pain to go away. This is because you are the most important person in the world. Since you must live with yourself 24/7, it is normal to be concerned about your own mental and physical well-being. You have to realize the same goes for every other human on the planet.

For me, you’re not the most important person in the world—I am. And, from their perspective, so are your close friends, family members and colleagues. Because you live with yourself 24/7 you incorrectly assume, often unconsciously, people think about you significantly more often than they actually do.

In fact, for the most part, people do not care about you. While it may sound depressing, it’s actually liberating. It means you don’t have to worry so much what people think of you. This exercise will bring awareness to the things you’re worrying about and will help you address them. In addition, don’t forget to complete the exercises mentioned in the section, ‘Letting go of your emotions.’ Master Your Emotions PDF Book Free

Finally, remember people will always interpret your words and actions based on their values and beliefs. Therefore, to let your personality shine, you have no choice but to allow them to see you whatever way they wish to. When you resent people, you’re angry at them because they didn’t behave the way you wanted them to.

Maybe they broke their promises, or perhaps they didn’t give you what you expected from them. Perhaps you believed they owed you something, but they failed to deliver? Resentment often builds up when you fail to communicate effectively with the people you resent. That is, when you didn’t tell them you felt hurt, or didn’t communicate your needs and wants, assuming they would naturally cater to them.