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Which didn’t mean Cam was a bad friend. She wasn’t. Cam and Nora had known each other their whole lives, literally. Cam’s mom, Imani, and Nora’s mom, Diane, had met in pregnancy yoga class back when Cam and Nora were the size of jelly beans. Cam and Nora had been born thirty-six hours apart in the same hospital.

The Wolves Are Waiting PDF Book by Natasha Friend

Name of Book The Wolves Are Waiting
PDF Size 3.8 MB
No of Pages 274
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Besides the fact that Cam was biracial and Nora was white, they were basically twins. Because Cam didn’t have any siblings of her own, Nora was it. Who else was Cam going to fight with? That was just part of the package. But when it came down to it, Cam would do anything for Nora. She would wipe the puke off her face. She would rescue her underwear.

She would offer, when Nora finally woke up and made it back to Cam’s house, to inspect her best friend’s pubic area for bruising or forced entry. Cam wasn’t squeamish about body parts. Her mom was an obstetriciangynecologist. Imani had taught her, from a young age, to use the proper names for her anatomy. Vulva. Labia. Clitoris. Not “pee pee,” or “down there.”

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When Cam was in sixth grade, Imani had gone so far as to bust out a hand mirror, to show Cam which part was which. Yes, Cam knew this was weird. But she was glad she got a hippie feminist ob-gyn for a mother. Imani had taught her everything there was to know about the female body, so whenever Cam needed that information as a reference, she would have it.

This was exactly like that time when they were twelve and Cam insisted on showing her how to put in a tampon—not just provide moral support from the other side of the bathroom stall like a normal friend—show. Cam’s comfort level with her body, her freakish lack of embarrassment, made Nora feel like a sixteenth-century nun. Privates are private.

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That’s what Nora’s mom always said. Unlike Cam’s mother, Imani, who said things like Own your pleasure, girls. “Take some pictures with your phone,” Cam told Nora. “If you see any bruises or scratches, you’ll need documentation.” “Okay, CSI Miami.” “This isn’t a joke, Nor. You woke up half-naked on a putting green. You don’t remember anything. What if you were gang-raped?”

Cam’s voice dropped to a theatrical whisper, and Nora rolled her eyes. Drama queen. “Nora.” Cam’s face meant business, like Principal Hicks during assembly that day the seniors toilet-papered freshman hall. Okay, fine… could she have been gang-raped? Three guys in a remote location? Her memory a blank?

Yes, she supposed it was possible—if this were New York City, where crazy things happened in the dark. But not in Faber. In Faber, the crime rate was 0.01. No one locked their doors. For starters, he didn’t play sports. He painted huge, splattery canvases and sketched random objects with charcoal. He kept his hair long, sometimes in a ponytail, sometimes in a bandanna. The Wolves Are Waiting PDF Book

/He wore a silver hoop in his left ear, like a pirate. His eyes were brownish-gold. He was taller than Cam, and thin, but his arms and shoulders were as chiseled as an Olympic gymnast’s. From painting all the time? Or maybe he lifted weights in the garage. Who knew what he did out there all day?

Cam had spent half her life at the Melchiondas’ house, but Nora’s brother was as much a mystery to her as a senior as he had been back in elementary school, when all he did was juggle and eat butter-and-bacon sandwiches. Was Asher attractive? Cam supposed he was, in an offbeat, bohemian banjo player sort of way. Nothing like his dad, though.

It was kind of funny to admit, but it was true: Mr. M was Cam’s first crush. She wasn’t alone, either. Everyone loved Mr. M. All Nora’s friends, all Nora’s friends’ mothers. Even the eighty-year-old waitresses at the Blue Bird got a spring in their step when he walked in. Rhett Melchionda was Faber’s own force of nature. His hair was thicker, his smile was wider, his personality was bigger than anyone else’s. The Wolves Are Waiting PDF Book

Asher wasn’t like that, which was why Cam had never thought of him as crush material. He was just… Asher. Nora’s big, weird brother. Asher had wanted to blurt out everything: Camille Dodd. No, he hadn’t planned on hooking up with her; it just happened. Yes, he knew she was Nora’s best friend.

But to say any of those things—to try to explain that Cam hadn’t felt like Nora’s best friend up in Mrs. Tenhope’s closet—would have opened a can of worms that Asher wasn’t sure he wanted to open. And so, he’d pled the Fifth. He hadn’t told anyone in his family how alive and exhilarated kissing Cam had made him feel. He couldn’t. Not with Nora shooting one of her penetrating looks across the table.

Her How are we even related? looks. He was “bright,” “gifted,” a “rapid learner.” He was all the things teachers had been saying about him since kindergarten. At the Shuang Wen School, Adam and a group of his classmates had taken part in an after-school STEM club. That was a good thing, because they’d gotten to do cool projects. They’d calculated the cost to construct the St. Louis Arch. They’d built organ models. The Wolves Are Waiting PDF Book

They’d blown up balloons with baking soda and vinegar. Then he moved to Faber, where there was no one like him. Once a week in fourth grade, Mrs. Osternek pulled Adam Xu—and only Adam Xu—out of class to do prealgebra worksheets. That was a bad thing. Because suddenly, he was different from everyone else. Suddenly, he was the nerdy, studious Asian kid.

Okay, yeah, so he was good at school, but what if he didn’t want to be a mathematician or a scientist? What if someday he wanted to be a record producer? Or an actor? Or an entrepreneur? The problem with being smart, besides the obvious typecasting, was that everyone assumed things that weren’t necessarily true.

If you were good at science, you must also know the entire mythology and history of the DC and Marvel universes and have a closetful of Star Wars action figures. If you were good at math, you must also be the next Mark Zuckerberg. Adam Xu was not the next Mark Zuckerberg. Besides the basics of uploading a video and saving it to the cloud, he knew little about computer technology. The Wolves Are Waiting PDF Book Download

It just wasn’t his area of interest. So when Camille suggested that he “increase the resolution,” to “find identifying clues” and then “track down suspicious social media accounts,” he was at a loss. Honestly, she sounded more qualified for the job than he was. He wanted to know that she was okay, but the only class they had together was American lit.

This morning, she had not been sitting at her usual spot in the front row, where she got called on constantly. At first, Adam had thought she might be absent—maybe because of the photo and what people were saying—but then he spotted her in the back-right corner of the room, near the door. She was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt that looked two sizes too big, and her hair was loose around her face.

Camille was, as always, in the seat beside Nora. At that moment, Adam wanted to switch places with Camille. He just wanted to know that Nora was okay. While Mrs. Bell was taking attendance and writing on the board, Nora was talking to Camille. Adam was in the same row, but he was eight seats over, so he couldn’t hear their conversation. Nora’s head was ducked. The Wolves Are Waiting PDF Book Download

Trying to gauge her emotional state from his vantage point was impossible. He could see only a sliver of her face. That’s when Adam had an idea, one he’d never had the nerve to contemplate before. For as long as he could remember, he had sat in the same spot in every class: back row, left corner. He felt comfortable there.

The only exception had been freshman biology, when Mr. Mahoney assigned not only seats but also lab partners, and Adam had been forced to endure an entire year of sitting front and center with Kevin Hamm. Kevin Hamm, linebacker on the football team, who enjoyed stabbing their frog specimen repeatedly with the scalpel and flinging its eyeballs across the room like lacrosse balls.

Incredibly, Mr. Mahoney never seemed to notice. He tried to explain. “Bu shi ni shuo xiang de,” he told her. It’s not what you think. She was assuming things about him and Camille that weren’t true, he said. They were just friends. In fact, they had been helping another girl, which was why Camille had been in his room—because they had been trying to do the right thing. The Wolves Are Waiting PDF Book Download

His mother dismissed Adam’s version of events by handing him a bucket. “Come,” she said. She strode across the lawn toward the car. Adam shook his head to clear it. The night before had been so strange. He’d barely slept. Eighteen holes, he thought. Tom Rizzoli. Liam Sullivan. Alec MacInerney. Camille was on her way to Nora’s house, to tell her what they’d discovered.

How would Nora react to this new information? However she felt, he wished he could be there. “Ba tuoba he shuitong fang dao che li!” His mother was calling out the driver’s side window. Right. He couldn’t be with Nora because his mother wanted him to get in the car with his mop and his bucket. This was his punishment. When other kids broke their parents’ rules, they got grounded.

Adam’s mother was bringing him to work with her. She already knew what Cam wanted to tell her. She had seen for herself the night before, when she was up in her room, pulling down the window shades. She might not have looked out, but the flood lamp was on, so, naturally, her eyes had been drawn to the circle of light on the grass. The Wolves Are Waiting PDF Book Free

At first, she hadn’t known quite what to make of what she was seeing in the shadows: two bodies, clenched in an embrace. Was it her parents? Nora squinted into the night. Were her parents grinding on each other in the backyard? Ew. But no. That couldn’t be her dad. His arms were too thin. His hair was too long. It was… Asher. Suddenly, Nora remembered his weird announcement at dinner last week.

I think I might have a girlfriend. She told herself to pull down the shades; this was none of her business. Even though Asher had blabbed to their mom about Nora’s personal business, that didn’t mean Nora would exact revenge by spying on him and his secret girlfriend. Look away, she told herself. Now. But something stopped her. It was the sound of laughter rising up from below.

Nora knew that laugh. That was Cam’s laugh. Those were Cam’s neon yellow running shoes. Asher and Cam. She had been stunned—Jesus, she felt like she had been dunked in ice water. Her brother and her best friend. Her brother and her best friend were hooking up in the backyard. It was wrong on so many levels, and yet, in a way, it made sense. The Wolves Are Waiting PDF Book Free

Asher and Cam were the two bossiest people Nora knew. They were always telling her what to do, how to live her life. They both thought they had all the answers, to everything. They were the perfect match. But that didn’t make it any less wrong. Nora wasn’t going to school. She had already decided. She was going to tell her mom about her dad.

He was her husband; she deserved to know the truth about the man she’d married. But when Diane learned about eighteen holes, what would she do? Would she crumple up in a ball? Would she kick Nora’s dad out of the house? Nora had felt, in the two days since she and her mom had screamed side by side on top of Mount Aggie, that they had forged a connection.

Her mom had been open about her past; she had revealed a whole new side of herself—a side that wore micro dresses and eyeliner and howled at the sky. Nora found it hard to admit, but she may have been wrong about her mother. She had thought that Diane was flawless and untouchable, like one of those Teflon pans that nothing adhered to, and was therefore clueless to the messiness of life. But she wasn’t.

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