Be Careful What You Wish For PDF Book by Jeffrey Archer


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Emma replaced the receiver, but it was some time before she could gather enough strength to stand up. She eventually made her way unsteadily across the room, clinging on to several pieces of furniture, like a sailor in a storm. She opened the drawing room door to find Marsden standing in the hall, his head bowed.

Be Careful What You Wish For PDF Book by Jeffrey Archer

Name of Book Be Careful What You Wish For
PDF Size 1.8 MB
No of Pages 346
Language English
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She had never known their old retainer to show the slightest emotion in front of a member of the family, and hardly recognized the shrunken figure now clutching on to the mantelpiece for support; the usual mask of self-composure had been replaced with the cruel reality of death. “Mabel has packed an overnight case for you, madam,” he stammered, “and if you’ll allow me, I’ll drive you to the hospital.”

“Thank you, Marsden, that’s most considerate of you,” Emma said as he opened the front door for her. Marsden took her arm as they made their way down the steps toward the car; the first time he’d ever touched the mistress. He opened the door, and she climbed in and sank into the leather upholstery, as if she was an old lady.

Click here to Download Be Careful What You Wish For PDF Book

Marsden switched on the ignition, shifted the gear lever into first and set out on the long journey from the Manor House to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow. Emma suddenly realized she hadn’t rung her brother or sister to let them know what had happened. She would call Grace and Giles this evening, when they were more likely to be alone.

This was not something she wanted to share when strangers might be present. And then she felt a piercing pain in her stomach, as if she’d been stabbed. Who was going to tell Jessica that she would never see her brother again? Would she ever be the same cheerful little girl who ran around Seb like an obedient puppy, tail wagging with unbridled adoration?

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Jessica must not hear the news from someone else’s lips, which meant that Emma would have to return to the Manor House as quickly as possible. Harry’s publisher had booked him on to the first available flight to London, first class. At least he would be comfortable, Harold thought, although he didn’t imagine the poor man would be able to sleep.

He decided this was not the time to tell him the good news, but simply asked Harry to pass on his heartfelt condolences to Emma. When Harry checked out of the Pierre Hotel forty minutes later, he found Harold’s chauffeur standing on the sidewalk waiting to drive him to Idlewild airport. Harry climbed into the back of the limousine, as he had no desire to speak to anyone.

Instinctively, his thoughts turned to Emma, and what she must be going through. He didn’t like the idea of her having to identify their son’s body. Perhaps the hospital staff would suggest she waited until he returned. Harry didn’t give a thought to the fact he would be among the first passengers to cross the Atlantic non-stop, as he could only think about his son. Be Careful What You Wish For PDF Book

And how much he’d been looking forward to going up to Cambridge to begin his first year at university. And after that … he’d assumed that with Seb’s natural gift for languages, he’d want to join the Foreign Office, or become a translator, or possibly even teach, or … After the Comet had taken off, Harry rejected the glass of champagne offered by a smiling air hostess.

But then how could she know he had nothing to smile about? He didn’t explain why he wouldn’t be eating or sleeping. During the war, when he was behind enemy lines, Harry had trained himself to stay awake for thirty-six hours, only surviving on the adrenaline of fear. He knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep until he’d seen his son for the last time, and he suspected not for some considerable time after that.

The adrenaline of despair. The moment he stepped out on to the pavement, a black Hillman drew up beside him. The back door swung open and, before he could react, two men grabbed him, hurled him on to the back seat and slammed the door shut. The car sped off. Karl looked up to see a young man who certainly wasn’t old enough to vote, holding a gun to his forehead. Be Careful What You Wish For PDF Book

The only thing that worried him was that the youth was clearly more frightened than he was, and was shaking so much that the gun was more likely to go off by accident than by design. He could have disarmed the boy in a moment, but as that wouldn’t have served his purpose, he didn’t resist when the older man seated on his other side tied his hands behind his back, then placed a scarf over his eyes.

The same man checked to see if he was carrying a gun, and deftly removed his wallet. Karl heard him whistle as he counted the five-pound notes. “There’s a lot more where that came from,” said Karl. A heated argument followed, in a language Karl assumed must be their native tongue.

He got the sense that one of them wanted to kill him, but he hoped the older man would be tempted by the possibility of more money. Money must have won, because he could no longer feel the gun touching his forehead. The car swerved to the right, and moments later to the left. Who were they trying to fool? Be Careful What You Wish For PDF Book

Karl knew they were simply going back over the same route, because they wouldn’t risk leaving their Catholic stronghold. Suddenly, the car came to a halt, a door opened and Karl was thrown out on to the street. If he was still alive in five minutes’ time, he thought, he might live to collect his old-age pension. Someone grabbed him by the hair and yanked him to his feet.

A shove in the middle of his back propelled him through an open door. A smell of burned meat wafted from a back room, but he suspected that feeding him wasn’t on their agenda. He was dragged up a flight of stairs into a room that had a bedroom smell, and pushed down on to a hard wooden chair. The door slammed, and he was left alone. Or was he?

He assumed he must be in a safe house, and that someone senior, possibly even an area commander, would now be deciding what should be done with him. He couldn’t be sure how long they kept him waiting. It felt like hours, each minute longer than the last. Then suddenly the door was thrown open, and he heard at least three men enter the room. One of them began to circle the chair. Be Careful What You Wish For PDF Book Download

Although the arrivals board showed that the aircraft was on time, Sebastian was an hour early. He bought a lukewarm coffee from a small, overcrowded café, picked up a copy of the Daily Mail and read about two monkeys the Americans had sent into space that had just returned safely to Earth. He went to the lavatory, twice, checked his tie in the mirror.

Three times— Gwyneth had been right—and walked up and down the concourse countless times rehearsing “Good morning, Mr. Morita, welcome to England,” in Japanese, followed by a low bow. “Japan Airlines flight number one zero two seven from Tokyo has just landed,” announced a prim voice over the loudspeaker.

Sebastian immediately selected a place outside the arrivals gate from where he would have a good view of the passengers as they came out of customs. What he hadn’t anticipated was that there would be a large number of Japanese businessmen disembarking from flight 1027, and he had no idea what Mr. Morita or his colleagues looked like. Be Careful What You Wish For PDF Book Download

Every time three passengers came through the gate together, he immediately stepped forward, bowed low and introduced himself. He managed to get it right the fourth time, but he had become so flustered that he delivered his little speech in English. “Good morning, Mr. Morita, welcome to England,” he said before bowing low.

“I am Mr. Hardcastle’s personal assistant, and I have a car waiting to take you to the Savoy.” “Thank you,” said Mr. Morita, immediately revealing that his English was far superior to Sebastian’s Japanese. “It was most considerate of Mr. Hardcastle to go to so much trouble.” As Morita made no attempt to introduce his two colleagues, Sebastian immediately led them out of the terminal.

He was relieved to find Tom standing to attention by the open back door of the car. “Good morning, sir,” said Tom, bowing low, but Mr. Morita and his colleagues climbed into the car without acknowledging him. Sebastian jumped into the front seat, and the car joined the slow-moving traffic into London. He remained silent during the journey to the Savoy. Be Careful What You Wish For PDF Book Download

While Mr. Morita chatted quietly to his colleagues in their native tongue. Forty minutes later, the Daimler came to a halt outside the hotel. Three porters rushed to the back of the car and began unloading the luggage. When Mr. Morita stepped out on to the pavement, Sebastian bowed low. “I will return at eleven thirty, sir,” he said in English.

“So that you will be in time for your meeting with Mr. Hardcastle at twelve o’clock.” Mr. Morita managed a nod as the manager of the hotel stepped forward and said, “Welcome back to the Savoy, Morita-san.” He bowed low. As he walked across to greet them, Cedric felt tall for the first time in his life. He was just about to bow when Mr. Morita thrust out his hand.

“I’m delighted to meet you,” said Cedric, shaking hands while preparing to bow a second time, but Morita turned and said, “May I introduce my managing director, Mr. Ueyama.” He stepped forward and also shook hands with Cedric. The chairman would have shaken hands with Mr. Ono too, if he hadn’t been clutching a large box in both hands. “Do have a seat,” said Cedric, trying to get back on script. Be Careful What You Wish For PDF Book Download

“Thank you,” said Morita. “But first, it is an honorable Japanese tradition to exchange gifts with a new friend.” The private secretary stepped forward and handed the box to Mr. Morita, who passed it to Cedric. “How very kind of you,” said Cedric, looking faintly embarrassed as all three of his visitors remained standing, clearly waiting for him to open the gift.

He took his time, first removing the blue ribbon, so carefully tied in a bow, and then the gold paper, as he tried to think of something he could give Morita in return. Would he have to sacrifice his Henry Moore? He glanced at Sebastian, more in hope than expectation, but he was looking equally embarrassed. The traditional exchange of gifts must have been covered in one of the few lessons he’d missed.

Cedric removed the lid from the box, and gasped as he gently lifted out a beautiful, delicate vase of turquoise and black. Sebastian, standing at the back of the room, took a pace forward, but said nothing. “Magnificent,” said Cedric. He removed a bowl of flowers from his desk and put the exquisite oval vase in its place. “Whenever you come to my office in future, Mr. Morita, you will always find your vase on my desk.” “I am greatly honored,” said Morita, bowing for the first time. Be Careful What You Wish For PDF Book Free

GRIFF HASKINS, THE Labor Party’s agent for Bristol Docklands, decided he would have to give up drinking if Giles was to have any chance of becoming leader of the party. Griff always went on the wagon for a month before any election, and on a bender for at least a month after, depending on whether they’d won or lost.

And since the Member for Bristol Docklands had been safely returned to the green benches with an increased majority, he’d felt he was entitled to the occasional night off. It wasn’t good timing when Giles called his agent the morning after he’d been on the binge to let him know that he was going to stand for leader.

As Griff was nursing a hangover at the time, he called back an hour later to make sure he’d heard the member correctly. He had. Griff immediately phoned his secretary, Penny, who was on holiday in Cornwall, and Miss Parish, his most experienced party worker, who admitted she was bored out of her mind and only came alive during election campaigns. Be Careful What You Wish For PDF Book Free

He told them both to be waiting on platform 7 at Temple Meads station at 4:30 that afternoon if they wanted to be working for the next prime minister. At five o’clock, the three of them were seated in a third-class carriage on a train bound for Paddington. By noon the following day, Griff had set up an office in the House of Commons, and another at Giles’s home in Smith Square.

He still needed to recruit one more volunteer for his team. Sebastian told Griff that he would be delighted to cancel his fortnight’s holiday to help his uncle Giles win the election, and Cedric agreed to make it a month, as the lad could only benefit from the experience, even though Sir Giles was his second choice.

Sebastian’s first job was to make a wall chart that listed all 258 Labor members of Parliament who were entitled to vote, and then place a tick beside each name to show which category they fell into: certain to vote for Giles, red tick; certain to vote for another candidate, blue; and undecided— the most important category of all—green.

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