The Book of Five Rings PDF Book by Miyamoto Musashi


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Originally written not only for men-at-arms, they are explicitly intended to symbolize processes of struggle and mastery in all concerns and walks of life. The Book of Five Rings was written in 1643 by Miyamoto Musashi, undefeated dueler, masterless samurai, and independent teacher.

The Book of Five Rings PDF Book by Miyamoto Musashi

Name of Book The Book of Five Rings
PDF Size 1 MB
No of Pages 161
Language English
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The Book of Family Traditions on the Art of War was written in 1632 by Yagyū Munenori, victorious warrior, mentor of the Shōgun, and head of the Secret Service. Both authors were professional men-at-arms born into a long tradition of martial culture that had ultimately come to dominate the entire body of Japanese polity and society.

Their writings are relevant not only to members of the ruling military caste, but also to leaders in other professions, as well as people in search of individual mastery in whatever their chosen path. The Book of Five Rings and The Book of Family Traditions on the Art of War are both written in Japanese, rather than the literary Chinese customary in elite bureaucratic, religious.

Click here to Download The Book of Five Rings PDF Book

And intellectual circles in Japan at that time. The Japanese in which they are written, furthermore, is relatively uncomplicated and quite free of the subtle complexities of classical high court Japanese. Although the crudity of Musashi’s syntax and morphology make for clumsy reading, nevertheless the basic simplicity and deliberate clarity of both works make them accessible to a wide and varied audience.

The rise and empowerment of the samurai class in Japan may be seen in the two terms used to refer to its members, samurai and bushi. The word samurai comes from the Japanese verb saburau, which means “to serve as an attendant.” The word bushi is Sino-Japanese and means “armed gentry.”

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The word samurai was used by other social classes, while the warriors referred to themselves by the more dignified term bushi. As the master carpenter is the overall organizer and director of the carpenters, it is the duty of the master carpenter to understand the regulations of the country, find out the regulations of the locality, and attend to the regulations of the master carpenter’s own establishment.

The master carpenter, knowing the measurements and designs of all sorts of structures, employs people to build houses. In this respect, the master carpenter is the same as the master warrior. When sorting out timber for building a house, that which is straight, free from knots, and of good appearance can be used for front pillars.

That which has some knots but is straight and strong can be used for rear pillars. That which is somewhat weak yet has no knots and looks good is variously used for door sills, lintels, doors, and screens. That which is knotted and crooked but nevertheless strong is used thoughtfully in consideration of the strength of the various members of the house. The Book of Five Rings PDF Book

Then the house will last a long time. Even knotted, crooked, and weak timber can be made into scaffolding, and later used for firewood. The bow is also suitable on the battlefield, for making strategic charges and retreats; because it can be fired rapidly at a moment’s notice from the ranks of the lancers and others, it is particularly good for battle in the open fields.

It is inadequate, however, for sieging a castle, and for situations where the opponent is more than forty yards away. In the present age, not only the bow but also the other arts have more flowers than fruit. Such skills are useless when there is a real need. Inside castle walls, nothing compares to a gun. Even in an engagement in the open fields, there are many advantages to a gun before the battle has begun.

Once the ranks have closed in battle, however, it is no longer adequate. One virtue of the bow is that you can see the trail of the arrows you shoot, which is good. An inadequacy of the gun is that the path of the bullets cannot be seen. This should be given careful consideration. As for horses, it is essential for them to have powerful stamina and not be temperamental. The Book of Five Rings PDF Book

Speaking in general terms of the tools of the warrior, one’s horse should stride grandly, one’s long and short swords should cut grandly, one’s spear and halberd should penetrate grandly, and one’s bow and gun should be strong and accurate. You should not have any special fondness for a particular weapon, or anything else, for that matter.

Too much is the same as not enough. Without imitating anyone else, you should have as much weaponry as suits you. To entertain likes and dislikes is bad for both commanders and soldiers. Pragmatic thinking is essential. Even when still, your mind is not still; even when hurried, your mind is not hurried. The mind is not dragged by the body, the body is not dragged by the mind.

Pay attention to the mind, not the body. Let there be neither insufficiency nor excess in your mind. Even if superficially weakhearted, be inwardly stronghearted, and do not let others see into your mind. It is essential for those who are physically small to know what it is like to be large, and for those who are physically large to know what it is like to be small; whether you are physically large or small. The Book of Five Rings PDF Book

It is essential to keep your mind free from subjective biases. Let your inner mind be unclouded and open, placing your intellect on a broad plane. It is essential to polish the intellect and mind diligently. Once you have sharpened your intellect to the point where you can see whatever in the world is true or not.

Where you can tell whatever is good or bad, and when you are experienced in various fields and are incapable of being fooled at all by people of the world, then your mind will become imbued with the knowledge and wisdom of the art of war. There is something special about knowledge of the art of war.

It is imperative to master the principles of the art of war and learn to be unmoved in mind even in the heat of battle.  In large-scale military science, knowing the state of affairs means discerning the flourishing and decline of the opponent, discerning the intentions of adversary troops and perceiving their condition. The Book of Five Rings PDF Book Download

Clearly seeing the state of affairs, determining how to deploy your own troops so as to gain certain victory by the principles of military science, and doing battle with knowledge of what lies ahead. Also, in individual martial arts, you determine opponents’ traditions, observe the personal character of adversaries, find out people’s strengths and weaknesses.

Maneuver in ways contrary to opponents’ expectations, determine opponents’ highs and lows, ascertain the rhythms in between, and make the first move; this is essential. If your own power of insight is strong, the state of affairs of everything will be visible to you. Once you have attained complete independent mastery of martial arts, you will be able to figure out the minds of opponents and thus find many ways to win.

This demands work. In the context of large-scale combat, mixing means that when two groups are facing off and your opponents are strong, you attack one of the opponents’ flanks, as if to mix in with them; then, when you see the opponents crumble, you leave off and attack again where they are strong. In general, the idea is to attack in a winding zigzag. The Book of Five Rings PDF Book Download

This is also essential in the context of individual martial arts, when you face a group of adversaries singlehandedly. Each time you have finished one off or driven one off, again you attack a strong one, finding the opponents’ rhythm, zigzagging left and right in a suitable rhythm, observing the condition of the adversary so as to attack effectively.

When you have found an enemy’s range and are going to cut through, the principle of the advantage is to seize victory forcefully, without any reservations. This state of mind also applies to a situation when you are closing in on a powerful opponent in individual combat. The sense of mixing is to plunge right in without any hesitation in your steps. This should be distinguished carefully.

Here in this Wind Scroll, I have written about the various other schools of martial arts. Unless you know the ways of other schools, you certainly cannot understand the way of my individual school. What I see on inquiry into others’ martial arts is that some schools use large long swords and concentrate on power in their moves. Some practice their science using a short long sword they call a “little long sword.” The Book of Five Rings PDF Book Free

There are also schools that contrive many moves with the long sword, calling the positions of the sword the formal techniques and transmitting the science as the inner teaching. In this scroll I will clearly expose the fact that none of these are the real Way, thus to let it be known what is good and what bad, what true and what false. The principle of my individual school is something distinctly different.

Other schools become theatrical, dressing up and showing off to make a living, commercializing martial arts; therefore it would seem that they are not the true Way. Furthermore, martial art is conventionally viewed in a limited way, as if it consisted only of swordsmanship. Do you think you have realized how to attain victory just by learning to wield a long sword and training your body and hands?

This is not a certain way in any case. I have exposed each of the deficiencies of other schools in this book. The point is to examine carefully and savor thoroughly, to come to an understanding of the advantages of the individual school of Two Swords. Physically powerful people can wield even a large sword with ease, so there is no point in unreasonable fondness for a shorter sword. The Book of Five Rings PDF Book Free

The reason for this is that spears and halberds are also carried to make use of their length. The idea that you are going to use a shorter long sword to cut through, plunge in, and seize an opponent in the interval between swings of his sword is biased and therefore wrong. Furthermore, when you watch out for gaps.

Everything else is neglected, and there comes to be a sense of entanglement, which is to be avoided. And if you try to use a short weapon to penetrate the enemy’s defense and take over, that will not be of any use when in the midst of numerous opponents. Even if you think that what you gain from a shorter weapon is the ability to cut through a crowd, leap freely.

And whirl around, in each case you are in a defensive mode of swordplay and are thus in a distracted state of mind. This is not a reliable way to go. The focus of the eyes depends on the school: there are those who fix their eyes on the opponent’s sword, and there are also those who fix their eyes on the opponent’s hands; there are those who fix their eyes on the opponent’s face. The Book of Five Rings PDF Book Free

And there are also those who fix their eyes on the opponent’s feet, and so on. When you try to fix your eyes on some particular point, there is a sense of distraction, and this becomes what is known as an affliction in martial arts. People playing football may not keep their eyes on the ball, yet they can still steal it away with a kick and dribble it around, because when one is thoroughly practiced in something.

It is not necessary to look deliberately. In the arts of jugglers too, when they are practiced in the techniques, they can balance a door on the nose and juggle several swords at once, all without deliberately watching; since they are involved in practice all the time, they see what is going on spontaneously.

The reason weapons are instruments of ill omen is that the Way of Heaven is the Way that gives life to beings, so something used for killing is truly an instrument of ill omen. Thus the saying has it that what contradicts the Way of Heaven is despised. Nevertheless, it also says that to use arms when unavoidable is also the Way of Heaven. What does this mean? The Book of Five Rings PDF Book Free

Although flowers blossom and greenery increases in the spring breeze, when the autumn frost comes, leaves always drop and trees wither. This is the judgment of nature. This is because there is logic in striking down something when it is completed.

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