Mightier Than the Sword PDF Book by Jeffrey Archer


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Another man, now safely back in cabin class, was also wide awake. Although it was three in the morning and his job was done, he wasn’t trying to sleep. He was just about to go to work. Always the same anxieties whenever you have to wait. Had you left any clues that would lead straight to you?

Mightier Than the Sword PDF Book by Jeffrey Archer

Name of Book Mightier Than the Sword
PDF Size 2 MB
No of Pages 398
Language English
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Had you made any mistakes that would cause the operation to end in failure and make you a laughingstock back home? He wouldn’t relax until he was on a lifeboat and, better still, on another ship heading toward another port. Five minutes and fourteen seconds … He knew his compatriots, soldiers in the same cause, would be just as nervous as he was.

The waiting was always the worst part, out of your control, no longer anything you could do. Four minutes and eleven seconds … Worse than a football match when you’re one–nil up but you know the other side are stronger and well capable of scoring in injury time. He recalled his area commander’s instructions: when the alarm goes off, be sure you’re among the first on deck.

Click here to Download Mightier Than the Sword PDF Book

And the first in the lifeboats, because by this time tomorrow, they’ll be searching for anyone under the age of thirty-five with an Irish accent, so keep your mouths shut, boys. Three minutes and forty seconds … thirty-nine … He stared at the cabin door and imagined the worst that could possibly happen.

The bomb wouldn’t go off, the door would burst open, and a dozen police thugs, possibly more, would come charging in, batons flailing in every direction, not caring how many times they hit him. But all he could hear was the rhythmical pounding of the engine as the Buckingham continued its sedate passage across the Atlantic on its way to New York. A city it would never reach.

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Two minutes and thirty-four seconds … thirty-three … He began to imagine what it would be like once he was back on the Falls Road. Young lads in short trousers would look up in awe as he passed them on the street, their only ambition to be like him when they grew up. The hero who had blown up the Buckingham only a few weeks after it had been named by the Queen Mother. 

No mention of innocent lives lost; there are no innocent lives when you believe in a cause. In fact, he’d never meet any of the passengers in the cabins on the upper decks. He would read all about them in tomorrow’s papers, and if he’d done his job properly there would be no mention of his name. One minute and twenty-two seconds … twenty-one … What could possibly go wrong now?

Would the device, constructed in an upstairs bedroom on the Dungannon estate, let him down at the last minute? Was he about to suffer the silence of failure? Sixty seconds … He began to whisper each number. “Fifty-nine, fifty-eight, fifty-seven, fifty-six…” Had the drunken man slumped in the chair in the lounge been waiting for him all the time? Mightier Than the Sword PDF Book

Were they now on the way to his cabin? “Forty-nine, forty-eight, forty-seven, forty-six…” Had the lilies been replaced, thrown out, taken away? Perhaps Mrs. Clifton was allergic to pollen? “Thirty-nine, thirty-eight, thirty-seven, thirty-six…” Had they unlocked his lordship’s room and found the open trunk? “Twenty-nine, twenty-eight, twenty-seven, twenty-six…”

Were they already searching the ship for the man who’d slipped out of the toilet in the first-class lounge? “Nineteen, eighteen, seventeen, sixteen…” Had they … he clung to the edge of the bunk, closed his eyes, and began counting out loud. “Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one…” He stopped counting and opened his eyes. Nothing.

Just the eerie silence that always follows failure. He bowed his head and prayed to a God he did not believe in, and immediately there followed an explosion of such ferocity that he was thrown against the cabin wall like a leaf in a storm. He staggered to his feet and smiled when he heard the screaming. He could only wonder how many passengers on the upper deck could possibly have survived. Mightier Than the Sword PDF Book

“I’d like to open this meeting by welcoming my son Sebastian Clifton onto the board.” Hear, hears echoed around the ballroom. “While being inordinately proud of his achievement at such a young age, I feel I should warn Mr. Clifton that the rest of the board will be observing his contributions with considerable interest.” “Thank you, chairman,” said Sebastian, “for both your warm welcome and your helpful advice.”

Seb’s words caused several members of the board to smile. His mother’s confidence, with his father’s charm. “Moving on,” said the chairman, “allow me to bring you up to date on what has become known as the Home Fleet incident. Although we cannot yet afford to relax, it would appear that our worst fears have not been realized.

Nothing of any real significance found its way into the press on either side of the Atlantic, not least, I’m told, because of a little assistance from Number Ten. The three Irishmen who were arrested in the early hours of our first night at sea are no longer on board. Once we’d docked and all the passengers had disembarked, they were discreetly transferred to a Royal Navy frigate, which is now on its way to Belfast. Mightier Than the Sword PDF Book

“The damaged propeller, although not back to its full capacity, still has a rev count of around sixty percent, and will be replaced once we arrive back in Avonmouth. Our maintenance team worked day and night on the damaged hull while we were docked in New York and have done a firstclass job. Only a seasoned mariner would be able to spot any sign of repair.

Further work on the hull will also be carried out while we’re in Avonmouth. I anticipate that by the time the Buckingham sets out on its second voyage to New York in eight days’ time, no one would know we ever had a problem. However, I think it would be unwise for any of us to discuss the incident outside the boardroom, and should you be questioned on the subject, just stick to the official Home Fleet line.”

“Will we be making a claim on our insurance policy?” asked Knowles. “No,” said Emma firmly, “because if we did, it would undoubtedly throw up a lot of questions I don’t want to answer.” “Understood, chairman,” said Dobbs. “But how much has the Home Fleet incident cost us?” “I don’t yet have an accurate figure to present to the board, but I’m told it could be as much as seven thousand pounds.” Mightier Than the Sword PDF Book

“That would be a small price to pay, given the circumstances,” chipped in Bingham. “I agree. However, no reference to the Home Fleet incident need be recorded in the minutes of this board or disclosed to our shareholders.” “Chairman,” said the company secretary, “I’ll have to make some reference to what happened.”

“Then stick to the Home Fleet explanation, Mr. Webster, and don’t circulate anything without my approval.” “If you say so, chairman.” “Let’s move on to some more positive news.” Emma turned a page of her file. “The Buckingham has a one hundred percent occupancy for the journey back to Avonmouth, and we already have a seventy-two percent take-up for the second voyage to New York.”

“That is good news,” said Bingham. “However, we mustn’t forget the 184 free cabin spaces we have offered as compensation that are sure to be taken up at some time in the future.” The conference opened the following morning with a speech by the East German general secretary, Walter Ulbricht, who welcomed the delegates. Mightier Than the Sword PDF Book Download

It was clear that the contents had been written in Moscow, while the words were delivered by the Soviets’ puppet in East Berlin. Giles leaned back, closed his eyes, and pretended to listen to the translation of a speech he’d heard several times before, but his mind soon began to wander. Suddenly he heard an anxious voice ask, “I hope there’s nothing wrong with my translation, Sir Giles?”

Giles glanced around. The Foreign Office had made it clear that, although every minister would have their own interpreter, they came with a health warning. Most of them worked for the Stasi, and any unfortunate remark or lapse in behavior would undoubtedly be reported back to their masters in the East German Politburo.

What had taken Giles by surprise was not so much the concerned inquiry made by the young woman, as the fact that he could have sworn he detected a slight West Country accent. “Your translation is just fine,” he said, taking a closer look at her. “It’s just that I’ve heard this speech, or a slight variation of it, several times before.” Mightier Than the Sword PDF Book Download

She was wearing a gray shapeless dress that nearly reached her ankles, and that could only have been purchased off the peg from a comrades’ cooperative store. But she possessed something you couldn’t buy at Harrods, luxuriant auburn hair that had been plaited and wound into a severe bun, to hide any suggestion of femininity.

It was as if she didn’t want anyone to notice her. But her big brown eyes and captivating smile would have caused most men to take a second look, including Giles. She was like one of those ugly ducklings in a film that you know will turn out in the last scene to be a swan. It stank of a setup. Giles immediately assumed she worked for the Stasi, and wondered if he could catch her out.

“What you have to appreciate, Sarah, is that although Macbeth is an ambitious man, Lady Macbeth is the key to him getting his hands on the crown. This was at a time when women’s rights didn’t exist, and her only hope of having any real influence in Scotland was to convince her weak, vacillating husband he should kill the king while he was a guest under their own roof. So I want to do that scene again, Sarah. Mightier Than the Sword PDF Book Download

Try to remember you’re a mean, conniving, evil piece of work, who’s trying to get her husband to commit murder. And this time, make sure you convince me, because if you do, you’ll convince the audience.” Sebastian sat at the back of the hall and watched a group of enthusiastic young pupils rehearsing under the watchful eye of Mr. Swann. It was a pity that the stage was so small and cramped.

“Much better,” said Swann when they came to the end of the act. “That will do for today. Tomorrow, I want to start with the Banquo’s ghost scene. Rick, you must remember that Macbeth is the only person in the room who can see the ghost. Your guests at the dinner are fearful about what’s troubling you, some even think you’re losing your mind.

And, Sarah, you’re trying to convince those same guests that all is well, and despite your husband’s strange behavior there’s nothing for them to worry about. And whatever you do, don’t ever look at the ghost, because if you should, even once, the spell will be broken. I’ll see you all at the same time tomorrow, and be sure you know your lines by then. Mightier Than the Sword PDF Book Free

After Monday, we abandon scripts.” A groan went up as the actors left the stage and became school children once again, picking up their satchels and books and making their way out of the hall. It amused Seb to see Lady Macbeth clutching Banquo’s hand. No wonder Mr. Swann had told Sarah not to look at him during the ghost scene. Shrewd man.

Mr. Swann didn’t turn off the stage lights until he had all the props in place for the banquet scene. He then picked up his well-thumbed script, put in his old Gladstone bag, and headed slowly toward the door. At first he didn’t notice that someone was sitting at the back of the room, and he wasn’t able to hide his surprise when he saw who it was.

“Not a chance. The board would always back Mellor against me, not least because of my age, and that would mean Mother would end up having to resign. Which, come to think of it, might even be part of Mellor’s longterm plan. I’m going to have to talk her out of it. And it’s not as if that’s her only problem at the moment.” “If you’re referring to Lady Virginia and her libel claim, I think that’s no longer an issue.” Mightier Than the Sword PDF Book Free

“How can you be so sure?” “I can’t, but we haven’t heard anything on that front for some time. In another twelve months your mother can apply to the courts to have the action struck off the list, but I’ve advised her against that.” “Why?” “When you come across a sleeping snake, don’t prod it with a sharp stick in the hope that it will go away, because it’s likely to wake up and bite you.”

“And that woman’s bite is venomous,” said Seb. “Mind you, I don’t even know why she’s suing mother in the first place.” “I’ll tell you all about it over dinner.”

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