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When you’re in charge of your life, and therefore your time, it’s the perfect moment to get the best bang for your buck. Because that’s all that productivity is: An optimum use of time. In Part II, I have collected the articles that show you how to do that. You’ll find more than just “do this and you’ll boost your productivity” type of ideas. I take a different route to productivity.

Do It Today PDF Book by Darius Foroux

Name of Book Do It Today
PDF Size 1 MB
No of Pages 135
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For example, one of the articles is about reading 100 books in a year. It’s not necessarily about productivity, but it does show you how I approach something that’s important to me. When you decide you want to do something, you also must have a map that takes you there. In life, we have to make that map. So, when you read the article about reading more books, look at my thinking process.

Look at how I go about my challenge. Only then you can apply the strategies to your own life. If you combine the right productivity tactics, you have a productivity system. The deadlines create urgency, accountability will create responsibility, working in intervals improves your focus, exercising will give you more energy, so does a healthy diet, and eliminating distractions will take away the temptations.

Click here to Download Do It Today PDF Book

But there’s no system that can help you if you don’t have an inner drive. People overcomplicate that concept, but it’s simple: Why do you do what you do? If you don’t know. Make something up. If you know why you’re doing something, even the most annoying tasks become bearable. It will become a part of the bigger picture.

We deal with people all the time. Do you ever think: “Why should I listen to this guy?” Or: “What does she know?” I don’t know. Maybe more than you do? We just don’t know until we listen to others. But if you always think you’re the best in the world, you never give people a chance. I think everyone is stubborn. Some are extreme, and some are just a little stubborn.

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I must say, stubbornness is also a good trait. It’s good to be deaf to critics and not about care what people think. But being stubborn in relationships is plain frustrating. That kind of stubbornness is not good. And it just so happens to be that life is based on relationships. And your career too. So when you refuse to work with others, you’re sabotaging everyone else that’s involved. Just remember that.

I try to remind myself often that stubbornness can be bad. Being disconnected from the internet has worked wonders for me. I don’t feel the urge to check my smartphone, email, or the news 500 times a day anymore. And after a while, you feel like you’re not missing out on anything. That brings a sense of calmness to your life.

I also get more out of my days; I achieved more things than ever, feel less distracted, and have more time to spend on the things that make me happy. At the end of the day, the internet is just a tool. However, some of us think it’s everything. But I’m pretty confident that, in years from now, I will not look back and regret that I didn’t spend enough time on the internet. Do It Today PDF Book

Can you imagine? You’re on your deathbed, and you’re saying this to your family: “I’m glad I watched so many FAIL compilations on YouTube.” Nope. You’ll probably look back and reflect on the time you spent with your family or friends. Or the memories you made when you were traveling. Or how much you enjoyed your work.

How many minutes of undisturbed work do you get done on an average day? 10, 20, maybe 50 minutes? If you think that sounds low, just examine your life. Most of us can’t go undisturbed for more than 10 minutes. We’re all so connected that it becomes impossible to find time to focus on yourself and your work. Some of us get hundreds of notifications and messages per day.

You find yourself answering a Whatsapp message here, an email there, talk to a friend, and then talk to a colleague on Slack. Most people’s days consist of answering to notifications. In a way, you’re held captive by others. “Researchers asked participants to perform a concentration test under four different circumstances: with their smartphone in their pocket. Do It Today PDF Book

At their desk, locked in a drawer and removed from the room completely.” The results are significant — test results were lowest when the smartphone was on the desk, but with every additional layer of distance between participants and their smartphones, test performance increased. Overall, test results were 26% higher when phones were removed from the room.”

There are no rules to reading so you can do whatever you want. At times, I’m reading 5 books at once. I might read 50 pages of one book in the morning and then read another book in the afternoon. That’s how I prefer it. Others like to read a book cover to cover and only then read something new. If you’re reading something that’s complicated, you might want to read something that’s easier for the evenings.

I like to read biographies before I go to sleep because they are like stories. Fiction also works well in the evening. I don’t want to read a book about investing in bed with a highlighter and a pen. If I do that, I will be awake until 3 AM because my mind is buzzing with the new things I’m learning. Do It Today PDF Book Download

The last three years have been huge for me. I’ve got more things done than ever, moved countries, bought an apartment and a small office building, spent loads of time with my family and friends, kept a healthy lifestyle, and exercised at least 4 times a week. Many variables determine your overall productivity. Tools, apps, or hacks, don’t work if you lack the right mindset because productivity is a way of living.

It’s about achieving maximum output, getting shit done, and not wasting time. I think that output and happiness go hand in hand. To me, doing nothing equals misery. I want to share 20 things I’ve done in the past three years that have made me more productive than ever (in no particular order.

What do you do when you feel tired or overwhelmed? Do you power through? Or do you take some time off? In the past, I thought that you should always power through — no matter what. Now, I still think that way when it comes to life in general. You can’t quit taking care of yourself and your family. A sense of responsibility is one of the most powerful motivators in life. Do It Today PDF Book Download

But I’m not talking about a lack of motivation here. I’m talking about taking time off work. But there’s still a massive taboo on taking time off. Some people think it’s for losers. Others think it’s about escaping your work. After all, “If you love your work and life, why do you even need a break?” Good point, smart ass. Here’s why time off actually IMPROVES your work and life.

of money, do have a lot of time. So why not use it wisely? Either way, I think that planning serves a purpose. I plan my days and weeks in advance because I want to make sure I’m working on the RIGHT things. Too often, I get lost in completing daily tasks. Think about it this way. I’m pretty organized already. And I only work on one big thing per area of my life.

But there are many different areas of my life: My family business, my blog, podcast, online courses, relationship, friends, investments, etc. It might sound like I’m doing many different things. But it depends on how you look at it. Everything I do leads to one thing: Living a meaningful and independent life. But let’s not get philosophical here. If you’re lacking focus, not making progress, and want to work in a more organized way, give time blocking a try. Do It Today PDF Book Download

Do you spend the majority of your day at your desk? And do find it difficult to concentrate throughout the day? There’s a simple solution to improve your productivity and focus. “How can I get more stuff done without being distracted?” That’s a question I often get. It’s human nature: We always want to improve output. For machines, it’s straightforward: You improve speed. Machines get faster and better every day.

But what about your personal productivity? I’ve read dozens of books on productivity. I’ve read countless articles on time-management. And I’ve tested different methods to boost my productivity. The idea is simple: I want to get more done in the same amount of time. I’m not looking for shortcuts or hacks, so I have to do less work. I don’t mind working.

What I don’t like is the feeling of wasting time on stuff that is meaningless. Sometimes I start by watching one YouTube video, and BOOM, 2 hours have gone by. And then I get frustrated with YouTube. But that doesn’t make sense. It’s like getting angry with alcohol after you’ve spent a night boozing. It’s not the alcohol, IT’S YOU. You just couldn’t have one drink, or watch just one video. Couldn’t you? Do It Today PDF Book Free

These two lessons are true for every person who wants a long, happy, and satisfying career. But it’s very hard to put that advice into practice. It took me the first six years of my career to figure that out. And I still have to remind myself that life is bigger than work. Almost everywhere that I’ve worked in the past, there was a “perception is reality” culture.

That means looks are more important than reality. In other words: The person who’s in the office the longest appears to be the hardest worker. Now, that may be true. But that’s not what matters. We all know that the only thing that counts is results. However, we collectively insist on looking at vanity factors like participation in meetings, hours spent at the office, and how fast people respond to emails.

It’s pathetic. At our family business, we encourage everyone to leave when they are done for the day. We’ve learned that focusing on priorities is a much better metric than only looking at the hours someone works. We all know that money, success, fame, or recognition, by themselves, don’t make us happy. And yet, we work too much to obtain those things that don’t even make us happy in the first place.

So why do we keep working too much that it hurts us? It could be our ego. Maybe we just can’t help ourselves. It’s different for every person. Personally, I don’t care about the reason. All I know is that too much work has a negative impact on the quality of your life and work. What matters is that we protect ourselves from our own stupidity. We’re just like kids. We need rules to live happily and safely. Do It Today PDF Book Free

I know what you’re thinking. “This guy probably read a motivational quote on social media, and now he’s telling us that nothing is impossible. Yeah right.” I think the world has no shortage of motivational articles, books, videos, or Facebook posts. You don’t need a bigger dose of #mondaymotivation. You know why? That type of motivation is not practical. It doesn’t do anything. It’s not useful.

It’s the same as drinking Red Bull. It fades quickly. Belief, on the other hand, is a tool that’s extremely useful. And it’s underutilized by many. The problem is that most of us lack belief. And when I talk about belief, I talk about it from a practical point of view. I’m not talking about hope or faith. I don’t believe that you can “hope” for the best, sit back and wait until good things happen to you.

Hope is not a strategy for life. I prefer to look at facts and make conclusions like a pragmatist. Like it or not, but everything that’s floating in that head of yours is there because you believe it. Do It Today PDF Book Free

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