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All lies perpetuated by society, the media, our family of origin, or frankly —and this is my Pentecostal showing—by the Devil himself. These lies are dangerous and devastating to our sense of worth and our ability to function. The most sinister thing about them is that we rarely hear them at all.

Girl Wash Your Face PDF Book by Rachel Hollis

Name of Book Girl Wash Your Face
PDF Size 1 MB
No of Pages 176
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We rarely hear the lies we’ve created about ourselves because they’ve been playing so loudly in our ears for so long that they’ve become white noise. The hateful narrative bombards us every day, yet we don’t even realize it’s there. Recognizing the lies we’ve come to accept about ourselves is the key to growing into a better version of ourselves.

If we can identify the core of our struggles while simultaneously understanding that we are truly in control of conquering them, then we can utterly change our trajectory. That’s why I do what I do. That’s why I run a website and talk about how to make a centerpiece, or parent with kindness, or strengthen a marriage.

Click here to Download Girl Wash Your Face PDF Book

It’s why I researched thirty different ways to clean out your front-load washer before I taught my tribe how to do it. It’s why I know the perfect ratio of balsamic and citrus to make your pot roast taste amazing. Sure, I cover a whole host of topics using my online platform, but ultimately they boil down to one thing: these are the elements of my life, and I want to do them well.

The posts demonstrate how I am growing and learning, and I want them to grow and encourage other women too. I suppose if I’d been into homeschooling or knitting or photography or macramé, I would have used those things to try and better myself and boost up my friends. But I’m not into those things. I’m into lifestyle stuff, so I focus on creating content that falls under the banner of lifestyle media.

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Early on in this career, though, I realized that a lot of women look at lifestyle imagery as what they should aspire to be. Many of those images are impossible—another lie foisted upon us—so I set out to be honest from the beginning. I vowed to be authentic and sincere, and for every gloriously styled cupcake picture we produced, I shared a photo of myself with facial paralysis.

If I went somewhere fancy like the Oscars, I balanced that with a post about my struggle with weight loss and pictures of me forty pounds heavier. I’ve talked about it all: struggles in my marriage, postpartum depression, and feeling jealous, scared, angry, ugly, unworthy, unloved. I have tried to be totally real about who I am and where I’m coming from.

Seriously, the most famous thing I’ve ever done was to post a picture of the stretch marks on my saggy tummy on the internet. She’s not the only one. I used to do that all the time until I realized how hard I was fighting to keep my word to other people while quickly canceling on myself. Girl Wash Your Face PDF Book

I’ll work out tomorrow became I’m not working out anytime soon —because honestly, if you really cared about that commitment, you’d do it when you said you would. What if you had a friend who constantly flaked on you? What if every other time you made plans she decided not to show up? What if she gave lame excuses like, “I really want to see you, but this TV show I’m watching is just so good”?

Or what if a friend from work was constantly starting something new? Every three Mondays she announced a new diet or goal and then two weeks later it just ended? What if you called her on it, like, “Hey, Pam, I thought you were doing Whole30”? Meanwhile Pam is sitting in the break room eating a meat lover’s pizza and telling you that she was doing Whole.

And even though it made her feel great, two weeks into the program her son had a birthday party and she couldn’t resist the cake and then figured there was no point. Now she’s gained back the pounds she lost plus a few extra. Y’all, would you respect her? This woman who starts and stops over and over again? Would you count on Pam or the friend who keeps blowing you off for stupid reasons? Girl Wash Your Face PDF Book

Would you trust them when they committed to something? Would you believe them when they committed to you? No. No way. And that level of distrust and apprehension applies to you too. Your subconscious knows that you, yourself, cannot be trusted after breaking so many plans and giving up on so many goals. On the flip side, have you ever known someone who always kept their word?

If they tell you they’re coming, you can expect them ten minutes early. If they commit to a project, you can bet your butt they’ll finish it. They tell you they’ve signed up for their first marathon, and you’re already in awe because you know for a fact they’ll finish. When this type of person commits to something, how seriously do you take their commitment?

I hope you see my point here. If you constantly make and break promises to yourself, you’re not making promises at all. You’re talking. You’re waxing poetic like Pam and her diet or your flaky friend who bails on you to watch Game of Thrones. How many times have you bailed on yourself to watch TV? How many times have you given up before you’ve even started? Girl Wash Your Face PDF Book

How many times have you made real progress, only to face a setback and then give up completely? How many times have your family or friends or coworkers watched you quit? How many times have your children watched you give up on yourself over and over and over? Let me give an example of that too.

When I heard that some of my girlfriends were going to run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco, I was excited. For some of them, it was their first race. I was also overjoyed because it would involve a weekend trip somewhere. I promptly invited myself along for the ride.

The plan was for us to leave on Friday, drive the five-ish hours between LA and SF, hang out in town on Saturday, then run the race and drive home on Sunday. Wait. Scratch that. They would run the race . . . I would stand on the side of the road and clap for them while they jogged by. This felt especially interesting because I am a runner . . . and more than that, I am competitive about running. Girl Wash Your Face PDF Book

I like to challenge myself. I like to try bigger and better races. I like to beat my personal record and push myself to be the best. What I do not like—what I had never actually done—is cheering for others while they do something I am fully capable of doing right along with them. I kept thinking, What if I didn’t need to prove myself in this situation?

What if making myself into someone better has more to do with my willingness to be of service than my willingness to compete? So I went to San Francisco. In fact, I drove everyone to San Francisco because I figured the last thing I’d want if I were about to run thirteen miles would be to drive four hundred miles.

It’s worth saying that while I did all of this and had so much stinking fun with the ladies, I didn’t always have a good attitude about my willingness to be a cheerleader. On Sunday morning when everyone headed out bright and early to the starting line, I got myself together and headed in the other direction, to the five-mile marker. Girl Wash Your Face PDF Book Download

About twenty minutes into my journey, I realized it was unlikely that I would get a cab at six a.m. on a Sunday morning. Around this time I realized that walking alone in the dark in downtown SF might be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done. I legitimately thought at one point, See, this is what happens when you try and do something nice: you get murdered on the streets of an unknown city!

I’m the worst pregnant woman you’ve ever met in your life. No, really. I hate basically every part of pregnancy except the baby you get at the end. I have friends who love it. Like, capital L-O-V-E, wish they could carry one hundred babies and be pregnant forever. I fully support their earth mother calling and the obvious joy they find in being a vessel for human life.

But I don’t share it. I am thankful for my pregnancies—so stinking thankful to the bottom of my heart that God blessed me with the ability to carry three beautiful little boys to term. I do not take this for granted when I know so many women who pray for the same blessing have not received it. But every single part of pregnancy is hard on me. Girl Wash Your Face PDF Book Download

The morning sickness never once went away after the morning, nor did it end after the first trimester. I put on pregnancy weight like it was my parttime job, then felt incapable of taking it off. My back hurt, my feet hurt, and during my first pregnancy, I got a varicose vein in the most terrible place.

A human being can get a varicose vein—which meant I had to wear special “weight bearing” underwear with each consecutive pregnancy. Sidenote: If you ever are curious about the easiest way to crush a gal’s spirit, I’d recommend searching “groin support panties” on the internet.

This is probably the impetus for most if not all of the things I’ve ever done that resonated with other women and were therefore successful. I was struggling, and rather than try and sugarcoat it or pretend it wasn’t happening, I simply acknowledged my struggles in my work. So I am not going to talk about finding your peace; I’m going to talk about embracing your chaos. Girl Wash Your Face PDF Book Download

Let’s be honest: this is way more likely a scenario because I don’t know a woman alive today who can slow down long enough to find her keys, let alone a continuous state of inner peace. If you ever happened to find your peaceful inner bliss while raising children, please don’t tell the rest of us. It’ll only make us sad, and I eat raw cake batter when I’m sad.

I run a lifestyle media company that specializes in creating content for women. The tent pole of that company is the website, and every day a large fan base of ladies from all over the world checks in to figure out what to make for dinner or how to DIY a throw pillow or organize their kids for school or which outfits they should try for fall.

I’m reminding you of that so you’ll remember that I literally offer women advice for a living. Every single bit of the work I do is created to help make women’s lives easier. This is crucial because I’m about share an entire chapter on running toward chaos, on walking through hard things, on accepting the season you’re in—even when it sucks. Girl Wash Your Face PDF Book Free

A decade of doing this job has taught me something, and I have a pretty strong theory. Ironically, I think embracing chaos might be the path to finding peace. Have you ever heard of the chaos theory? Chaos theory is the field of study in mathematics that identifies the behavior and condition of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions—a response popularly referred to as the butterfly effect.

FYI, I Googled that. I’ve never in my life written out a sentence with the words dynamical systems before or since this moment. The biggest problem with all three of those things? Any one of them implies that you are the one in control. And to some extent that’s true . . . after all, the driving force behind this book is to remind you that you are in control of yourself.

But you cannot control the actions of others, your kids having a meltdown, the baby having a blowout at Target, the dog digging up your yard, or the washing machine breaking down. And when you think you can, you’ll only find yourself angry, frustrated, and stressed. Also, when you assume you’re in total control. Girl Wash Your Face PDF Book Free

You don’t stop and take time to seek out a relationship with God; you use alternative means to try and manufacture some peace. So what are our options? Ignore it, battle it, medicate the chaos until we feel numb to its effects? No way, we are stronger than that, even if it’s hard to feel it when you’re buried under a pile of laundry and a horde of hyper children.

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