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I wish it was like that, that’s what I wanted from that rst night. I’ve done it before, I’m capable of that—that’s what TK was, that’s what Declan was. It’s not what Romeo was, but nothing ever will be what Romeo was, so it’s not really fair to compare him to anyone else. Anyway, my point is I know how to have casual sex. Christian knows how to have casual sex.

Daisy Haites PDF Book by Jessa Hastings

Name of Book Daisy Haites
PDF Size 4.4 MB
No of Pages 438
Language English
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He and his best friends are gold medalists in casual sex, but something about that rst night for us was so jarringly un-casual— “Tell me,” Christian said as he leaned in towards me late one Saturday at his club a few months ago. “Secret daydream, life goal… some shit like that.” We’ve known each other for years through our brothers.

Jonah Hemmes is one of Julian’s best friends, but I guess on that night in particular about four months back I stopped seeming like the kid-sister of his brother’s best friend. e Orseund Iris tube tank does that. It was great timing for me because Romeo had just fucked o, and I was sad and I’ve never really known what to do when he’s not around.

Click here to Download Daisy Haites PDF Book

I pursed my lips, pretending to think like the answer wasn’t already on the tip of my tongue, like it wasn’t always, and I found myself blushing at how close his face was to mine. “You’ll think it’s dumb.” “Try me.” He cocked his head. He was more beautiful than I had previously noticed, like I’d never properly looked at him ’til then.

Swept over to the side and pushed back to perfection, golden blonde hair. Big hazel eyes. Big bottom lip. Big trouble. I squinted over at him, feeling a tiny bit exposed. “I’d really like to be normal.” He gave me a small, confused smile, nodded a few times. “I’d like to not have a bodyguard, I’d like to feel alone sometimes.

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I’d like to walk down the street and not worry that the car that’s driving next to me is there to take me, I’d like to qualify for ransom insurance instead of being uninsurable—” “Fuck.” He frowned. “I’d like to drive—by myself—somewhere. Not be driven, to do it myself.” “I feel like that one’s within reach, yeah?” I pursed my lips and his face faltered, confused, and I gave him a sheepish look.

“Do you… not know how to drive?” He tilted his head, looking at me a bit cautiously. I lifted my chin, trying to look like I didn’t care about it. “No.” “Oh.” He nodded a couple of times. e corner of his mouth icked up and now I try to make him make that smile at me every time I see him. “I’ll teach you,” he told me. He would, actually. Kept that promise, but more on that later.

Present day, a couple of hours later, 19 it’s 1 am and Christian’s phone rings for the second time in under ten minutes. I reach across his naked body— nothing but a heart necklace he never takes o—and grab his buzzing phone from the bedside table. “Kelsey parenthesis Blonde is calling you,” I tell him and his eyes ick. He rolls over quickly, snatches his phone from me, and silences the call. Daisy Haites PDF Book

He icks me a semi-apologetic look. Sixty percent apologetic, 40 percent amused. It took all my willpower after my weird ght 91 with Christian not to kiss Rome. He made me so angry, and he was such a prick, and he was so mean about Romeo—all out of the blue, for no reason whatsoever.

And I know he’s in love with Magnolia, so I don’t know why he went like that, but it was weird and I was upset afterwards and I wanted to do something to upset him back, but I don’t know what that would be, because I have the ongoing suspicion that he’ll never give a shit about me, not how I do about him.

Anyway, hands got sweaty and my face went hot, and before I even got a look in with Rome, Julian took one look at me and made Miguel take me home. Christian doesn’t text me, he doesn’t call. He doesn’t ask to come over. We haven’t had sex in a couple of weeks now, 92 and I guess that’s ne. Daisy Haites PDF Book

But a wave of nausea hits me when I think of that because if he’s not having sex with me he is without a doubt doing it with someone else, and I want to throw myself through a window when I think of someone else’s mouth dragging over his body. Romeo shows up the next morning, though. Curly hair all a mess, tired eyes, hands in the pockets of his baggy jeans.

He slips his arms around my waist without saying a single word and puts his chin on my head and I don’t know why. I can feel a sadness on him, like he’s worried about something. e hug lasts longer than it should, and I’m glad no one can see us because it really pulls at the seams of my whole “we don’t work” argument, because right now, in this particular moment, that seems like a lie.

But as we all know, that’s only one part of the equation. e great tragedy of Romeo and I 93 is that once upon a time, we did work. And I’m educated enough to know that there are a million reasons that could explain away the connection we have: similar upbringing, shared trauma, circumstance, proximity—all of those things can be true. Daisy Haites PDF Book

And none of them matter anyway because Romeo is frozen in my brain as a seventeen-year-old boy with the sun setting behind him on Formentera. His shoulders are pink, his hair’s all a mess, there’s sand on the bridge of his nose, and I’m standing on his feet the way little kids dance with their dads. at’s who he is to me.

He’s also the boy in the bathroom who, knife against his throat, who mouthed to me that he was sorry and he cried while someone else tried to kill me. “Is there a reason it’s bad that I had sex with Romeo?” I ask him, and then it sits there, thick like a horrible cloud, but the cloud isn’t the horrible part, it’s the silver that hems its edge, hanging there all hopeful and glistening.

And I wonder for the smallest second if maybe the answer is yes. en he purses his mouth and shakes his head. “Nup.” I stare up at him, ignore how winded I am by how indierent he is towards me, remind myself that I’ll always have Romeo and maybe that’s better anyway—safer, fenced in, predictable. Daisy Haites PDF Book Download

I don’t like feeling like this about someone, this unbridled, free-falling, slippery, fragile thing that it is to love him because he—Christian, who is standing right in front of me—is never going to want me how I want him. Even if sometimes if feels like he might for a second, it’s just a trick.

It’s the oxytocin talking and nothing I think I see on his face is real, because I’m looking at him through the eyes of someone who loves him and those eyes can’t be trusted. And neither can he. I nod once and sit back down at my desk, looking at the journal I’m reading: impact of mono-culture vs. co-culture of keratinocytes and monocytes on cytokine responses induced by important skin sensitizers.

“Daisy—” he starts but I just point to the door. He sighs, stands there for a few more seconds, and then he leaves. I wait ’til I hear my front door slam shut and then I burst into tears. He shrugs, leaning back into the chair behind us. “He’s never once told us what it’s like with you.” “Sex, you mean?” I stare, a bit horried. at can’t be a positive. BJ pushes his hands through his hair and shrugs. Daisy Haites PDF Book Download

We swap war stories. Locker room shit, you know? e only person I never tell them details about is Parks.” “Why?” I frown. “Because she’s mine.” 209 He gives me a small smile that, even though it’s not about me or for me, my heart thumps like a maniac anyway because I’m a sucker for romance and I love love and Magnolia Parks is a fucking idiot if she doesn’t pick BJ Ballentine.

But if she doesn’t, then great, maybe I’ll have a crack because that smile is perfect. I stare over at Christian, who’s actually watching us, frowning—all these girls fawning over him, touching him, pulling his shirt for his attention. Vanna Ripley’s the worst of them all 210 with her hand on his knee like it’s a permanent xture.

She reaches over and picks a piece of lint o of his shirt—and she does it like it’s nothing—like she’s comfortable there, like she’s always picking things o of his body, and I’m just dying. I think I’m dying. My chest feels tight. I want to cry. I hate watching her touch him. “He has a lot of ‘just friends’,” I say out loud accidentally. BJ follows my gaze. “Yeah, he does.” He gives me a look. Daisy Haites PDF Book Download

“But you’re not one of them.” I take a big breath and tear my eyes away from Christian right as Vanna leans in to kiss him. “So—” I stare up at BJ, trying not to look rattled. 211 I breathe in and out quickly a few times to compose myself and he gives me a smile that makes me think he knows and he’s sad for me, and I fucking hate that. “How’s that girlfriend of yours?”

It happened so quickly. I’m not like this… ere have been other times when something like this has happened, but I’ve never once shut down. Maybe with my parents I did? 302 But then tonight I froze. Not at rst, not when I hadn’t realised it was for me, but it’s always for me, and I’ll never know why. I hate this life.

It’s all I’ve ever known and I hate it. ere are perks and pluses, and there are moments of tenderness, but being loved by my brother, merely existing in his orbit 303 has been a death sentence. Tonight—I don’t remember what happened, if I’m honest. ere were the gunshots and there was the girl next to me. ere was no helping her actually, even though I tried. Daisy Haites PDF Book Free

Shot twice, one almost square between her right deltoid and the infraspinatus and once through the neck. ey were aiming for the carotid, no doubt. She was bleeding everywhere and even on an operating table, if I’d had one, I couldn’t have saved her. After that, it all went a bit blurry. e stairs, Romeo pulling me down them, him keeping me safe how he always does. 

My brother behind me and shoving me into the car. I sat in the middle, they took the windows. 305 e middle is safer. And now I’m here in the foyer of the Compound and all the Lost Boys pour in through the doors and I realise I haven’t seen Christian since… I’m not sure. When the shot rst red, maybe? We must have gotten separated at the club.

Miguel looks past my brother to me and he gives me a little ick of his eyebrows and it is then and only then that I realise that Romeo has both of his arms slung around me, holding me back against him. How long have we been like this? I have no idea. I look down at his arms and back at Rome, and he blinks before he comes into the moment too, waking up to the weirdness of us. Daisy Haites PDF Book Free

I step out of his embrace awkwardly and he lets me—all the boys watching this strange thing between us unravel how it always does and it always will and everyone knows why and no one says a fucking thing. “I can see that, Dais.” Jules nods. “Fifteen people willing to lay their lives down for you tonight, an unwitting girl dead already, and you’re ready to throw in the towel so you can talk to your fucking boyfriend.” “Get out of my way—” I growl and shove my brother, which does nothing at all. Julian stares me down with a set jaw.

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