Five on a Treasure Island PDF Book by Enid Blyton


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“MOTHER, have you heard about our summer holidays yet?” said Julian, at the breakfast-table. “Can we go to Polseath as usual?” “I’m afraid not,” said his mother. “They are quite full up this year.” The three children at the breakfast-table looked at one another in great disappointment. They did so love the house at Polseath.

Five on a Treasure Island PDF Book by Enid Blyton

Name of Book Five on a Treasure Island
Author Enid Blyton
PDF Size 1 MB
No of Pages 65
Language  English
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The beach was so lovely there, too, and the bathing was fine. “Cheer up,” said Daddy. “I dare say we’ll find somewhere else just as good for you. And anyway, Mother and I won’t be able to go with you this year. Has Mother told you?” “No!” said Anne. “Oh, Mother-is it true? Can’t you really come with us on our holidays? You always do.”

“Well, this time Daddy wants me to go to Scotland with him,” said Mother. “All by ourselves! And as you are really getting big enough to look after yourselves now, we thought it would be rather fun for you to have a holiday on your own too. But now that you can’t go to Polseath, I don’t really quite know where to send you.” “What about Quentin’s?” suddenly said Daddy.

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Quentin was his brother, the children’s uncle. They had only seen him once, and had been rather frightened of him. He was a very tall, frowning man, a clever scientist who spent all his time studying. He lived by the sea- but that was about all that the children knew of him! “Quentin?” said Mother, pursing up her lips. “Whatever made you think of him?

I shouldn’t think he’d want the children messing about in his little house.” “Well,” said Daddy, “I had to see Quentin’s wife in town the other day, about a business matter- and I don’t think things are going too well for them. Fanny said that she would be quite glad if she could hear of one or two people to live with her for a while, to bring a little money in.

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Their house is by the sea, you know. It might be just the thing for the children. Fanny is very nice- she would look after them well.” “Yes- and she has a child of her own too, hasn’t she?” said the children’s mother. “Let me see- what’s her name- something funny- yes, Georgina! How old would she be? About eleven, I should think.” “Same age as me,” said Dick.

“Fancy having a cousin we’ve never seen! She must be jolly lonely all by herself. I’ve got Julian and Anne to play with- but Georgina is just one on her own. I should think she’d be glad to see us.” “Well, your Aunt Fanny said that her Georgina would love a bit of company,” said Daddy. “You know, I really think that would solve our difficulty, if we telephone to Fanny and arrange for the children to go there.

It would help Fanny, I’m sure, and Georgina would love to have someone to play with in the holidays. And we should know that our three were safe.” The children began to feel rather excited. It would be fun to go to a place they had never been to before, and stay with an unknown cousin. “Are there cliffs and rocks and sands there?” asked Anne. Five on a Treasure Island PDF Book

“Is it a nice place?” “I don’t remember it very well,” said Daddy. “But I feel sure it’s an exciting kind of place. Anyway, you’ll love it! It’s called Kirrin Bay. Your Aunt Fanny has lived there all her life, and wouldn’t leave it for anything.” “Oh Daddy, do telephone to Aunt Fanny and ask her if we can go there!” cried Dick. “I just feel as if it’s the right place somehow. It sounds sort of adventurous!”

“Well- I might,” said George, pleased at the interest she had caused. “I’ll see. I never have taken anyone there yet, though some of the boys and girls round here have begged me to. But I don’t like them, so I haven’t.” There was a little silence as the four children looked out over the bay to where the island lay in the distance.

The tide was going out. It almost looked as if they could wade over to the island. Dick asked if it was possible. “No,” said George. “I told you- it’s only possible to get to it by boat. It’s farther out than it looks-and the water is very, very deep. There are rocks all about too- you have to know exactly where to row a boat, or you bump into them. Five on a Treasure Island PDF Book

It’s a dangerous bit of coast here. There are a lot of wrecks about.” “Wrecks!” cried Julian, his eyes shining, “I say! I’ve never seen an old wreck. Are there any to see?” “Not now,” said George. “They’ve all been cleared up. Except one, and that’s the other side of the island. It’s deep down in the water. You can just see the broken mast if you row over it on a calm day and look down into the water.

That wreck really belongs to me too.” This time the children really could hardly believe George. But she nodded her head firmly. “Yes,” she said, “it was a ship belonging to one of my great-great-great-grandfathers, or someone like that. He was bringing gold- big bars of gold- back in his ship-and it got wrecked off Kirrin Island.” “Oooh- what happened to the gold?” asked Anne, her eyes round and big.

“Nobody knows,” said George. “I expect it was stolen out of the ship. Divers have been down to see, of course, but they couldn’t find any gold.” “Golly- this does sound exciting,” said Julian. “I wish I could see the wreck.” “Well- we might perhaps go this afternoon when the tide is right down,” said George. “The water is so calm and clear today. Five on a Treasure Island PDF Book Download

We could see a bit of it.” “Oh, how wonderful!” said Anne. “I do so want to see a real live wreck!” The others laughed. “Well, it won’t be very alive,” said Dick. “I say, George- what about a bathe?” “I must go and get Timothy first,” said George. She got up. “Who’s Timothy?” said Dick. “Can you keep a secret?” asked George.

“Nobody must know at home.” “Well, go on, what’s the secret?” asked Julian. “You can tell us. We’re not sneaks.” “Timothy is my very greatest friend,” said George. “I couldn’t do without him. But Mother and Father don’t like him, so I have to keep him in secret. I’ll go and fetch him.” She ran off up the cliff path.

The others watched her go. They thought she was the queerest girl they had ever known. “Who in the world can Timothy be?” wondered Julian. “Some fisher-boy, I suppose, that George’s parents don’t approve of.” The children, lay back in the soft sand and waited. Soon they heard George’s clear voice coming down from the cliff behind them. Five on a Treasure Island PDF Book Download

“The wind is wrong,” said George. “And can’t you see the little white tops to the waves out there by my island? That’s always a bad sign.” “Oh George- it will be the biggest disappointment of our lives if we don’t go today,” said Anne, who couldn’t bear any disappointment, big or small. “And besides,” she added, artfully, “if we hang about the house, afraid of a storm, we shan’t be able to have dear old Tim with us.”

“Yes, that’s true,” said George. “All right- we’ll go. But mind, if a storm does come, you’re not to be a baby. You’re to try and enjoy it and not be frightened.” “Well, I don’t much like storms,” began Anne, but stopped when she saw George’s scornful look. They went down to breakfast, and George asked her mother if they could take their dinner as they had planned.

“Yes,” said her mother. “You and Anne can help to make the sandwiches. You boys can go into the garden and pick some ripe take with you. Julian, you can go down to the village when you’ve done that and buy some bottles of lemonade or ginger-beer, whichever you like.” “Ginger-pop for me, thanks!” said Julian, and everyone else said the same. Five on a Treasure Island PDF Book Download

They all felt very happy. It would be marvellous to visit the queer little island. George felt happy because she would be with Tim all day. They set off at last, the food in two kit-bags. The first thing they did was to fetch Tim. He was tied up in the fisher-boy’s back yard. The boy himself was there, and grinned at George. “Morning, Master George,” he said.

It seemed so queer to the other children to hear Georgina called ‘Master George’! ‘Tim’s been barking his head off for you. I guess he knew you were coming for him today.” “Of course he did,” said George, untying him. He at once went completely mad, and tore round and round the children, his tail down and his ears flat.

“He’d win any race if only he was a greyhound,” said Julian, admiringly. “You can hardly see him for dust. Tim! Hie, Tim! Come and say “Good-morning”.” Tim leapt up and licked Julian’s left ear as he passed on his whirlwind way. Then he sobered down and ran lovingly by George as they all made their way to the beach. Five on a Treasure Island PDF Book Free

He licked George’s bare legs every now and again, and she pulled at his ears gently. They got into the boat, and George pushed off. The fisher-boy waved to them. “You won’t be very long, will you?” he called. “There’s a storm blowing up. Bad one it’ll be, too.” “I know,” shouted back George. “But maybe we’ll get back before it begins. It’s pretty far off yet.”

George rowed all the way to the island. Tim stood at each end of the boat in turn, barking when the waves reared up at him. The children watched the island coming closer and closer. It looked even more exciting than it had the other day. “George, where are you going to land?” asked Julian. “I simply can’t imagine how you know your way in and out of these awful rocks.

I’m afraid every moment we’ll bump into them!” “I’m going to land at the little cove I told you about the other day,” said George. “There’s only one way to it, but I know it very well. It’s hidden away on the east side of the island.” The girl cleverly worked her boat in and out of the rocks, and suddenly, as it rounded a low wall of sharp rocks, the children saw the cove she had spoken of. Five on a Treasure Island PDF Book Free

Quietly he stood up, holding the box. On tiptoe he crept to the French window. He slipped out and ran softly down the garden path. He didn’t think of hiding the box. All he wanted to do was to get to the other children and show them what he had done! He ran to the beach where the others were lying in the sun. “Hi!” he yelled. “Hi! I’ve got it! I’ve got it!”

They all sat up with a jerk, thrilled to see the box in Julian’s arms. They forgot all about the other people on the beach. Julian dropped down on the sand and grinned. “Your father went to sleep,” he said to George. “Tim, don’t lick me like that! And George, I went in- and a bit of the box dropped on the floor- and it woke him up!” “Golly!” said George.

“What happened?” “I crouched down behind his chair till he went to sleep again,” said Julian. “Then I fled. Now- let’s see what’s in here. I don’t believe your father’s even tried to see!” He hadn’t. The tin lining was intact. It had rusted with the years of lying in the wet, and the lid was so tightly fitted down that it was almost impossible to move it. Five on a Treasure Island PDF Book Free

But once George began to work at it with her pocket-knife, scraping away the rust, it began to loosen- and in about a quarter-of-an-hour it came off! The children bent eagerly over it. Inside lay some old papers and a book of some kind with a black cover. Nothing else at all. No bar of gold. No treasure. Everyone felt a little bit disappointed.

“It’s all quite dry,” said Julian, surprised. “Not a bit damp. The tin lining kept everything perfect.” He picked up the book and opened it. “It’s a diary your great-great-great-grandfather kept of the ship’s voyages,” he said. “I can hardly read the writing. It’s so small and funny.” George picked up one of the papers. It was made of thick parchment, quite yellow with age.

She spread it out on the sand and looked at it. The others glanced at it too, but they couldn’t make out what it was at all. It seemed to be a kind of map. “Perhaps it’s a map of some place he had to go to,” said Julian. But suddenly George’s hands began to shake as she held the map, and her eyes gleamed brilliantly as she looked up at the others. She opened her mouth but didn’t speak. Five on a Treasure Island PDF Book Free

“What’s the matter?” said Julian, curiously. “What’s up? Have you lost your tongue?” George shook her head and then began to speak with a rush. “Julian! Do you know what this is? It’s a map of my old castle- of Kirrin Castle- when it wasn’t a ruin. And it shows the dungeons!