The Everyday Hero Manifesto PDF Book by Robin Sharma


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Those committed to the fullest expression of their native genius know that self-faith and staying true to yourself and your mighty mission—especially in the face of ridicule and uncertainty, attack and adversity—is the gateway into legendary. And truly a pathway to immortality. Because your noble example will live on long after you’re gone.

The Everyday Hero Manifesto PDF Book by Robin Sharma

Name of Book The Everyday Hero Manifesto
PDF Size 24.6 MB
No of Pages 416
Language English
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The journey to your most heroic life will be colorful, inspirational, messy, marvelous, tumultuous and most definitely glorious. Dedicating yourself to inhabiting your greatness, generating a vast barrage of beautiful results and doing your part to build a brighter world will be the wisest and best ride you’ll ever take.

This, I promise you. And stepping into the immense splendor of your most creative, powerful and compassionate self will energize everyone around you to awaken to their gifts, making our planet a friendlier place. A famous author agreed to meet with me, as I felt I needed further guidance and wished to learn how to reach a larger audience to positively impact more people.

Click here to Download The Everyday Hero Manifesto PDF Book

Finding a wise mentor truly is priceless as you begin to lead your most heroic life. I wore a suit, brought him a copy of my selfpublished book and sat on a well-worn leather chair in front of his enormous oak desk as he held court. “Robin,” he said, “this is a hard business. Very few ever make it.” He added, “You have a good job as a lawyer. You should stay with that and not take a chance on something so uncertain.”

His words deflated me. Discouraged me. Disappointed me. I thought that perhaps my ambition to get The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari into the hands of readers who would benefit from it was silly. Maybe I’d miscalculated my ability. I’d never written a book. I was unknown. It was a tough field to break into. Maybe the big-shot author had a point: I should play it safe and stick with my career in law.

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Then a blinding glimpse of the obvious appeared. His opinion was merely his opinion. Why give it any more value? The gentleman’s assessment wasn’t any of my business, really. Someone was going to write the next bestseller; why not me? And every professional starts off as an amateur. It seemed to me that I shouldn’t let his counsel smother my passion.

And deny my aspiration. Each day, as I sat in my office as a litigator, I thought to myself, “Every hour I’m here is an hour away from what I really wish to do. And what I know I’m meant to do.” In applying the five elements of The Victim-to-Hero Leap, the trust you have in yourself will grow, your intimacy with your special talents and finest merits will be amplified and you will restore the relationship with that side of you that is sure of your capacity to translate your current wishes into colossal success—personally, professionally, financially and spiritually.

Yes, I agree that the process will not always be easy. (Why does our society celebrate that which is easy?) Yet do remember that pursuits that don’t push you will never improve you. And those activities that are hardest to do are generally the most valuable to do. And that fear always screams loudest when your magic is closest. The Everyday Hero Manifesto PDF Book

So press ahead with the mighty wisdom that good things happen to people who do good things. While sharing your treasures with us all. And if he continues with such resolve and passion for his occupation, I have no doubt that he’ll soon hire others to help him expand his venture at multiple locations and, should he stay true to the opportunity he has seized.

He may in time even purchase a chestnut farm and build a series of chestnut-processing factories, employing many and perhaps finally retiring to pursue philanthropy. Who knows? Sure, Fortune has its script and much of what we live has been written by the guardian of fate. And yet as human beings we have been blessed with immense gifts and striking power to shape our future.

My experience with the chestnut seller of robust character makes me think of what I call “The Tale of Two Restaurants.” In a romantic European city favored by lovers sit two restaurants. They are across the street from each other. They serve the same type of food, and from a quick glance they look fairly similar. Yet one always has a long line outside it. Every single evening. The other? Mostly empty tables. The Everyday Hero Manifesto PDF Book

Bend the rules that the conventions of your craft taught you were the only path to eminence. Split from the crowd. Stray from the herd. Your reputation as a change-leader, your destiny as a movement-maker, and the joy and ethical power that you seek, depend on this. Be not average. Ever. When you produce work that makes your soul sing, you’ll make our tired world come a little more alive.

You’ll make it more lovely. And spiritually sensible. Of course, when you show up like this, you will be misunderstood, unappreciated, criticized and perhaps even reviled for your blatant display of authentic brilliance. When this happens, remember these words of Winston Churchill: “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”

When I think of creative superstars, the names of Copernicus, William Shakespeare, Coco Chanel, Walt Disney, Hedy Lamarr, Philippe Starck, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Salvador Dalí appear in my mind. We’re all going to die. The key is to postpone your demise for as long as possible. The Everyday Hero Manifesto PDF Book

Just imagine applying the latest scientific breakthroughs on life extension along with timetested habits such as early morning exercise, daily meditation, cold exposure, sauna and light therapy, forest bathing, intermittent fasting, therapeutic massage, acupuncture and nutritional supplementation to fireproof your health so that—via the transformational power of epigenetics—you recalibrate your longevity

giving you many, many, many more years to upgrade your mastery, scale your wealth, serve society and enjoy the personal rewards you’ve earned on your rise to—and lifetime at— monumental success. All right. There you have them: the primary dangers to sustained domain dominance. I invite you to re-read The 7 Threats to World-Class and then deconstruct the framework as it applies to you.

In my own strategy sessions, I often think through how I wish things to play out fifty years ahead. Then I reverse engineer it all—in meticulous detail on whiteboards—back to today. Engaging a superb personal trainer to push you to get über-healthy will completely transform your creativity, artistry and impact, along with dramatically increasing your income because you’ll be more energetic, resilient and inspired. The Everyday Hero Manifesto PDF Book Download

You’ll never work out as hard alone as you will with a trainer, keeping you accountable. Working with a deeply skilled fitness coach has allowed me to experience the energy and good health to write my books, travel illnessfree globally for decades and do all the things I love to do with my family (while still having time for myself).

I also instruct my clients to find a skilled massage therapist so they can run The 2 Massage Protocol by receiving two ninety-minute massages each week (which boosts their positivity enormously, allows them to get up at 5 AM more easily and extends their lifespan considerably).

Along with all of this, we set them up with a premier psychotherapist so the repressed emotional baggage I mentioned in the piece on trauma no longer silently sucks their productivity, and we get clients attending a functional medicine clinic for biohacking so that they reverse aging and dissolve cognitive decline. The Everyday Hero Manifesto PDF Book Download

Finally, we ensure clients work monthly with a spiritual counselor to access their highest self. Again, you can’t get to Best in World on your own. Set up your support team of ultra-experts as soon as you can. Live quietly and gently. Show tenderness to all. Cherish simple graces, know when enough is enough and enjoy the hypnotizing enchantments of a spartan, minimalist and creative lifestyle.

Just as a sincere poet would. And yet, when it comes to taking difficult action to materialize your mighty mission and showing ferocious dedication to delivering on your dreams, never give in. Live by a warrior creed, always staying faithful to your vision, crusade and self-promises, while remembering that tiny triumphs made with sincere regularity stack into heroic transformations when done with consistency over a lifetime.

You will get to where you aspire to be. With resolve and patience. At a hotel I once stayed at in Prague, I asked the front desk clerk if it was possible to get an extremely fast turnaround on the dry cleaning of a dress shirt. Her reply was unforgettable: “Anything is possible.” At another hotel, this one in the tropical paradise of Mauritius, the staff is trained to abide by a simple mantra. The Everyday Hero Manifesto PDF Book Download

“The answer is yes. Now ask me the question.” Exquisite, yes? So the next time you’re faced with a challenging customer, consider that every displeased patron can be remade into a fanatical follower, with some caring, understanding, ingenuity and appreciation. And that movements truly are built one relationship at a time.

All it takes is a shot of inventiveness, an impressive amount of enthusiasm for brand protection and the clear love in your heart to make another human happy. One unforgettable afternoon, as I was walking the streets of Rome in springtime—as I so love to do—I ducked into the easy-to-miss museum that sits at the edge of Piazza del Popolo.

It had a simple sign outside advertising an exhibit of the works of Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo, a maestro of range, generated work in the fields of architecture, painting, anatomy, sculpture, engineering and aeronautics. The productivity of this unusually creative soul was clearly special. The Everyday Hero Manifesto PDF Book Free

As his most famous biographer, Giorgio Vasari, wrote“Sometimes in supernatural fashion, a single person is marvelously endowed by heaven with beauty, grace and talent in such abundance that his every act is divine and everything he does comes from God rather than from human art.”

And yet as I walked through the museum looking at the instruments he had developed and diagrams of the insides of various creatures, and studying—for a few careful hours— the etchings, markings and words within the private notebooks he meticulously kept, one insight became strikingly clear: his so-called “genius” was less a genetic blessing and more the result of self-teaching.

And continuous daily improvements. And enormous degrees of discipline, devotion and training. Anders Ericsson was a pioneering researcher on exceptional performance. I first read of him and his 10,000- Hour Rule more than twenty-five years ago, well before the concept was made famous by other authors. The Everyday Hero Manifesto PDF Book Free

The 10,000- Hour Rule, drawn from Ericsson’s studies of elite athletes, chess prodigies, musicians and other creative geniuses, is that one needs to invest approximately 10,000 hours of conditioning before the first signs of world-class performance begin to present themselves. Ericsson also pioneered the term “deliberate practice.”

His work has confirmed—and this is very important to note —that mere training around a particular ability over a long period of time doesn’t necessarily lead to mastery. What makes The Great Ones such standouts is that they commit to a particular type of practice. Third, increasing the volume of your listening is one of the finest acts.

I know of to show another human being overwhelming respect, especially in this civilization of nonstop chatterboxes who adore the sound of their own voice. I kid you not: training yourself to listen from a place of deep interest, matched with a blazing wish to understand the talker, is a powerful means to make anyone fall in love with your mission, your movement and you as a person. The Everyday Hero Manifesto PDF Book Free

Being flawlessly present and genuinely engaged (instead of checking messages, thinking about what you’ll eat for dinner, or rehearsing your answer) exponentially makes the other feel important, connected and safe with you. All this accelerates trust massively. And trust is the bedrock of any great relationship, whether at work or within your private life.

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