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On a lazy and quiet Sunday afternoon, Vikram flipped through the photo album. At thirty-five, Vikram had accomplished everything he had aimed for on the professional front, and was now living a laid-back life . He stopped at a picture of his college friends, taken during their first picnic. It had been seventeen years since. Vikram looked at his innocent eighteen-year-old face in the picture “.

The Third Angle PDF Book by Ashwini Parmar

Name of Book The Third Angle
Author Ashwini Parmar
PDF Size 1 MB
No of Pages 147
Language  English
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Wow! This guy has no idea what ’ s going to happen to him in the next four years of college ”. Vikram laughed a little . “ Today, it seems almost insignificant but this picnic was a major turning point of my college life ”, Vikram recalled, thinking of the day when he had proposed the idea of this picnic to the class . “

OK, so who wants to go for a picnic ”? Vikram announced in the classroom after the last class was over . “ Me! Me! Me ”! Came the response, one of which was Nidhi ’ s voice . “ OK, then let ’ s work on the logistics ”, Vikram clapped and picked up the chalk to scribble on the blackboard . Vikram was hoping that he would be able to tell Nidhi how he felt about her during this picnic.

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He had managed to be a part of her friend circle, but so far, she had treated him like any other friend in their group . “ Can you stop staring at her ”? Mayank told Vikram in the bus, breaking his trance. He had caught him staring at Nidhi for the seventeenth time. They were on their way to the picnic spot and Nidhi was sitting two seats across from them .

“ I am not staring at her ”, Vikram said, defensively . “ Dude! I know what ’ s going on here. You can ’ t hide your thoughts from me ”, Mayank said. Vikram and he had been friends since high school and Vikram knew that Mayank could break into anyone ’ s mind like hackers hack into computers . “ I hope this goes well. I want to tell her about my feelings today ”.

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Vikram dropped his defenses and confessed . “ Are you nuts? What is the matter with you ”? Mayank smacked Vikram ’ s head and said “ , First, find out if she is interested in you at all. Don ’ t try to be a hero ”. “ Vikram, you are so sensible and wise. I am very glad that I ’ ve got you during these trying times. I am not able to figure out how to deal with this mess on my own.

Thanks for being there for me ”. Tanya was painting a picture that didn ’ t even exist. She was the one who involved Vikram in her mess and now she was making it sound like it was Vikram ’ s idea to help her . Vikram had learned to play along by now. His response to most of her statements was to nod his head .

“ Really Vikram, your help means a lot to me. I owe you big time. Please let me know if there ’ s anything I can do for you now or in the future. I will be more than happy to risk my life for you ”. Tanya didn ’ t want to leave any room for doubt . Vikram used to tell Mayank every single word that Tanya uttered in their conversations. The Third Angle PDF Book

Even though Mayank hadn ’ t done anything drastic yet, Tanya knew he was watching her every move. He was the only person Tanya feared. She thought very hard to find a way to keep Mayank out of her game, but it was futile . One day, Tanya was talking to Vikram when Khyati was reading a book on the lawn waiting for her.

Tanya and Khyati daily rode on Khyati ’ s Scooty back to the hostel . Mayank saw Khyati from a distance reading a book under a neem tree on the campus. He hadn ’ t noticed Khyati by herself before. She was always with Tanya, and Mayank only focused on Tanya to discern her evil intentions when he saw her. Khyati ’ s calm and poised image compelled Mayank to go up to her and talk to her.

Khyati was so lost in her book that she didn ’ t notice Mayank until he sat down next to her . “ Hey Khyati, what are you reading ”? Mayank asked in a friendly voice . Khyati was surprised and irritated. Mayank always behaved rudely with her along with Tanya . So, another change of behavior was too much to take for Khyati . “ Gora ”. Khyati gave a short answer, without looking at him. The Third Angle PDF Book

That night, Khyati was updating notes from her project on the laptop on the balcony of her room in the guest house. She was sitting on a chair facing the garden of the guest house. She looked up from her laptop to rest her eyes for a while and saw Meera and Arpan walking in the garden .

Khyati checked the time, it was 10:30 P.M. Khyati ’ s gaze was still fixed on them when Mayank walked out to the balcony of his room, which was right next to Khyati ’ s room. Mayank came to hang his towel on the balcony fence, and right when he was about to turn back, he saw Meera and Arpan in the garden. He stopped and stared at them furiously until he noticed that Khyati was staring at him from her balcony.

He looked at Khyati for a second and stormed back to his room in a rage . Khyati saw Mayank leave and mumbled to herself “ , Uh-oh! This can ’ t be good ”. She observed Meera and Arpan for a few more minutes. They were not holding hands or showing any PDA. They were just talking and gesturing as if they were having a very meaningful talk. The Third Angle PDF Book

Khyati kept an eye on them until it was hard for her to keep her eyes open. She went to bed at 11 PM . Early next morning, Mayank found Meera and told her “ , No need to hang out with Arpan anymore ”. He said it in a no-nonsense way, looking straight into her eyes. Meera didn ’ t say a word, she wasn ’ t scared of him or angry at him, but she knew when to not say anything.

Mayank had used the elder-brother card for the first time with Meera. He just ordered her to not hang out with Arpan without building up to it first or giving any explanation . After that, for the remaining two days of the trip, Meera didn ’ t talk to Arpan at all. She looked upset that morning, but after that, she went back to her normal friendly self.

Mayank and everyone else thought that it was the end of the story of Meera and Arpan . On the other hand, Vikram was getting considerable attention from Tanya on this trip . “ She follows me around like a puppy. I am telling you, she is only one pat away from starting to lick me ”, Vikram told Mayank, frustratingly . Mayank laughed and said “ , and you don ’ t like it ”? The Third Angle PDF Book Download

“ I am not able to decide if I like it or hate it. On one hand, it feels good to get so much attention from a girl who is throwing herself at me . I mean which man wouldn ’ t like that ”? Mayank nodded in agreement “ . But on the other hand, I am like, have some self-respect, woman ”! “ Why do you care about her self-respect?

It ’ s her problem, not yours. You should just enjoy this King-like treatment in the meantime ”. Mayank patted his shoulder . “ I don ’ t want to feel this way. Trust me ”. Mayank felt helpless “ . But I can ’ t seem to stop this rush of feelings. I want to touch her, I want to hug her, I want to kiss her, but all I can do is to look at her. And the more I look at her, the more I want to go closer to her ”.

Mayank continued to pour his feelings “ . I am out of control. I want my eyes to move their gaze from her. But right now, my brain is not listening to me ”. Then he looked at Khyati “ . Just look at her. She looks like a freaking goddess. Her face is glowing with joy. Her eyes are sparkling with innocence and she is playing Garba so gorgeously ”. The Third Angle PDF Book Download

Then he placed his hand on his eyes and said with a little frustration “ . And that goddamn choli she is wearing. That one lucky piece of cloth. Look at her waist. Her skin is like shining silk ”. Mayank went on and on “ . I ’ m just crazy about the way her body moves with the rhythm. She is so in sync with the rhythm that it seems like the drums are following her footsteps ”.

Mayank didn ’ t realize how much he was talking. He had kept his feelings to himself for a long time. Today, he just let them flow. Meera was looking at him in total astonishment . “ It ’ s good to see that you can also fall in love. I thought you were too dry for love. Khyati changed you a lot ”. She looked at Khyati and said “ , She is pretty amazing ”.

“ You know what the most amazing thing about her is ”? Mayank was still not done praising her . “ What ”? Meera asked . “ That even she doesn ’ t know how awesome she is ”, Mayank said, completely mesmerized by her . “ Look at you. You ’ ve started talking like a poet. How sweet ”! Meera said with joy. The Third Angle PDF Book Download

Mayank and Tanya were anxiously waiting for both of them to come out. Finally, after forty-five minutes, Khyati opened the door and walked out, Vikram followed. Tanya rushed toward Khyati to try to explain to her everything, but Khyati was still angry. She gestured with her hand to stop Tanya and said “- You and I are done here ”, and walked away.

Tanya turned to Vikram now, trying to talk to him. He threw his hands in the air and said “ , so are we ”. Mayank saw this and applauded Khyati. He was giving a winning smile as if he was telling her “ , I was right! You really are a cat ”! Khyati gave him a stern look while walking away from him and raised her middle finger at him without saying a word.

Mayank burst into laughter after seeing this. The original Khyati was back. He was loving this . Vikram also kept walking and signaled Mayank “ , I ’ ll talk to you later ”. Mayank nodded. Both Khyati and Vikram left on their respective vehicles in opposite directions . Mayank breathed a sigh of relief. Tanya was still standing in shock. The Third Angle PDF Book Free

Her game was over. She had lost her boyfriend and her only friend. Mayank looked at her and said “ , Relax! There ’ s no video. I am not you. I do have your texts though ”. He laughed at her mockingly and left . The guys went home and spent hours cleaning the apartment. They changed the bedsheets on both beds, mopped the floors, cleaned the bathroom, and bought groceries.

They were happy that Khyati had finally gotten soft toward them, but they were also worried that they might screw everything again. They were very cautious . After two days at the hospital, Khyati was discharged. Meera had got a bag of her clothes and other stuff from the hostel. The final exams were starting the next day .

All four of them had lost three days of studies so they all started studying once they got home . All four of them were studying in the living room late at night. Khyati was on the couch and the rest of them were scattered on the floor in the room. Khyati was wearing shorts because of her plaster and the bruises on her knees. The Third Angle PDF Book Free

She was totally lost in her book. Vikram hadn ’ t seen Khyati in shorts before. He was seeing her in her casual avatar for the first time. Vikram was experiencing the same thing that Mayank felt when he had first seen Khyati in her casual, nongeeky form . Vikram didn ’ t realize that he was staring at Khyati. Khyati didn ’ t notice this but Mayank, who was sitting across from Vikram, saw him.

Mayank smiled mischievously and picked up his cellphone. He texted Vikram “ , Dude, if she catches you staring at her legs, she will kick your ass with her good leg ”. Vikram read the text and suppressed his laughter. He texted back “ . Damn ! It ’ s so hard to concentrate on the books when you have a hot girl in the room. Has she always been this sexy ”?

Mayank realized Vikram was also getting a crush on her. He didn ’ t feel jealous at all. After the Friendship Day incident, he had changed. He replied to the text “ , Yea, she just likes to play it dull ”. For the two weeks that Khyati lived with the guys, they were very considerate toward her. All three of them took care of Khyati like family. The Third Angle PDF Book Free

Ajay used to come on a regular basis to change Khyati ’ s dressing. Meera used to help Khyati take a shower and change. Even though they had final exams, they spent a significant amount of time every day taking care of Khyati. During times like this, one gets a chance to recognize true friends and solidify friendships .